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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: zzrcc5


MS WORD: MS WORD :  You can use it for writing letters , reports and so on. MS WORD 2 Starting Word application: Starting Word application To start MS . Word do the following: From the Start button on the taskbar , select All Programs . Select Microsoft Office then select Microsoft Office Word 2007 . 3 :  Microsoft word windows Elements MS Office button Quick Access Toolbar Ribbon Title Bar Scroll Bar Status Bar 4 Create a New Document: Create a New Document Click the office button -> New 5 Selecting Text: Selecting Text Select the word : double-click the word. To cancel a selection : Press in anywhere on the screen. To select a paragraph: Triple-click anywhere in the paragraph. To select the entire document: Hold down Ctrl + A 6 Copying Text: Copying Text Home Tab-> Clipboard. Copy past 7 Undo Action, Redo Action: Undo Action, Redo Action To redo an action, click Redo on the Quick Access To undo an action, click Undo on the Quick Access 8 Font: Font Font style Bold Italic Underline 9 Font: Font Font size Font size Grow Font Shrink Font 10 Aligning text: Aligning text Select the text you want to align Click on the Home tab , In the Paragraph group ,click : Click on the Home tab, In the Paragraph Group click: 11 important For: English language For : Arabic language 1 2 3 4 1:Left 2:Center 3: right 4:justify Copy Formatting: Copy Formatting If you want to apply the selected formatting to another text. Select the text containing the formatting you want to copy. Click on the Home tab. In the Clipboard group, click Format Painter Select the text you want to format 12 Working with list: Working with list Numbering : Windows Word Power point 13 Working with list: Working with list Bulleted : Windows Word Power point 14 Working with list: Working with list Create multilevel list : Windows Task bar icons Word Power point 15 Insert blank pages: Insert blank pages Insert a new blank page at the cursor position. 16 Find a Text: Find a Text Click on the Home tab. In the Editing group, click Find 17 Replace a Text: Replace a Text Click on the Home tab. In the Editing group, click Replace 18 Find and Replace a Text – Example: Find and Replace a Text – Example Replace the word (computer science ) to the word Economy) in your document. 19 Changing document display: Changing document display Zooming in and out on your document. On the Status Bar On View tab . 20 Short key: Short key 21 Function Short Key NO To close the program Alt + F4 1 To close the opened file CTRL + F4 2 To close the opened file CTRL + W 3 To open an existing file CTRL + O 4 To create new file CTRL + N 5 To save the changes on the file CTRL + S 6 To save As F12 7 Short key cont: Short key cont 22 Function Short Key NO To select entire text CTRL + A 8 To copping the selected text CTRL + C 9 To cutting the selected text CTRL + X 10 To paste the content of clipboard CTRL + V 11 To Bold the selected text CTRL + B 12 To do italic style on the text CTRL + I 13 To underlining the text CTRL + U 14 Short key cont: Short key cont 23 Function Short Key NO To Undo an action CTRL + Z 15 To Redo an action CTRL + Y 16 To find a word or sentence on the file CTRL + F 17 To decrease the size of text CTRL + [ 18 To increase the size of text CTRL + ] 19 To print the file or page CTRL + P 20

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