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Published on September 18, 2014

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Movie release date: April 28th, 2011 Director: Paul Feig Genre: Comedy/Romance The title Bridesmaid’s is straight to the point and this is effective as it is conforming to the genre. Other genres like horrors tend to have less revealing names to keep the audience guessing, but by having such a blunt but true title the audience are intrigued to watch more. The whole films surrounds the story of bridesmaids, the cover of the DVD also makes this quite clear. AUDIENCE GENRE The target audience for this film are for young adults, in particular females. The film is intended to amuse the audience and make them laugh, most men wouldn’t be interested in films like this as it is known as a ‘chick flick’ and the characters within the film are mainly women. The genre of the film is a comedy and a romance and this is hinted throughout the trailer, this is mainly done through the snippets of dialogue that is added in. These snippets provide an insight into film and makes the audience want to know more. The act the whole film has the majority of female characters along with the plot of the wedding immediately highlights that the genre is also a romance.

Mise-en-scene Throughout the trailer the lighting is bright and natural and this makes the film have a laid back approach allowing the audience to relax and enjoy the film. The print screen on my left shows how the lighting is quite natural and there is nothing artificial about it, this is kept constant throughout the trailer as shown in the picture on the airplane below. By using this lighting the trailer is conforming to the genre with all the light tones signifying the happiness of the film. On the other hand in horror films The actresses used in ‘Bridesmaids’, Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are both well known actresses who have starred in a range of other comedies conforming to the genre. Therefore immediately this means the audience have a high expectation for the film and also will be more enticed to go and watch it. the lighting used has black and dark tones again as a way of signifying the mood. The costumes of the characters are used to show the divide in the bridesmaids that is evidently one of the main events of the film. Above is a picture of Helen, who is in a black ball gown for one of the wedding events. By wearing this it shows how she wants to dominate against the maid of honor and she feels superior, again bringing in the comical aspects. The settings in the film vary and this is a way to reflect the conflict between the maid of honor and Helen, one of the Bride’s other friend. The two characters have opposing views about how the wedding will work, Helen is upper class, depicted through the costume she is in above, where as the maid of honor is laid back, I feel the use of depicting this in the setting makes the trailer more amusing and comedic.

Camera At the start of the trailer an establishing shot is used and this is done so the audience are aware of the setting, New York, therefore giving them a better understanding of the film before it has even begun. The shot has been taken during the day therefore meaning that the atmosphere is immediately set as happy. Following this shot is a picture of the bride and her best friend, the maid of honor. This shot is a medium angle and is taking from a straight on angle, the effect of this is that we get the sense of equality and how they are both so close to each other. One of the most effective shots was the long shot of Helen, then closely followed by an extreme close up and I feel the effect of this was so the audience could tell she is a main character in the film. In the close up shot she is the only person in focus and this insinuates that she feels superior and craves all the attention. This opposes to the initial equality we got from the previous shot and shows the conflicting personality. The camera movement throughout the trailer is smooth and this is due to the laid back approach of the film, this is something typical of a comedy therefore the trailer is conforming to the genre. A lot of the moving is done by panning, and this creates a steady and smooth motion, this again has a calming effect and the movement is more natural, therefore taking the focus away from the camera movement but more on the events. The shot below summaries the film, a group of girls on a journey and I feel that this simple shots have substantial effect.

Editing Throughout the trailer the editing is slow paced and the cuts flow from one to the other, but as the music picks up there are an increase in the action in the shots and this could be done to create excitement. This editing synchronises with the music, known as anchorage. An example of this is when the cuts are in sync with the strum of the guitar. Transitions used include a downward swipe and this is when some of the text appears on the screen, this is fun and different suiting the genre. Below is a print screen of another editing technique used, fast motion has been put on a list that tells Anna all of what she has to do in order to fulfill her role as the maid of honor. The fact it has been edited to go fast reflects how Anna is under all the pressure and she doesn’t know where to start, therefore showing her confusion. Sound The music starts and it is quite quiet and calm, but as the first snippet of dialogue is played the pace picks up, this pace brings up the atmosphere conforming to the happiness and fun of a romantic comedy. The song played within the trailer is called ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ and the beat synchronizes with the events going on in the song. Annie, the maid of honor, lacks effort and enthusiasm for the role and the song lyrics create irony. Most of the song is drum and guitar and this fits in very well. The music, however, dies down at the comedy moments and this results in the audience paying full attention to the funny sections. The narration of the film is done through the little bits of dialogue and this is effective as the audience get to see some of the film enticing them. The characters perspective creates a sense of verisimilitude, a similar technique done in the horrors I have analysed. There isn’t much added in non-diegetic sound other than the music and this is because the director wants the audience to concentrate on the funny bits, again it makes the trailer easy to watch and there is no disturbances.

Narrative theory I think that you could link Bridesmaids to the narrative theory of Levis Strauss who argues that media texts can be broken down into opposites. In the trailer there is a lot of opposites in personalities, places, and ideas. Within the move Helen is upper class and is very posh, she wears formal clothing and takes pride in her appearance. While on the other hand Anna who is the maid of honor, has a more casual and laid back persona that is also reflected in her clothing. These oppositions are one of the comical aspects of the play and it is made clear throughout that these two characters are opposite. Similarly to this the setting in the film contrast, some of their events are in a grubby restaurant where-as another one is in a 5 star hotel. I feel these opposites are what make the film diverse. .

Texts The inter titles used throughout the trailer have a consistent house style that support the idea of a romantic comedy. As previously mentioned the target audience for this film would be women aged 15-24, so the titles being in pink reinforces this. The text used is bold and this makes it stand out and almost forces the audience into reading it. The background also has a tint to the color instead of being plain white and this is a way of adding diversity to the trailer, this also sways the film towards women. Inter titles are something a lot of films use and the film I analysed previously, paranormal activity, used them. This suggests that the inter titles are typical in modern trailers and they are a way of informing the audience more about the film. However all the inter titles change depending on the genre because the titles have to conform to the genre and to the theme of the movie. These titles are fun and suggest to me that the film is uplifting.

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