Moving to Mobile: Simple Strategies for SMEs 2009

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Information about Moving to Mobile: Simple Strategies for SMEs 2009

Published on March 7, 2009

Author: katielips



Moving to Mobile: Simple Strategies for Small and Medium Businesses. Presentation at Think Visibility, Leeds, UK, 7th March 2009.

By Katie Lips, Mobile Strategist at Appostles:

How can SMEs start integrating mobile into their web marketing strategies. Many of us now use the web via our mobile device / phones / smart phones / iPhones. How does your website hold up on the small screen? How can you make your website accessible and useful to people on the move?

Simple tips for 'moving to mobile' for SMEs: From mobile friendly websites, to SMS, to interactive mobile ads, to mobile apps.

or Fs ME Moving to Mobile. S Katie Lips.

Appostles. ★ iPhone and Android Specialists. ★ Agency with growing team of experts. Hiring! ★ Strategy. Concept. Design. Build. Marketing. ★ Partners with agencies. Works for brands. ★ UK & NL based.

Why consider mobile as part of your marketing strategy?

I love Mobile. Er, but, no, not...

Landfill 2.0

Big Data Bills

Confusing Plans

“Feature” Phones

New I love Mobile.

Mobile 2.0? ★ It’s all about Platforms ★ iPhone ★ Android ★ Blackberry ★ ... and others

Platform iPhone & iPod Touch Developers & Customers App Store

What's great about Mobile 2.0 is that this is mobile for the rest of us. Mobile we can work with. Platforms we can harness. New customers we can meet. New ways we can communicate.

A long time ago... ★ Special Sites for Special Devices ★ Accessibility for all meant SMS only ★ You’d need an expensive Mobile Marketing partner

Problems including: ★ Lack of tech knowledge ★ High set up fees ★ High operating costs ★ Lack of awareness that mobile doesn't have to be difficult... Ruled most people out of mobile

“Mobile doesn’t have to be difficult”

Some tips for Moving to Mobile!

Get a mobile- friendly Website!

How to make your website mobile friendly ★ Put your phone number on the homepage ★ Safari & other mobile browsers auto-detect phone numbers ★ Add some code so iPhones know it's a number can can call it with one click

<a href=quot;tel:4415132422444quot;> +44(0)151 3242244</a>

Don’t use Flash!

Consider Mobile Use Cases ★ Consider that some people will access your website via their phones ★ Maybe they just want your phone number so they can call you ★ Make sure they can get in touch ★ Don’t say ‘Sorry’, say ‘Hello’!

Monitor the web via mobile

And let’s not forget voice

Skype ★ Get a SkypeIn number ★ Your number in... ★ New York ★ London ★ Leeds ★ Web to talk - Add ‘Call Us Now’ to your web page ★ Lets customers call you for free ★ At the point of interest


SMS from your desktop ★ Send SMS to your customers ★ Because it’s personal ★ Useful for data, instructions & directions ★ Call to action ★ SMS your customers ★ Simply ★ Quickly ★ Cheaply

SMS Campaigns ★ Send ads out ★ Get responses back ★ Measure success

Mobile Market Research

Blyk ★ Free mobile contract for 16-24 year olds ★ Users receive and respond to ads ★ And they love it!

Mobile Apps

“A mobile website is for customers who already know about you - you're making it easier when they find you via their mobiles. A mobile app, on the other hand, distributed via an App Store can push your message to new audiences.”


iPhone Sales by Quarter Q3 07 Q4 07 Q1 08 Q2 08 Q3 08 Q4 08 Q1-09 Units sold 270,000 1,119,000 2,315,000 1,703,000 717,000 6,892,000 4,363,000 in Quarter

Cumulative iPhone Sales 20,000,000 15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 Q3 07 Q4 07 0 Q1 08 Q2 08 Q3 08 Q4 08 Q1 09

Handset OS Market Share Operating System Share Symbian 44% iPhone (and iPod Touch) 32% RIM (Blackberry) 9% Windows Mobile 8% Palm 4% Other 3% Source: AdMob - using Admob Analysed Apps

iPhone in Feb ‘09 ★ 17 Million iPhones in 80 countries ★ 32% Worldwide Smartphone market share ★ Apple #3 Mobile Phone manufacturer ★ 20,000 Apps / 2.2 million downloads each day ★ 500 million apps downloaded (half a billion!)

App Store

The Opportunity? ★ Investors - speculate (KPCB’s iFund) ★ Enterprise - mobile workforce ★ Brands - your brand in 17m pockets ★ Web Services - extend reach via mobile ★ Mobile Services - The App business ★ Disposable Apps - apps as accessories ★ Games Developers - a new platform

Example Apps ★ Investors - Loopt ★ Enterprise - ★ Brands - Carling’s iPint, Audi, ★ Web Services - Facebook, Remember the Milk ★ Mobile Services - Urban Spoon, Flirtomatic ★ Disposables - Sound Grenade, Sonic Lighter, Ocarina ★ Games - Rolando from ng:moco

App Business Models Paid App Low price Mid price Ad supported Free plus a ‘Lite’ e.g. Tier 1 e.g. Tier 4 Free App version 59p £2.39 ++ ++ + - -- Volume Reward if -- +++ ++ +++ ++ your app stays in top 25 Reward if -- -- -- -- -- your app gets lost

Advertising for Apps ★ AdMob - Ads and Analytics ★ MobClix - Ads and Analytics ★ Pinch Media - Ads and Analytics ★ PurpleTalk - (Ad Sharing) ★ Chillingo - Print Ads Partnerships

Case Study ★ A Cinema chain in Netherlands built an iPhone app and... ★ 110,000 iPhone installed app ★ 3rd most successful Dutch application ★ iPhone app drove 67% of total traffic Source: Sharewire

Case Study ★ 10% of their users on Nokia handsets ★ Only 60% of those people actively used the app ★ They needed to market the app to this audience ★ Who required lots of support Source: Sharewire

Case Study ★ 81% of traffic came from iPhone users ★ Who downloaded the app via the App Store with zero marketing spend ★ Of whom 98% were active ★ And required zero support Source: Sharewire

Brands in the App Store

Simple Mobile Strategies ★ Make sure your website is accessible via mobile ★ Make sure your website is useful via mobile ★ Don’t forget voice ★ SMS is now quite easy to work with

Use Mobile Apps to... ★ Monitor your website ★ Update your blog ★ Twitter

Make mobile apps to... ★ Extend your web service ★ ...and add new revenue streams ★ Reach new audiences via App Stores

Summary ★ Whilst big brands are leading, mobile is no longer out of reach for SMEs ★ There are a range of mobile options, from voice integration, to SMS to Apps ★ Most are a natural extension of your web strategy!

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