Mozilla Foundation Strat Plan Process Draft

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Information about Mozilla Foundation Strat Plan Process Draft

Published on November 17, 2008

Author: msurman



Presentation on strategic planning process for Mozilla Foundation board.

Mozilla Foundation Vision + Roadmap Process Draft November 10, 2008

We want to ... 1. Articulate Foundation role and identity in Mozilla community (long term) 2. Define programs that advance Mozilla Foundation mission (medium term) 3. Catalyze community and get good ideas rolling along the way (starts now!)

output Role + Mozilla Identity Vision Program Document Roadmap (April 2009)

2010 goals inputs Mozilla values Touchstones thought leadership innovation charitable purposes community Mozilla manifesto Ideas on table Discussions community health 2010 goals Role + open web literacy Mozilla board 1-on-1s Identity accessibility Vision Whistler education Program Document Barcelona (March 2009) Research blogging Roadmap etc. serendipity Approaches Related Early grants and prizes 2009 objective experiments grassroots organizing setting for MoCo, fellowships MoMo and MoFo education accessibility research → next few months

We already have a lot to go on. Let's get rolling.

proposed process 0. Inputs 1. Strawman 2. Research 3. Draft 4. Output Community High level Detailed Complete Mozilla discussion vision and research and draft of Vision including program analysis on vision doc. Document 2010 goals, ideas for major Community Whistler, board and program feedback and Role + blogs, community ideas. Costs board retreat Identity serendipity feedback. and viability. at this time. Program To Dec 08 Dec 08 Jan-Feb 09 Mar-Apr 09 Roadmap Good ideas that fit with new plan keep rolling Early experiments and community feedback (→ Mozilla values, research, education, community health, etc.)

Critical factors 1. Constant community engagement 2. Rapid iteration, out in the open 3. Good research and clear options 4. Board involvement and support 5. The right people (need some help)

What's missing? Who's missing? Theory of change?

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