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Published on February 19, 2014

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Slides from Mr Hutchison's Winter AUSA 2014 Focus Forum

UNCLASSIFIED Contracting Support to the Warfighter Agile – Proficient – Trusted UNCLASSIFIED 19 Feb 2014

UNCLASSIFIED Background • Prior to 2002 contracting was another decentralized staff function like G1/G8 – Significant reductions in workforce during the 90s • Army Contracting Agency created in 2002 – Consolidated installation and non-weapons systems contracting – Suffered from chronic resource shortages • Issues that arose on 2004-2007 timeframe – Fraud /poor quality contracts in Kuwait – 600% increase in workload with no growth in contracting workforce • In 2007 Gansler Commission formed to review Army contracting • Recommendations from Gansler Commission led to creation of ACC – – – – Further consolidate contracting organizations Provide adequate resources (personnel and funding) Create additional contracting general officer positions Adeq ate training and e perience for personnel s pporting contingenc operations Adequate experience supporting contingency Contracting is an Army Priority! 2

UNCLASSIFIED Vision / Mission Vision ACC is DoD’s Preeminent Provider of Decisive Edge Contracting Solutions and DoD s Practices Mission ACC Provides Responsive, Innovative and Efficient Procurement Solutions to Enable the Army’s Global Warfighting Dominance 3

UNCLASSIFIED FY13 YTD Obs/Actions # of Personnel Auth / On Board Mil – 1,126 / 907 Civ – 5,242 / 5,217 Army Contracting Command Headquarters Huntsville, AL People: 4% Total Obligations: FY13 - $60.9B *As of 31 Jan 14 Expeditionary Contracting  Command  (ECC) Huntsville, AL  FY13 Obligations: $1.6B/2.6% FY13 Obligations: $1 6B/2 6% FY13 Actions:  39.5K/20.7% As of 31 A f January 2014 People: 20% Army Contracting Command Redstone Huntsville, AL  FY13 Obligations: $20.2B/33.1% FY13 Obligations: $20 2B/33 1% FY13 Actions: 22.0/11.6% Army Contracting Command Warren Warren, MI People: 14% Army Contracting Command Aberdeen Proving Ground Aberdeen, MD  , FY13 Obligations: $12.7B/20.9% FY13 Actions: 32.7K/17.2% Total Actions FY13 -190.4K 190.4K FY13 Obligations: $6.8B/11.2% FY13 Obligations: $6 8B/11 2% FY13 Actions: 32.5K/17.1% People: 11% Mission & Installation Contracting Command  (MICC) Fort Sam Houston, TX  FY13 Obligations: $5.4B/8.8% FY13 Obligations: $5 4B/8 8% FY13 Actions: 43.0K/22.6% People: 22% Army Contracting Command New Jersey Picatinny Arsenal, NJ Picatinny Arsenal NJ People: 13% FY13 Obligations: $1.9B/3.1% FY13 Actions: 10.2K/5.3% People: 5% Army Contracting Command Rock Island R kI l d Rock Island, IL FY13 Obligations: $12.3/20.3% FY13 Actions: 10.5K/5.5% People: 8% 4

UNCLASSIFIED ACC at a Glance II MCC 106 Permanent Locations 902 Ft Lewis (JBLM) Ft Wainwright Tobyhanna AD Ft Drum li l k Carlisle Barracks Letterkenny AD Adelphi Umatilla CD Ft McCoy Ft Richardson Watervliet Arsenal Watervliet Arsenal Ft Devens Natick West Point Picatinny CC Arsenal Ft Dix APG / Edgewood APG / Edgewood CC Ft Meade Alexandria/Ft Myer CC Ft Belvoir Ft Lee Ft Eustis MCC CC Warren CC Sierra AD Dugway PG Moffett Field Presidio of Monterey Ft Hunter Ft H t Liggett Rock Island Tooele AD II Ft A. P. Hill Rocky Mountain MCC Crane AAP Ft Leavenworth Arsenal MCC Peterson Scott AFB Ft Riley Ft Carson AFB Bluegrass Ft Knox AD / CF Ft Leonard Wood Pueblo CD Ft Campbell F C b ll 904 McAlester AAP RCO Pine Bluff Ft Sill Yuma PG Ft Huachuca Ft Huachuca WSMR Ft Hood 410 X MCC X 916 409 412 Ft Polk Corpus Christi X ... 414 RCO ... ... CCT General Officer Command SES Command Vicenza CC CCT Livorno Kaiserslautern Grafenwoehr RCO RCO Schwetzingen RCO Stuttgart Sub Ofc Germany Other overseas TDA RCO Benelux RCO B l Belgium B l i RCO Peru Peru RCO GTMO Cuba RCO Soto Cano Honduras RCO Bogota Columbia Miami Kadena AB, Okinawa d k Key West NAS Italy X Yongsan II 411 906 Cp Coiner DOC ... SCCT SCCT ... ... ... CCT ACC Kuwait ACC Qatar ... O Osan AB AB Cp CCT CCT RCO Humphreys ... CCT Cp Arifjan Ansbach Sub Ofc Cp Zama CCT ... Sub Ofc Wiesbaden Bamberg TDA organization CCT Eglin AFB ... II MTOE unit Japan ... FSH 903 SCCT MCC 408 Ft Rucker TCC Unit/organization Includes a C2unit / organization AD / CF Ft Benning MICC II Ft Shafter Shaw AFB Ft Gordon Ft Stewart CC 901 X Ft Buchanan II 905 X RSA Anniston II MCC Ft Bliss Legend ACC ECC Red River AD  X 413 II 900 Ft Bragg Ft Jackson Ft Irwin Schofield Barracks S h fi ld B k Research Triangle Park Kuwait CCT As Sayliyah Qatar ... Kunsan AB CCT RCO RCO Taegu ... Korea CCT RCO 5

UNCLASSIFIED Army Command and Contracting Relationships Army Commands Supporting Contracting Organization Army Materiel Command Training and Doctrine Command C d Forces Command Supporting Contracting Organization Army Service Component Commands U.S. Army North U.S. Army Central Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command U.S. Army Europe U.S. Army South U.S. Army Pacific Army Contracting Command C d Centers Eighth Army U.S. Army Special Operations Command Expeditionary Contracting Command Mission and Installation I t ll ti Contracting Command U.S. Army U S Arm Space & Missile Defense Command/Army Strategic Command U.S. Army Africa Army Acquisition Support Center U.S. Army Military District of Washington g U.S. Army Installation Management Command g U.S. Army Network Enterprise U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command U.S. Army Military Academy US y ta y cade y U.S. Army Medical Command U.S. Army Corps y p of Engineers Contracting U.S. Army Reserve Command U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Intelligence and Security Command Contracting Direct Reporting Units Medical Command Contracting National Guard Bureau U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command 6

UNCLASSIFIED What ACC Procures Ammo & Weapons 5.08% FY13 Actions 190,401/$60.9B Equipment 8.41% As of 31 January 2014 Facilities & Construction 11.77% Systems 27.74% RDT&E 6.59% g Knowledge Based Services 27.24% IT 11.61% Misc 1.57% • PEOs/PMs • ASCCs Major Customers • IMCOM • AMC • NETCOM • USAR • ATEC • RADOC • FORSCOM • DA Staff 7

UNCLASSIFIED ACC Trends & Impacts People Actions > $100K Total Dollars in Billions FY13 DoD Spend $308.0B DoD Spend $308.0B 110 100 90 60.9B 60 9B ACC 26.4B 72.0B 72 0B 80 70 60 Army 87.3B 87 3B AF 55.2B 50 Navy Other DOD 93.5B 40 30 20 10 0 Former AMC Command Contracting New ACC % % % Gansler Report 31 Oct 07 As of 31 Jan 2014 8

UNCLASSIFIED ACC Centers Centers of Gravity” for Weapons Systems Contracting •Research Development Engineering Center Support •PEO/PM support PEO/PM •Organic Industrial Base (Depots/Arsenals/Ammo Plants) •Life Cycle Management and Logistics Support •FMS Support ACC Center  ACC Center Location What They Buy What They Buy ACC‐APG Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Chemical/biological defense equipment, electronic  sensors, night vision equipment, satellite  communications, radars, radios, medical  communications, radars, radios, medical countermeasures ACC‐NJ Picatinny Arsenal, NJ ACC‐RI Rock Island Arsenal, IL Weapons, armaments, ammunition, information  technology Ammunition, logistics, information technology,  chemical demilitarization  ACC‐RSA Redstone Arsenal, AL Aviation, missiles ACC‐WRN Warren, MI Combat and tactical vehicles, small arms and targetry,  fire control systems 9

UNCLASSIFIED Mission and Installation Contracting Command MINOR CONSTRUCTION Mission Mi i Installation I t ll ti FY 13 $5.3B •O Over 1,650 Military and Civilians 1 650 Milit d Ci ili • Over 10K Contractors Supporting • Over 43K Contract Actions • $1B in GPC Purchases • $2.1B in SB Purchases • 33 Contracting Offices 10

UNCLASSIFIED Operating Forces Water DFAC Expeditionary Contracting Command Global Commitments Vector Control NTVs Fire Fighting Waste Removal Billeting Class I Food Class II Individual Equipment/Tools Class III Fuel Class IV Construction Material Army – Lead Service for Contracting Coordination (LSCC) Ice Plant Operations Class V Ammo Interpreter Services Class IX Repair Parts Army – Lead Service for Contracting (LSC) CENTCOM NORTHCOM PACOM EUCOM *Foreign Local Nationals 408TH 412TH CSB (USARNORTH) JBSA, TX 91% MIL / 77% C % % CIV 411TH CSB (USFK) Yongsan, ROK * 59% MIL / 107% CIV Q ECC HQ Redstone Arsenal, AL 93% MIL / 103% CIV 409TH CSB (USARCENT) Shaw AFB, SC 79% MI / 40% CIV 9% MIL CSB (USAREUR) Kaiserslautern, GE * 84% MIL / 96% CIV Rotational / Corps Aligned Kuwait 418TH CSB (III Corps) FT. Hood, TX 54% MIL 413TH CSB (USARPAC) FT Shafter, HI 84% MIL / 94% CIV 409TH CSB: 81 0 CS 8 410th CSB: 411TH CSB: 75 414TH CSB: 16 Total FLN: 180 Qatar AFRICOM Iraq SOUTHCOM 414TH CSB (USARAF) 419TH CSB (XVIII Corps) FT Bragg, NC 71% MIL 410TH CSB (USARSOUTH) JBSA, TX * 93% MIL / 109% CIV Pakistan Vicenza, Italy * 84% MIL / 92% CIV Jordan Contract Support Integration Planning Minor Construction Fuel/Water Distribution Maintenance Organizational/Direct Joint Distribution Center HVAC O&M Power Generation Laundry L d Latrines Showers Fuel Local Transportation Central Issue Facility Contractor Maintenance Ice Distribution S t O ti F Wh F d d Supports Operating Force When Forward and Generating Force in Garrison Line Haul (Bulk Fuel/HET/Flatbeds) Mail Distribution Material Handling Equipment Maintenance/Recovery DFAC $1.5 Billion Base / $13 Billion Post Award Container Yard Support JOINT GCC COALITION ASCC CORPS DIV BCT NTC/JRTC/CMTC EXERCISES Movement Control 11

UNCLASSIFIED External Oversight & Stakeholder Environment Executive Branch Congress Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Director of Policy and Procurement (DPAP) Army Materiel Command (AMC) Audit/ Oversight Organizations As f Dec A of 4 D 12 Impacting Today’s Contracting Environment Joint Staff Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for y Procurement (DASA(P)) Senior Services Manager (SSM) 12

UNCLASSIFIED Challenges • Budget Uncertainty/Sequestration – Workload U ce ta ty o oad Uncertainty – Potential for Additional Furloughs/RIFs Impacting Workforce • Drawdown in Afghanistan – Transition From War – Uncertainty Over Responsibility for Post 2014 Contracting Support • Army Force Structure Changes – Restationing of Brigade Combat Teams – Military end Strength Reductions – Impacts to Expeditionary Contracting Capability • Workforce Demographics – Over 50% of ACC Workforce has Less than 5 Years Experience – Need to Sustain Influx of New Interns Despite Reductions  ~19% of ACC workforce fully eligible to retire as of 1 Feb 2014 • Increased Oversight 13

UNCLASSIFIED Contracting Challenges • Protests • Customer Ownership of Requirements From Development Through Post-Award • Contracting ISO Theater – Fluctuating Requirements – Customer Personnel Turnover – CORs • Guidance/Policy That Reduces Flexibility and Increases Workload – Reduction in Max Contract Length – MAIDIQ Task Order Protests – C t and P i i D t on “O Bid” C Cost d Pricing Data “One Competitive A titi Awards d 14

UNCLASSIFIED Where We Need Your Help • U d t d th R Understand the Requirement, Q i t Question U ti Uncertainties, and t i ti d Propose Only to the SOW/PWS • Submit Compliant Proposals -- Follow Instructions • Be Responsive, Know Who Your Points of Contact Are and Respect Their Role in the Procurement Process • Notify Your Contracting Officer Immediately of Any Changes Changes, Issues That May Affect Cost, Schedule and/or Performance • Perform Only What Your Contract Requires • CORs are NOT Authorized to Obligate the Government • Submit Invoices in a Timely Manner • Maintain Proper Government Furnished Property Stewardship 15

UNCLASSIFIED How We’re Working to Improve • Increased communications – – – – • Industry Executive Forum Small Business Conferences Consolidating Advanced Planning Briefings with Industry/Industry Days Improved debriefs to unsuccessful offerors Teaming with other govt agencies like DCAA, DCMA and DFAS – – – – Proposal evaluation Pricing Contract Closeout Govt. Property Management • Increased transparency with our customers and partners on schedules and status 16

UNCLASSIFIED The Future Transforming the Organization to Operate More Efficiently Within Mandated Resource Levels – Looking at Geographic Footprint – Long Term Effort Based on Workload Analysis and Manpower Models 17

UNCLASSIFIED Discussion 18


UNCLASSIFIED AMC A hi Achievements VS Goals t G l 1 Oct 2012 thru 30 Sep 2013 Total SB Eligible dollars: $42.2B SMALL BUSINESS  CATEGORY FY 13   GOAL % ACTUAL % DOLLARS Small Business 19.25% 19.65% $8.3B Small Disadvantaged  Business 5.10% 8.41% $3.5B HUBZone 2.00% 1.22% $514.6M Woman Owned SB 2.70% 3.51% $1.5B Service Disabled VOSB Service Disabled VOSB 1.60% 1 60% 2.86% 2 86% $1.2B $1 2B 20

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