Moving to GroupWise Mac

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Information about Moving to GroupWise Mac

Published on October 31, 2007

Author: Gourangi


Transitioning to GroupWise:  Transitioning to GroupWise Accessing GroupWise Old fog mail GroupWise during and after the Rollout Address books Addressing inside CCSF Transition issues: Old fog mail:  Transition issues: Old fog mail Your old email will remain on the fog server You start fresh when your new GroupWise account opens. Old mail only on fog Address book: Print out to re-key in GroupWise New mail in GroupWise Transition issues: fog server:  Transition issues: fog server Fog available for access to old mail until year end Log onto fog using: Web IMAP ( in browser) or Open Terminal: Hard disk > Applications > Utilities Type telnet Connect to fog, type pine as usual Email individual messages to yourself Transferring email:  Transferring email Old mail can’t be transferred on a Mac Can transfer messages if you use a new Windows PC Instructions at Transfer address books from NetScape or Outlook (not Outlook Express) Instructions at Transition issues: fog inbox:  Transition issues: fog inbox ITS can transfer your old fog inbox for you Inbox must be less than 200 messages Send email to to put your name on the inbox transfer list GroupWise during the rollout:  GroupWise during the rollout As folks get their new computers… They also get a GroupWise account So everyone will be on GroupWise when the rollout finishes Addressing in GroupWise:  Addressing in GroupWise Because, during the rollout: Some CCSF people will be in GroupWise Some won’t yet be in GroupWise To be sure that your email gets to a CCSF address: Use the GroupWise address book to address messages Add to addresses if they aren’t in the address book New mail:  New mail If you have a GroupWise account: You’ll get all mail: from CCSF and outside On fog you’ll see some, but not all new mail And the Moral is…. What to do during the rollout:  What to do during the rollout On your new computer use GroupWise for new mail fog for old mail And remember….:  And remember…. Add to CCSF addresses if you don’t know that the addressee is in GroupWise When do I move to GroupWise?:  When do I move to GroupWise? You read fog email…. A message on fog announces your GroupWise account Fog When do you move to GroupWise?:  When do you move to GroupWise? You read fog email…. A message on fog announces your GroupWise account Start using GroupWise right away GroupWise Accessing GroupWise:  Accessing GroupWise Web access to your CCSF GroupWise email: From any browser at CCSF, at home, on vacation…. Open Internet Explorer Mac (or PC) Type in address: Choose server:  Choose server Click on either link to pick a server Choose server:  Choose server Use the Back button on your browser to return here and try again if your first choice doesn’t work Log In:  Log In GroupWise Password: Starts out as your birthdate (mmddyyyy format) GroupWise Username: The same as your login name on your Computer (=old fog login name) Changing Your GroupWise Password:  Change your password in GroupWise Options icon (top center of GroupWise screen) Computer and GroupWise passwords are separate: Changing one does not change the other Changing Your GroupWise Password Further information:  Further information Desktop Upgrade informational Web site: linked from the TLC: Updates Mac and GroupWise sections Documents available on GroupWise Web Access More coming up next in the demo….

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