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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: barbstolzjamison



Agenda 10:30-10:45: Infographics 10:45-11:10: classroom use 11:10-11:25: generators: exploration and table discussion 11:25- 11:45 content areas * Independent exploration * questions .

What is an infographic? .

. Source:

What is more exciting than a yard sale? . answer: almost anything!


. Many different types

. *Introduce new content



. *Assessment


. *Project


. Advice from the trenches: *bljami20 *Essd-#### *PAT *


. Math: Compare/contrast: incomes male/female; countries; clothing (etc) costs Graph: poverty rates by region/country; lunch favorites Measurements: diameter/circumference; arm span/height Calories in Thanksgiving meal Probability (rolls of a die, heads/tails) Explain concepts: fractions and ratios; Geometry posters

. Social Studies: Famous Missourian poster Compare/contrast: opportunity costs; assembly line vs. individual work; Timelines Web modern/historic characteristics of civilization Statistics on natural disasters Landforms

. Science: Compare/contrast: incomes male/female; countries Graph: rocket distance; seedlings; Elements Wanted Poster Diagram scientific process Lab safely procedures Models of compounds

. Communication Arts: Vowel rules Compare/contrast: poetry & prose; articles from different viewpoints; you & a character; cultural folk tales Story maps Timeline of plot Game/poster/movie trailer of book Plot mountain Reading history (important books at various ages)

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