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Published on October 22, 2008

Author: EXPOsYourself


Lightning & Surge Protection : Lightning & Surge Protection Presented by Slide 2: Premature Equipment Failures System Downtime Slide 3:  Article extract from Hydrocarbon magazine As the losses were significant Dan Boland was asked to investigated the cause of damage. Tangible costs due to Surge Effects : Tangible costs due to Surge Effects Damaged Equipment Costs of replacement of equipment system includes I/O cards, processors, loop-powered transmitters, IS barriers System/Operation Downtime Most expensive cost What would it cost if your plant closed for a day or even for 1 hour? Slide 5: Why Surge Protection? Power Line Disturbances : Power Line Disturbances Oscillatory Decaying Transients 49.0% Impulse Transients 39.5% Voltage Outages 0.50% Under/Over Voltages 11.0% 88.50% Reference: George W. Allen and Donald Segall, IBM Systems Development Division. “Monitoring of Computer Installations for Power Line Disturbances”. Automation products - Failure AnalysisCauses of Short Equipment Life : Automation products - Failure AnalysisCauses of Short Equipment Life Other 15% Lack of maintenance 25% Water 5% Theft and vandalism 22% Overvoltage (lightning discharge and switching operations) 28% Storm 1.57% Fire 3% Damage in electronics: Analysis of approx. 7,737 damages Ref:Contingency planning insurance data Increased Rate of Equipment Failure : Rate of Surge Damage Increased Rate of Equipment Failure 1950 2005 Causes of Transient & Surges : Causes of Transient & Surges External Causes Lightning - Direct hit Distant Lightning - Transients on Utility lines Brownouts/Blackouts - Sags & Recovery Transients Grid Switching - Utility switching’ Other Users - Adding/Removing loads lines Internal Causes Switching of electrical motors Elevator motors Air conditioner compressors Welding or heavy machinery Power overloads Slide 10: Safe Operating Area Equipment Degradation Catastrophic Failure Failure Modes of Equipment Equipment Failure ModesCatastrophic (<5%) : Equipment Failure ModesCatastrophic (<5%) Lightning hits - system dies Cause and effect clearly established Equipment Failure ModesDegradation (>95%) : Equipment Failure ModesDegradation (>95%) Transients between safe & outright failure levels Partial junction breakdown Repeated attack on weak link Unexplained clear blue day failure Typical Degradation : Typical Degradation Magnified view of 2 junctions in an IC chip IC Chip Failure due to junction breakdown (+) 5 volt signal (-) Logic ground Insulation Breakdown Point 50 volts Degraded Systems : Degraded Systems BP experienced outright failures due to direct strike Biggest concern today is future failures Imagine this: Your DCS system is damaged by lightning Where did the surge stop? Why not protect your investment today? Hidden Costs : Hidden Costs Reduced productivity Reduced performance bonus Loss of income Loss of credibility Unbudgeted expenses Loss of orders Personal Impact - Overtime; impact on social life Slide 16: What is the Cost to YOU? Conventional Protection System : Conventional Protection System Structural lightning protection system Grounding Plant ground bonding IS Barrier/Galvanic Isolators Isolation transformer UPS Control System : Control System Control System 1W 500M Lightning Strikes : Lightning Strikes Control System 1W 500M Slide 20: Problems Occur Control System 1W 500M Improved Earthing & Bonding : Improved Earthing & Bonding Control System Slide 22: Improved Earthing & Bonding Better than 97kV; but good enough? Improved Earthing & Bonding Control System Slide 23: Control System Transfer Switch Slide 24: Article extract from Hydrocarbon magazine Dan Boland says different ground potentials between control center and the plant area were likely cause of damage. Surge Protection Devices : An appropriate protection needs: Structural lightning protection system Grounding Plant ground bonding Galvanic Isolators/Isolation Transformer IS Barrier (hazardous area) UPS Surge Protection Devices Principles of Surge Protection Devices : Principles of Surge Protection Devices Diverting surge current to ground Clamping output voltage to a safe level Protect and Survive; wait for next surge Slide 27: Path of Surge Diversion Through an SPD SPD Difference mode limiting voltage Protected equipment Common- mode limiting voltage Slide 28: SPD DC Power Incoming Surge Slide 29: Protection of Transmitters Surge diversion Incoming surge SPD AC Protection : AC Protection How AC SPDs Work : How AC SPDs Work LOAD 800V all Potentials Equalized 800V 800V 800V PLC Data Network Protection : PLC Data Network Protection Telemetry Outstation : Telemetry Outstation Telemetry Equipment PSTN RF I/O lines SPD’s AC SPD The Benefits : The Benefits Increased profits due to: Reduction in unscheduled stoppages Improve reliability Increase system availability Reduce maintenance repairs Reduced spare inventory Oil India Ltd : Oil India Ltd Major Oil Exploration & Pipeline Co in India feeding crude to 5 Oil Refineries. Pipelines run through highly lightning prone hilly jungles by mostly unmanned pump stations. While facing repeated and serious failure problems, invited MTL to make a site survey and advise solution. Installed MTL SPD’s to protect Rosemount Pressure Tx and ABB Telemetry Systems. Satisfactorily saved their equipment for un-interrupted process operations The Story: Washington Gas : Washington Gas Distributes Gas to Washington DC area Experienced significant losses of equipment at remote sites Repeated lightning losses cost thousands of dollars per incident Installed Surge suppressors at one Gate Station Gate Stations utilize redundant equipment to compare measurements Washington Gas : Washington Gas Payback was immediate Lightning hit the Gate station Washington Gas Transmitters were protected by Surge Gear The supplier’s redundant transmitters were simply grounded, no protection Sitting side by side, Transmitters using suppressors were not damaged The Supplier’s transmitters were destroyed Washington Gas : Washington Gas Long Term Results Elimination of 90 + % of Overtime costs Significant Lower Maintenance Costs to repair and replace Instruments Large reduction in labor costs to send technicians to sites Slide 39: Washington Gas Long Term Results Significant lowered the need to repair and replace Instruments Large reduction in unscheduled site visits Saved hundreds of thousands in equipment replacement BP Pipelines : BP Pipelines Picture of Pipeline Block Valve control stations The Story: Transmitter failures, MTL called in to survey site and suggest fix. Agreed basic strategy with BP Designed Mains protection installation with Electrical contractor Qualified correct SPD’s with Emerson (Tx’s) and ABB (Telemetry Controller) Identified correct SPD for Cisco Routers with BT. Vopak Terminal : Vopak Terminal Project Experience - Petrochem/Pharma : Shell Assam Petro Chemicals Ltd. Roche Pharmaceuticals Reliance Petrochemicals Ltd. BP Chemicals Petronas Pfizer Cognis Chemicals Glaxo SmithKline Bharat Petroleum Corp. Mobil Pertermina Shell Petrochem - Nigeria BASF Singapore Petronet CCK Caltex Project Experience - Petrochem/Pharma Slide 43: Exxon Refinery; UK, Denmark, Argentina Petronas Malacaa 1 & 2 Washington Gas BP Oil UK Total Oil; France, Indonesia, Thailand BAPEX Bangladesh Santos Shell; Nigeria, Malaysia, UK Malaysia LNG Repsol TechniGaz Oil India Ltd. Duke Energy Origin Energy Project Experience - Oil & Gas Project Experience - Water : Project Experience - Water UK: Thames Water, Scottish Water, Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent, United Utilities, Anglian Water, Southern, Purac, Environment Agency India: Blore Metro Water, BMC Mumbai, VA Tech, Rajhastan Water, Delhi Jal Board Australia: Sydney Water, River/Water Authority, Gold Coast, Brisbane Water Worldwide: Singapore Water, Florida State, California State, Ministry of Environment Singapore, Hong Kong Water Supplies MTL Surge approved by Water Co’s worldwide MTL - Total Surge Solutions : MTL - Total Surge Solutions Process Industry experience of over 30 years Technical Support and Application Notes Developments based around Process industry applications and needs Superior technology and performance Only SPD supplier able to provide total Process Plant protection and….. 10-Year NO Fuss Warranty : 10-Year NO Fuss Warranty So What Now? : So What Now? Surge protection required? MTL Surge Technologies? Where do I start? Where do I Start? : Where do I Start? SPDs are like insurance - we take insurance to cover the basic critical needs & extend depending upon our premium payment Same way, SPDs to be installed in….. Start by Evaluating : Absolutely critical loops Evaluate less critical equipment which could take your plant down Examine the impact of the loss of supporting processes such as steam Expensive equipment with long lead times Difficult places to access Tank Farm Power Distribution System Communication networks Start by Evaluating Slide 50: Where do you want us to start?

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