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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: parthiben1



Quiz based on Hollywood and World movies.

Movie Quiz Bhuvanesh & Parthiben

Cardboard Box Office 6 Questions Its a photo blog created by the couple Leon Mackie and Lilly Lang. Dedicated to recreating scenes from classic movies using cardboard boxes and other items from their home. The couple's sweet son Orson also stars in the recreated scenes.

Sample  Star Wars (WAH WARS)


Terminator 2: Judgment Day “PAPA LA VISTA, BABY.”




The Temple of Doom “THE CRADLE OF DOOM”




The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou “THE LIFE DOMESTIC”



Halloween - Vine Ads 8 Questions Vine ads on Horror movies 16

7. 17

The Shining 18

8. 19

Exorcist 20

9. 21

Frankenstein 22

10. 23

Alien 24

11. 25

Paranormal Activity 26

12. 27

The Ring

13. 29

Psycho 30

14. 31

Poltergeist 32

HBO - New York International Latino Film Festival Ads 6 Questions - Ads featuring movie genres/recipe 33

15 34


16 36


17 38


18 40


19 42



Clockwise Round

1)  These specific type of strings used to control puppets are famous because of an artform practiced in Italy, especially in Sicily. This artform doesn‟t come under the general puppeteering. a) Name this artform/ What are these strings called?  Poster for a famous movie features these strings. b) Identify the movie

Marionette Operas/ Marionette Strings & The Godfather

2)  Rob Reiner, director of A Few Good Men and When Harry met Sally, named his production company in honor of a fictional town in Maine from a famous author‟s(X) works. Rob Reiner being a fan of X produced seven movies adapted from his books. Among them he directed two movies: Stand by Me and Misery.  Identify the Author and Production company.

Stephen King & Castle Rock Entertainment

3) Identify X and Y  The title of the movie X was originally a subtitle for Die Hard 4 project.  Bruce Willis traded the name for one his movies for acting in Die Hard 4. So they changed the subtitle to Y.  Identify the original subtitle X which was made into another movie and actual subtitle Y. 52

X – Tears of the Sun Y – Live Free or Die Hard

4) Identify the movie and the instrument  Video

The Third Man & Zither

5)  Mise en abyme (French for “placed into abyss”) refers to a concept in which an element repeats itself several times. A prime example of Mise en abyme in movie and literature is the concept of “story within a story” or “an entity within another identical entity”.  A famous contemporary director has used this concept of Mise en abyme several times in his movies. Notable among them are: a) His first experimental short film explored this concept and contained a scene in which the bug the protagonist tries to catch is actually another version of himself. b) In his seventh feature film, the story goes through a Mise en abyme structure during the characters‟ self induced sleep. Identify both the movies. (No points for the director)

Stills from his first short film(a)

Doodlebug & Inception

6) This movie is roughly based on ?  The movie Legend of Bagger Vance is based on the 1995 book of the same title by Steven Pressfield, which in turn is roughly based on X.  The characters „R. Junuh‟ played by Matt Damon and „Bagger Vance‟ played by Will Smith were also named after the characters/role in X.  Plot of the movie is a down-and-out golfer attempts to recover his game and his life with help from a mystical caddy. 59

Bhagavad Gita  R. Junuh – Arjuna  Bagger Vance – Bhagavan (Krishna) 60

7) Identify the Director X The Five Ways To Know You‟re Watching a X Movie: 1) 2) 3) 4) Daddy issues Streams of light Awestruck faces (AKA ‘The X Face’) This shot A character sees something through a window, windshield or other piece of glass. The camera sits on the opposite side so that we see what they are seeing as well as the expression on their face as they see it, without a need for a cutaway shot. 5) * The music of Y 61

X – Spielberg Y – John Williams  John Williams has worked with Spielberg on every one of his films except „The Color Purple’, which was scored by Quincy Jones  Time magazine put together a great video presentation featuring the top five ways that you know you're watching this director‟s movie. 62

8) Identify the two editing techniques which are used to create smooth transition from one scene to another in films.  In ancient times, before "timelines" or digital editing even existed, these cuts were known as "video advance" and "audio advance.“ Pics on next slide 63

a) During scene transition the audio changes first and the previous scene video continues for sometime. 64

b) During scene transition the video changes first and the previous scene audio continues for sometime. 65

J - cut & L - cut 66

9) Identify the movie and what's unique about this video  Video 67

First time TED Talk is used for movie promotion 68

10) Why was he banned for 8 years ? • Mahmoud Basiri is a 66 years old well known Iranian actor. • He was banned from acting during the years 2005 – 2013. • In an recent interview with Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) the actor opened up. • He complained that after the ban, even his photos were removed from the clips of his Television shows.

He looks like former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (L) and Mahmoud Basiri (R)

11) Why Wally Pfister is not a part of „Interstellar‟ ?  „Interstellar‟ is directed by Christopher Nolan, co-written by his brother Jonathan Nolan and produced by his wife Emma Thomas expect all the usual signatures. The only regular collaboration missing from the credits is cinematographer Wally Pfister, replaced by Hoyte Van Hoytema.  Wally was the cinematographer for Christopher Nolan from „Memento‟ to „The Dark Knight Rises‟ . 71

He was busy Filming his directorial debut, Transcendence

12) Funda • „Bangerter Homes‟ constructed this house in Herriman, Utah. • It attracted lot of visitors. More than 45,000 people have toured the property. • Why did „Bangerter Homes‟ got permission from Disney before constructing this house ? • Clue on next Slide 73

Clue 74


13) This is a short film by a Mexican film director, Jonás. What was this about ?  VIDEO

Other Side of Sandra Bullock's Distress Call

14) Identify the person (X) and the meme (Y)  In June 2010, X ate a sandwich by himself on a park bench. The paparazzi photo of a seemingly dejected X was hilarious, and the meme “Y" was born. Now, three years later, you can order your own tiny “Y" from 3D-printing website!  In an interview X told about the meme as below.  Why were you there alone and looking anxious on the bench? It was lunch-time, between filming “Henry‟s Crime.” I decided to have something to eat during the break and began thinking about something. You know, sometimes you just start thinking during lunch. And that‟s exactly what I did, but people seem to have decided that I was very sad. It‟s interesting: photos can generate a thousand words, but none of them would be true! [Laughs]

X - Keanu Reeves Y - "Sad Keanu" 79

15) Identify the movie from the Kia‟s Super Bowl Ad 2014  Kia Motors Corporation (Kia) is the second largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea.  They have created a super bowl XLVIII (2014) commercial which features a famous movie character narrating the ad.  Identify the character.  Audio Next Slide [Freeze]

Morpheus - Matrix  VIDEO

16) Connect – Battle Beyond the Stars

Connect – A Bug‟s Life

with this movie (movie name intentionally left out)

Movies inspired by Seven Samurai

17) Identify the famous dialogue and original movie  It‟s a phrase or expression used when you are in strange surrounding or situation. When you're in a place or situation that is outside your comfort zone or scope of understanding.  Its an expression from a famous 1930‟s movie and often used/referenced in many movies like Matrix, Avatar etc.  Clue on next slide


“We are not in Kansas anymore” “Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more” - Wizard of Oz (1939)

18) Who said this and where ?  When I began to consider what I'd say about this year's theme, "Journeys Through The Holocaust," I was confronted with two questions. The first was whether I could speak meaningfully, since I'm not a Holocaust survivor. I'm a Jewish-American man, born a year after the end of World War II. My initial awareness of what had happened to the Jews of Europe under fascism came from my grandparents telling me horrifying accounts of the fates of relatives and friends.  It took me approximately twenty years of directing sharks, aliens and dinosaurs before I believed I might be ready to take a film about the Holocaust. 89

Steven Spielberg United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony, 27 Jan 2014

19) Which villain character is referenced by the two countries ?  A visit by Japan's PM Shinzo Abe to the controversial Yasukuni shrine, which honours the country's war dead (including several former leaders convicted of war crimes), angered the Chinese.  "In the X story, the dark _____Y dies because the seven Z, which contain parts of his soul, have been destroyed. If militarism is like the haunting Y of Japan, the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo is a kind of Z, representing the darkest parts of that nation’s soul" - Liu Xiaoming (Chinese ambassador to Britain)  "East Asia is now at a crossroads. There are two paths open to China. One is to seek dialogue, and abide by the rule of law. The other is to play the role of Y in the region by letting loose the evil of an arms race and escalation of tensions, although Japan will not escalate the situation from its side“ - Keiichi Hayashi (Tokyo‟s ambassador to London)

Voldemort  “In the Harry Potter story, the dark wizard Voldemort dies hard because the seven horcruxes, which contain parts of his soul, have been destroyed. If militarism is like the haunting Voldemort of Japan, the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo is a kind of horcrux, representing the darkest parts of that nation’s soul.” – Liu Xiaoming, China  "East Asia is now at a crossroads. There are two paths open to China. One is to seek dialogue, and abide by the rule of law. The other is to play the role of Voldemort in the region by letting loose the evil of an arms race and escalation of tensions, although Japan will not escalate the situation from its side“ - Keiichi Hayashi, Japan China's Liu (L) and Japan's Hayashi (R).

20) Identify X & Y  X is a Pulitzer Prize winner who died last year (2013).  Following an emotional screening of the documentary "Life Itself" which is about X, his wife revealed that her husband had always thought Y would play him in a movie.  X always said, 'If you ever do a movie where you need someone to play me, I want Y to play me.'  According to X, Y is one of the best, most versatile actors ever. However his wish cannot be fulfilled.  Identify both X and Y who's tributes are going to be presented in the upcoming Academy Awards Ceremony.

X – Roger Ebert Y – Philip Seymour Hoffman

Working Title 10 Questions represented in the actual movie font style.


1  This Roland Emmerich disaster was first known as Farewell Atlantis, the title of a book supposedly written by John Cusack's character Jackson Curtis.




3  To disguise the Chamber shoot, the film was known by the title of a 1973 Bruce Springsteen song, Incident on 57th Street















100 Years of Paramount Pictures 4 Questions

Rules  Each slide will have 6 movie represented graphically.  Identifying each movie will fetch you 2 points.  You have to identify minimum 3 movies correctly in order to be eligible for points. (i.e) if you get 1 or 2 correct in a slide, then no points.  If you get  3 correct – 6 points  4 correct – 8 points  5 correct – 10 points  6 correct – 12 points (+2 bonus points)


11es 1. Top Gun 4. There Will Be Blood 2. Psycho 5. Titanic 3. The Addams Family 6. Transformers 3 correct – 6 points 4 correct – 8 points 5 correct – 10 points 6 correct – 12 points (+2 bonus points)


12es 1. Scrooged 4. Forrest Gump 2. Mission: Impossible 5. Cloverfield 3. Breakfast at Tiffany's 6. South Park (Bigger, Longer & Uncut) 3 correct – 6 points 4 correct – 8 points 5 correct – 10 points 6 correct – 12 points (+2 bonus points)


13es 1. Rear Window 4. An Inconvenient Truth 2. The Italian Job 5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 3. Vertigo 6. The Fighter 3 correct – 6 points 4 correct – 8 points 5 correct – 10 points 6 correct – 12 points (+2 bonus points)


14s 1. The Godfather, Part II 4. Escape From Alcatraz 2. The Ten Commandments 5. No Country for Old Men 3. True Grit 6. The Godfather 3 correct – 6 points 4 correct – 8 points 5 correct – 10 points 6 correct – 12 points (+2 bonus points)

Anti-Clockwise Round

21)  Russian Ark, a russian arthouse feature released in 2002 is a story comprising of three centuries of Russian history. Apart from a classy screenplay this movie boasted of a technical achievement in the field of cinematography. It even held a Guiness World Record for that achievement which was recently broken by a tamil film, Agadam.  Which technical achievement are we talking about?

Movie shot in a single take  90 minute movie, in one single continuous(unbroken) shot by using Steadicam

22)  Which 1945 Roberto Rossellini movie shares its name with a two word term meaning a city that is not occupied or defended by any military forces and by international law should be spared by enemy attack during the state of war.  This movie is a part of his famous war trilogy

Rome: Open City

23)  In 1970, two movies were made taking advantage of the anti-war sentiment prevalent at that time in America.  One directed by Mike Nichols with a stellar cast was adapted from a critically acclaimed novel, the story set in World War II Italy.  Other directed by Robert Altman became a smash hit in America which in turn paved the way for a TV series with the same name.  Identify both movies.

Catch – 22 & M*A*S*H

24) Identify X, Y, Z  X is famous for his Horror movies.  Featuring ventriloquist's dummy in his movies is considered as his trademark.  He created Y, a puppet for his Z franchise which become a type of mascot for the series and appeared on his several other movies.  Even though one of his recent movie never featured Y, it had a similar ventriloquists dummy. 133

X – James Wan Y – Billy the puppet Z – Saw Series Featured in,  Saw I - VI & 3D  Dead Silence  Death Sentence  Insidious 134

25) Whose bio?

Roderick Jaynes  Pseudonym used by Coen Brothers for their editing effort.

26) Who is introducing Leo Di Caprio in this scene?  Video

Jordan Belfort himself

27)  This 1962 sci-fi short movie directed by Chris Marker is composed of static photography shots with a voice over narration. It tells a story of a man sent back(past) and forth(future) in time to bring food supplies and save the fate of the mankind(present).  This movie in turn inspired another sci fi film starring Bruce Willis.  Identify both the movies.

La Jetee & Twelve Monkeys

28) Identify the movie • Zack Hemsey is an American recording artist and composer, whose work has been largely popularized through its use in film trailers. • Hemsey's music has been used in trailers for 2 Guns, The Town, Game of Thrones- Vengeance and Lincoln. • This one called „Mind Heist‟ is used for a famous movie in last decade. 141

Inception 142

29)  To condemn the censor board MPAA‟s restrictive „R‟ rating on her recently released movie X, this Oscar winning actress(along with Weinstein Co) made a spoof short video in which she resurrected her most famous role(from an iconic movie series). In this video she dispatches an agent to take on the MPAA.  This video had the same name as the movie with „M‟ in the title emphasized.  Identify the actress and the movie.

Judi Dench & Philomena  Video

30) Clip from “Empire” a) Identify the director of this movie. b) Recently marking his 85th birthday he was paid tribute in a similar fashion evoking his filmmaking style. What was the tribute?

Similar movies include – “Sleep”, “Eat”  Video

Andy Warhol & Live feed from his grave

31)  Zhangjiajie mountains in China served as the inspiration for a fictional mountain range in a blockbuster movie. To amplify this fact and to revive the tourism, China renamed it after the name of the mountains in the movie.  What was Zhangjiajie renamed to?

Hallelujah Mountains(Avatar)

32)  Geoff Dyer‟s Zona(The Zone), is a book which accounts every detail of a 1979 Russian movie. The title refers to the element in the movie, a territory named “the Zone” in the midst of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  The book talks about every single frame of the movie and also its troubled production history.  The book also mentions how the movie‟s real location, a chemically polluted area in Estonia was responsible for the premature deaths of most of the crew including the actor and the great Russian director.  Identify the movie.

Tarkovsky‟s Stalker

33)  If “Spaghetti” is for Italy, “Ramen” is for Japan, then what is for India?

Curry Western

34)  This year Danish Film Critics to promote Bodil Awards 2014(Danish Film Awards) unveiled a poster featuring themselves which is actually a parody of a actual promotional poster of a controversial movie released this year.  The poster read: “This is what Danish film critics look like when they enjoy great movies.” “They are coming to the Bodil Award Show… Are you?”  Which movie are we talking about?


35) What is this trilogy called?  Directed by Baz Luhrmann, this trilogy is called by a two word term referring to its theatrical nature.

The Red Curtain Trilogy

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