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Published on February 5, 2014

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The First Political Parties: The First Political Parties Chapter 8, Section 3 Washington’s Farewell: Washington’s Farewell Decided NOT to seek a 3 rd term Opposing views forming Disapproved of political parties Thought they would divide the nation Others thought disagreements were natural In the Cabinet: In the Cabinet Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Opposing sides: Economic policy Foreign relations Power of federal government Interpretations of the Constitution Washington was a partisan Typically favored Hamilton ALEXANDER HAMILTON THOMAS JEFFERSON Political Parties Emerge: Political Parties Emerge Mid-1790s- two distinct parties formed Federalist- Alexander Hamilton People who supported the policies of Washington Republicans (Democratic-Republicans)- Thomas Jefferson and James Madison People who disagreed with Hamilton JAMES MADISON Viewpoints: Viewpoints ISSUE FEDERALISTS REPUBLICANS Power of Government? Strong federal government Interpretation of Constitution? Loose- implied powers Economics? Protective tariffs; manufacturing Foreign Relations? Supported Britain Role of People in Gov’t? Rule by wealthy Strong state government Strict-expressed powers Free trade; agriculture Supported France Rule by ordinary people Conflict in the Cabinet: Conflict in the Cabinet Differing viewpoints took toll Jefferson dissatisfied Resigned as Secretary of State Hamilton Resigned as Secretary of Treasury Rival groups and differing views grew even more Election of 1796: Election of 1796 Washington out Federalist Party nominates: JOHN ADAMS Republican Party nominates: THOMAS JEFFERSON VS Election of 1796: Election of 1796 Federalist VP: Charles Pinckney Republican VP: Aaron Burr Federalists: New England region Republicans: Southern states Adams: 71 electoral votes Jefferson: 68 electoral votes What Happens Now?: What Happens Now? John Adams: President Thomas Jefferson: Vice President? WHY? HOW? Current Constitution: Person with second highest number of electoral votes becomes vice president March 4, 1797: Federalist President and Republican VP took office

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