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Published on August 14, 2007

Author: Lilly


EXERCISEACTIVE EDGEMPC9 Apr 03:  EXERCISE ACTIVE EDGE MPC 9 Apr 03 AIM:  AIM To provide an outline for the conduct of training for Exercise ACTIVE EDGE Outline:  Outline Exercise Aim Tactical Training Aim Limitations Method/Conduct Exercise Command and Control Risks Confirm Comd LFWA Intent/Guidance in preparation for MPC Exercise Aims:  Exercise Aims Comd LFWA Intent: To establish an annual Area Reserve Training Event, with a view to increasing the collective training capabilities of the Reserves. Exercise Aim: To establish a model of collective training that will challenge junior officers, train and develop junior leaders and consolidate collective skills up to the platoon/troop level, across as many arms and services as possible. Tactical Training Aim: To develop the level 3 training experience of the Reserves, concentrating on corps-specific BTS and exposing the training audience to a combines arms environment in both dry and live fire conditions. Further, the training aim will be to employ the Reserve BG C2 and sustainment structures, facilitated and mentored by members of 1 CMBG. Limitations:  Limitations Constraints Combined arms exposure Parachute opportunity Incorporate live fire Executrek Visit Restraints Limited 1 CMBG ldrshp/Safety Limited Ammo Reqr for RSOI Communications Training Method:  Training Method Trg focus on Platoon/Troop, in a Coy/Sqn/Bty context 1 PPCLI BG(+) assigned to directly support PTA by sub-unit Maintain tactical framework throughout Ensure combines arms exposure within capacity Training Concept of Operations:  Training Concept of Operations Reserves will tactically deploy as a BG, occupying 3 Coy-size Reserve Br Dmls. Armd, Engrs, Arty and AD will conduct corps-specific trg within the tactical scenario. Live fire trg will centre on the Pl Live Fire Rge that will incorporate all arms participation (tk/LAV run-ups, Arty and Engr Batsim). PTA will rotate thru the Pl Live Fire Rge throughout the exercise. Reserve BG will receive IS from a composite Support (Admin) Coy and 1 Svc Bn will provide CS with Reserve augmentation and integration. Conduct of Training:  Conduct of Training Day 1: Battle procedure Includes prep for battle, zero of wpns, PWT (as reqr), recce of objectives, and deployment from Admin area to sub-unit objectives Days 2 – 5: Tactical exercise Includes specific training events designed to train and practice corps skills to level 3, in a larger tactical scenario (3 x Reserve Dml Guards/Recce Screen/Covering Force/Indirect Fire Plan/Pl Outpost/Aggressive Fighting Ptl Plan) Culminating in a sub-unit/BG event (wdr under contact) Ex Layout:  Ex Layout Pl Live Fire Rge BSA Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Infantry Dry Reserve Demolition Guard Pl Fighting Patrol Pl Airmobile Fighting Patrol Live Pl Defensive Live Fire, supported by LAV, Cougar, Leo and Arty. Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Armd Dry Delay and Blocking Ops Covering Force Battle Counter Attack Wdr (thru BG) Passage of lines Live Support to Pl Defensive Live Fire Troop fire and manoeuvre rge (Rge 25) Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Armd Recce Dry Ops fwd of Br Dml Guard Recce Wdr Rtes Troop trg (Screen) Sp to Br Dml Guard Wdr/Passage of lines Tactical Tfc Control RAS Cross trg with Coyote (TBC) Avn tasks Live Sp to Rge 25 (TBC) Small Arms Rges (jungle lanes?) Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Engrs Dry Support Reserve Br Dml Guard Reserve Br Demolition Firing Party Defensive preparations (Reserve Dml Guard) Assist with Battle Sim for Pl Live Fire Def (TBC) Live Pl Live Fire Defence (with LAV, Cougar, Leo and Arty) Assist with Battle Sim for Pl Live Fire Def Rte denial! Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Arty Dry Fire Planning for Reserve Dml Guards Bty Fire and Movt Sp to fighting ptls Live Support Pl Live Fire Defence (firing and fire control) Bty Fire and Movt Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Air Defence Dry Point def for Res Br Dmls/BG HQ Sp to fighting ptls Live Support Pl Live Fire Defence (fire control) Jungle lanes? Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events CSS IS Composite Support Coy providing real time CSS RAS (QRF) Anti-ambushes drills Relief for Br Dml Gds Avn Ops CS OJT with 1 Svc Bn in tactical setting Log Ops Ptls Jungle lanes? Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events CSS (Continued) MPs Medical Key Tactical Training Events:  Key Tactical Training Events Misc Para (TBC) Refresher and jump in Edmonton (Wainwright jump to be explored) NBC Part of Reserve Dml Guard Sample PTA Experience:  Sample PTA Experience Day 1 Battle procedure Comds recce Reserve Dml Guard with OC NCOs and soldiers conduct prep for battle 2IC moves coy fwd to RV with OC’s R Gp Reserve Dml Guard Orders Occupy Reserve Dml Guard Day 2 Continue preps of Reserve Dml Guard Battle procedure and conduct of Pl Fighting Patrol (Raid or Ambush) Sample PTA Experience:  Sample PTA Experience Day 3 Receive orders to occupy platoon outpost fwd of Reserve Dml Guard Conduct relief-in-place Defend (live) supported by LAV, Armour and Arty Conduct relief-in-place and return to Reserve Dml Guard Day 4 Defend Reserve Dml Guard Conduct Airmobile Fighting Patrol Defend Reserve Dml Guard thru night Sample PTA Experience:  Sample PTA Experience Day 5 Support rearward passage of lines On order, destroy bridge and conduct wdr in contact to BG Assy Area Endex late morning Ex Clean-up Prep for redeployment C2 and Responsibilities:  C2 and Responsibilities LFWA Define Ex Aim, Scope and Objectives Plan, coordinate and execute movt of PTA and eqpt to/from Wainwright Coordinate RSOI 1 CMBG Plan, direct and coordinate the conduct of tactical training IAW LFWA Comd’s intent 1 PPCLI BG Plan, direct, coordinate and execute the tactical training as directed by 1 CMBG Composite Reserve BG OPCON to 1 CMBG (1 PPCLI BG) for Trg Pl and below: PTA Coy and above: HICON with 1 PPCLI BG support 1 Svc Bn Provide real-time CSS to both the Ex Sp Org and the PTA ORGANIZATION CHART:  ORGANIZATION CHART Real Administration:  Real Administration CSS Concept Personnel Risks:  Risks More tasks reducing 1 CMBG capacity Ammo restrictions Numbers/type Local purchase? Fire hazards Trg Area conflicts Avn Resources (Tactical and Medevac) Size, quals and experience of PTA Tempoandgt;fatigueandgt;accidents/discipline Eqpt Requirements Legacy Comms CPs 73/74 Sqn participation (EXCON) Resources (DTSF) Executrek Key Timings:  Key Timings 9 Apr: MPC 18 Apr: Ex Instr Issued 13 May (TBC): Trg and CSS Coord Conf (by VTC) 7-8 Jun: FPC as part of Area Council Key Ex Players should attend Incls: CBG Comds COS/G3/G4s, BG Comds (CO 1 VP and Res CO) 1 CMBG Staff and Arms Advisors Key Timings:  Key Timings 6 Aug: Final Coord Conference 20-22 Aug: 1 ASG Deployment for RSOI 1 CMBG Deployment 23-24 Aug: PTA Deployment and RSOI 25-29 Aug: Conduct Trg 30-31 Aug: Redeployment 30 Sep: PXR Submissions to LFWA MPC Reqrs:  MPC Reqrs Detail Trg Activities Cfm Orbats/Org Chart C2 and responsibilities Discipline (ie; ND) Home unit vs Ex Chain of Comd Questions?:  Questions?

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