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Published on March 8, 2008

Author: Michelino


Sacred Mountains:  Sacred Mountains Between heaven and earth… ‘Sacred’:  ‘Sacred’ What do we mean when we call a place ‘sacred’? Write a paragraph about a place that is sacred to you. What are the physical features of that place? What are the cultural features of that place? Sacred Mountains around the Globe:  Sacred Mountains around the Globe Mt Fuji – Japan Mt Kenya – Africa Mt Olympus – Greece Mt Sinai – Egypt Mt Shasta – USA Mt Agung – Indonesia Mt Croagh Patrick – Ireland Shri Pada / Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka List these mountains in your workbook. Leave a couple of lines between each. Mt Fuji – Japan Religion = Shinto:  Mt Fuji – Japan Religion = Shinto According to legend, Fuji arose from the plain during a single night in 286BC. Fuji is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from Japan. The climb is thought to bring good luck. Mt Kenya – Africa Religion = Kikuyu:  Mt Kenya – Africa Religion = Kikuyu The Kikuyu people of Africa revere Mt. Kenya as the earthly home of Ngai (God). In their prayers they turn towards Mt. Kenya, and they build their houses with the door facing towards the peak. Mt Olympus – Greece Religion = Greek mythology (the origin of Christianity):  Mt Olympus – Greece Religion = Greek mythology (the origin of Christianity) The ancient Greeks believed that Mt. Olympus (the highest mountain in Greece) was the home of the twelve principle Gods, including Zeus, the king of the ancient Greek gods. Mt Sinai – Egypt Religion = Jewish and Christian:  Mt Sinai – Egypt Religion = Jewish and Christian In Jewish and Christian teachings, Mt. Sinai is a special place where God appeared in the midst of cloud and thunder and gave Moses the ten commandments. Mt Shasta – California Religion = Various Native American Mythologies:  Mt Shasta – California Religion = Various Native American Mythologies For some native Americans, Mt. Shasta was the center of creation. Mt Agung, Bali Religion = Hindu:  Mt Agung, Bali Religion = Hindu Mount Agung, an active volcano, last erupted in March 1963. The lava flow missed, sometimes by mere yards, the Mother Temple of Besakih, which is located on its slopes. Mt Croagh Patrick – Ireland Religion = Christianity:  Mt Croagh Patrick – Ireland Religion = Christianity According to Christian tradition, St. Patrick went up the sacred mountain at festival time in 441 CE. After fasting at the summit for 40 days, he banished all the snakes and demons from Ireland. Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka Religion = Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity:  Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka Religion = Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity Shri Pada: The mountain of the ‘holy footprint’:  Shri Pada: The mountain of the ‘holy footprint’ This mountain, which is regarded as a symbol of religious harmony, is revered by Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus alike. Protecting ‘sacred’ places:  Protecting ‘sacred’ places Adam’s Peak is being polluted, and there is deforestation occuring. The Buddhist monks who live there are trying to protect the mountain, but the pilgrims want to come. Cultures believe these mountains are sacred, but our physical presence can spoil them. Finding a balance…:  Finding a balance… Write another paragraph about how you would feel if your sacred place became a tourist destination? List some rules for visitors: What would be ‘okay’ behaviour? What would not be okay? Ayers Rock / Uluru Religion = Dreamtime:  Ayers Rock / Uluru Religion = Dreamtime A sacred mountain. The local Anangu tribe, have many spiritual links with Uluru, and it is a part of their ‘dreamtime’ stories. They believe that it is hollow below ground, and within it is an energy source that they call 'Tjukurpa’. Climbing Uluru:  Climbing Uluru The Anangu people ask tourists not to climb because of Uluru’s great spiritual significance in their dreamtime traditions. It is dangerous and they believe injuries or deaths on the rock could displease their ancestors. Would you climb?

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