MSI AMD R9 290X LIGHTNING infokit 1.0.1

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Information about MSI AMD R9 290X LIGHTNING infokit 1.0.1

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: DennisAchterberg



MSI AMD Radeon R9 290X Infokit

MSI R9 290X LIGHTNING V1.0 Dennis Achterberg

LIGHTNING history 2009 GTX 260 Lightning GTX 260 Lightning BE 2010 2011 2012 HD 5870 Lightning HD 6970 Lightning GTX 580 Lightning GTX 580 Lightning XE GTX 275 Lightning GTX 480 Lightning HD 7970 Lightning HD 7970 BE Lightning GTX 680 Lightning

2013 GTX 770 Lightning GTX 780 LIGHTNING

Setting the record straight

Reflecting on 2013 The GTX 780 LIGHTNING is very, very fast Broke(and holds) numerous world-records: • AquaMark • 3DMark 03 • 3DMark 05 • Unigine Heaven Extreme • Catzilla 576p • Catzilla 720p • Catzilla 1080p • 14 out of top-15 in 3DMark Fire Strike

That’s a lot…

Powered by MSI

What feedback did we get? • Improve the thermals, for Gamers & Power Users (high-end air cooling) • More power! (Always ) • Faster memory (Why not?) • Better layout in small cases/motherboards • Keep going with the “extreme stuff”

Tuning the design GTX 780 LIGHTNING R9 290X LIGHTNING

TriFrozr revisited Reduced the number of heat pipes Increased spacing for better airflow Removed airflow obstacles Increased heat sink size

The demand for power Increased rated input power from 375W to 450W (GTX 480 LIGHTNING level!) NO Greenlight program! (yay!)

How to solve GDDR5 shortage? Factory Fires also A Lot of GDDR5 Memory disappears in don’t help with PlayStation 4 consoles availability (SK Hynix) (8GB per piece)

Not much choice • Elpida (not perfect for OC) • SK Hynix (Good!) • Samsung (Supposedly the best!)

Smarter Memory Selected GDDR5 memory that is over-spec from AMD’s Product Advisory R9 290X LIGHTNING SAMSUNG GDDR 5 Memory configuration optimized by AMD engineers in Toronto

A better fit AMD’s PPC (Power Architecture) works radically different Impact on the benefits of GPU Reactor  Replaced GPU Reactor with an onboard bi-planar, 24 component High Current capacitor setup MORE SPACE!

What is this? 20.000 Volt Electro Static Discharge! Burns traces Partially (left) or Fully (right) Can happen when hot-plugging a DVI cable

ESD Protection DVI ports on the R9 290X LIGHTNING have ESD Protection (Transient Voltage Suppressor)

Fan Quality

Custom Fan Design? Unlike MSI, some brands use off-the shelf fans that aren’t part of the thermal design, just a low-cost solution in their “high-end” products..

MSI OC Series fans • • • • • • Propeller Blade Technology Proprietary/Patented 2 ball bearing solution Enhanced lifetime under load Dust free Stronger than most fans

Propeller Blade Technology 20% more airflow Large area dispersion = More cool air for the heat sink

Independent Fan Control GPU Temperature PWM Temperature Power Temperature Fan Controller #1 Fan Controller #2 Fan Controller #1 Lower temperatures through the direct response of Independent Fan Control

500W Thermal Dissipation 8mm SuperPipe 2 SuperPipes for maximum heat dissipation Heat Pipes 4 Heat pipes for efficient heat transfer Nickel Plated Copper Base Large surface for efficient heat absorption

Form-in-one heat sink Rear heat sink dissipates heat generated by PWM and protects the PCB. Front heat sink dissipates heat from Memory and VRM modules.

Maximum Tension and Rigidness 14 Heat sink mounting points No compromises. 14 screws ensure the heat sink is in optimal contact with GPU, components and card for continued perfect performance of the TriFrozr Thermal Design.

Liquid/Extreme MOSFET heat sink MOSFET heat sink • • • • Easy to install VRM only Necessary for GPU Only liquid cooling Essential for extreme cooling

TriFrozr breakdown Back Heat Sink Heat sink Propeller Blade Technology Protection, ruggedness and dissipation 2 SuperPipe, 4 heat pipes and a dense Aluminium fin grid maximize thermal dissipation 2x 90mm fan 1x 80mm fan Front Heat Sink Ruggedness and PWM& Memory heat sink 2 PWM Fan controllers Independent fan control

Built to be perfect

OC Certified OC Certified • • • • Guaranteed stable overclocking For 24 hours burn-in test Designed with a better power design Much improved PWM design

Enhanced Power Design

Variable input power • 375 Watt Default input power • 450 Watt OC MODE input power

Military Class 4 Copper MOS New SFC Dark Solid Cap Hi-C CAPs

Triple PWM controller Memory PWM Controller PLL/PCIe PWM Controller GPU PWM Controller

Enhanced Power Design PCI Express power 2x 8Pin PLL Memory GPU PCIe PCI Express power from Motherboard Reference Design MSI LIGHTNING Memory Power Shared with PLL from PCI Express Bus Separate power pins for GPU and Memory, PLL uses power from slot PWM Controllers 1 for the whole card GPU, Memory and PLL/PCIe all have an independent controller System Influence Memory OC will increase power noise on motherboard and vice versa Motherboard not affected by GPU & Memory OC.

Have you got the power? • Yellow LED: OC mode • Blue LED: Normal operation • RED LED: Not enough power

Active Phase Switching APS Actively switches phases to increase power Efficiency

Triple Load Level Indicator <150W IDLE / 2D >150W <210W Light GAMING >210W GAMING/OC

Better stability Reference Voltage ripple =210mV MSI LIGHTNING Voltage ripple = 176mV Stable current Through the optimized design, voltages fluctuate less under load leading to higher stability.

Leads to higher performance R9 290X Reference Clock Speed: 1100 MHZ GPU Voltage: 1.35 Volt Ripple: 260 mVolt 10% Overclock 19% Voltage Delta MSI R9 290X LIGHTNING Clock Speed: 1400 MHz GPU Voltage: 1.4 Volt Ripple 232 mVolt 40% Overclock 27% higher than reference 10% less ripple

The power of not doing anything Original Mode LN2 Mode • 20% Power Limit • NO OCP • NO Temperature Limit Don’t solder, don’t screw, don’t tape, don’t mod, don’t adjust, don’t correct, don’t revise, don’t rework… Just flip the switch and shift gears.

3x3 OC Kits Must-have features for extreme overclockers Triple Overvoltage (For GPU/Memory/PLL) Triple OverVoltage Control Triple Temp Monitor (For GPU/Memory/VRM) Triple Temperature Monitor V-Check Points (For GPU/Memory/PLL) Triple Voltage Monitor

Triple Overvoltage GPU Voltage Memory Voltage PLL Voltage Triple Overvoltage • Adjust voltages of GPU/Memory/PLL through MSI Afterburner. • No hardware modification required • Increased overclocking potential

Triple Temp Monitor Memory Temperature VRM Temperature GPU Temperature Triple Temp Monitor • Monitor temperature of GPU/Memory/VRM through Afterburner • Separate thermometer or probes are unnecessary

V-Check points Auxiliary Memory GPU Measure your voltages safely and accurately, straight from the PCB.

The difference… AMD Hawaii XT GPU Reference PCB Reference Memory 5+2+1 Phases AMD Hawaii XT GPU Unique PCB Unique Memory 10+3+2 Phases

Back in RED • The FASTEST AMD R9 290X • Custom PCB, Custom Memory • Tons of MOA 2013 feedback integrated

Records… Go break them!

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