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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: mindhackes



Presentation Outline  Part 1: Introduction of Cloud Computing  Part 2: Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)  Part 3: Hosted MTBC-EMR  Part 4: EC2 Management Console & Hosted EMR Demo

Cloud computing: the latest evolution of hosting

Difference b/w W-Azure, A-EC2 & G-Apps • Early Stage • Need to provide .Net code for front end and back end server • Storage for applications and DB Services • Provide Development tools for coding • Good enterprise integration • Pricing based on Database size and API Size and users • Commercially Available • Upload your VM or install your applications and share to your clients • Not applicable • Simple Volume Storage Service • Fully controlled virtual Machines • Pricing is based on Virtual Server Specifications and Time • In Public Beta • Write application with limitation Pathon and submit it to Google • Provide Development tools for coding • Database Datastore APIs • Integrate the application with Google services • Pricing is based on Cloud Application Usage Windows Azure Amazon EC2 Google Apps

Highlights of Amazon Service • Pay only for the resources that you actually consume • Amazon Machine Image (AMI) • Amazon Elastic Block Store (S3) • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) • Elastic IP Addresses • Amazon CloudWatch • Elastic Load Balancing • Security Groups • VM Import

EC2 Architecture

Amazon Pricing Strategy • Price is based on instance type, its specification and region were it is running • Instance Types: – On Demand Instance – Reserved Instance – Spot Instance • Instance Specification – Standard Instance – High Memory Instance – High CPU Instance • Instance Regions – US East (Virginia) – US West (Northern California) – EU (Ireland) – Asia Pacific (Singapore) – Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

How Hosted MTBC-EMR works Amazon EC2 Server Amazon EC2 Console Client System Internet Practice 1 Installed EMR EMR Documents EMR Database Sync Service Practice 2 Installed EMR EMR Documents EMR Database Sync Service Practice 3 Installed EMR EMR Documents EMR Database Sync Service Microsoft Remote App -EMR Practice 1 -EMR Practice 2 -EMR Practice 3 Active Directory User 1 User 2 ….. …… User N RD Web Access & Firewall  RDWeb Pages  GPO Settings  Ports Setting Security Group Setting EC 2 Instance in Running State SSL Certificate: Secure and Encrypted Data Flow

Our Medical Data Security at Amazon EC2 • Bit locker (Server Drives will be encrypted) • Group Policy Management of Server Users • Windows Firewall Setting • Amazon EC2 Security Groups • SSL Certificate Installation (Encrypted Secure Communication between client & Server) • HIPPA Compliance (Amazon Claims)

Benefits to Clients • No need to buy a Specified Server Machine for MTBC EMR Server. • No need to fulfill clients system specification to install and run MTBC EMR. • No need to hire and pay an IT guy to maintain Server and client machines. • Available EMR to use for practice within one to two hour after Signup. • No need to worry about Server crash and it restoration. • No need to pay for online backup vaults for MTBC-EMR databases.

Benefits to MTBC • Very easy MTBC-EMR installation process. • There is no need to take control of Client machines for EMR installation and issues resolution. • We can easy create Server Snapshots and restore them within 5 minutes. • No need to send EMR Patch updates and run them all the client machines. We have to replace the updated exes only on the Hosted Server. • No need to worry about data synchronization issue, we can check the issues immediately when we need.

Hosted EMR Cost & Price Analysis (Ruff) • Cost for (~36 Users): – EC2 Reserved Instance (3y) : $4000 – SSL for Reserved Instance: $90 – Per User RD Web Services License: $84*36 – Total One Time Cost for three Year: $7042 – EC2 Reserved Instance Per Month Cost: $350 • Client Price: – Initial Sign Up per Practice: $1000 – Per Provider Per Month Charge(1+2 Users): $295 – E.g: 3 provider in each practice (4 practice): $4000 – After One Month 12providers Charges: $3540 $4000 + $3540 = $7540

What we have done so for Hosted EMR!!! Integration with MTBC Website Online Hosted Demo EMR Package for New Clients

Demonstration  Amazon Web Services Console Demo  Hosted EMR Demo

References • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) – • What is cloud computing – • HIPAA AND EC2 – – • Windows Azure (cloud services operating system) • Google App Engine – • Amazon EC2 Pricing Strategy – • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) – • Amazon CloudFront – • Hosted EMR –

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