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Published on March 14, 2009

Author: brandoNRG

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Before we were WELD, we were IQ Media. The company conceived of and assembled this treatment. The document was submitted to various partners, but our energy shifted to other projects. Now, we would like to make the Mountain Trek WV Travel Show happen.

Enjoy the treatment. - brando

P repared For : Larry LaCourt Ra inmaker M e d ia Gro u p “Mountain Trek” Synopsis & Treatment WGA Re g istratio n N um ber : 1 2 2 2 7 1 7 IQ M e dia, LLC 219 N Court St Fayetteville, WV 25840 304.574.4020 info@iqmedia.tv w w w. i q m e d i a .t v

2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Mountain Trek: A Unique Opportunity to “Energize” the Mountain State “Mountain Trek”: Reinventing the world’s perception of West Virginia. Set against a stunning Appalachian landscape, each episode will highlight the diverse, magnificent, and universally appealing attractions of West Virginia, while countering current stereotypes and assumptions about the Mountain State. “Mountain Trek”: Living up to “Wild and Wonderful” “Mountain Trek” lets the TV tourist discover and explore the amazingly diverse panorama of people, places and adventure that is West Virginia. Equally about the journey and the destination, each tour leads viewers on a road trip infused with a balanced mix of action and adventure, culture and ecology, history and humor, illustrating an accessible and navigable modern day West Virginia. “Mountain Trek”: Limitless Options Mile per mile, there is more to see and do in WV than any other state in the country, and “Mountain Trek’s” mission is to prove it. “Mountain Trek” will help in-state residents appreciate the wonder right outside their doors, while prompting out-of-state residents to ask, “Why haven’t I gone to West Virginia?” “Mountain Trek”: Reaching a Diverse Audience There’s something for everyone. “Mountain Trek” Hosts’ fun, outgoing personalities, coupled with the participatory structure of their activities will appeal to all demographic and geographic audiences including: • Young, single, adventurous professionals with expendable income • Budget travelers interested in a variety of activity options • Family groups bringing a variety of age groups, interests, and needs • Leisure and Retiree travelers who are accustomed to and appreciative of the finer things in life, and seeking compatible attractions and accommodations • Those already living within the state • Those living within close proximity to the state, including large population centers • Those near and far who have never considered West Virginia as an adventure, leisure, or business des na on iqmedia.tv

3 A D V E R T I S I N G W I T H M O U N TA I N T R E K A S I M P L I F I E D F L AT F E E A P P R O A C H For an all inclusive, flat fee of $120,000, our Title Sponsor will receive the following diversified advertising: TELEVISION: Strategy - Television airing of “Mountain Trek” will drive instate awareness and advocacy of the brand and online presence. • West Virginia Media Group will air twelve (12) “Mountain Trek” episodes on four (4) stations beginning in September 2008. • “Mountain Trek” will occupy a 30-minute timeslot on one Sunday per month at 11:30am • Beginning Wednesday of the week in which the episode will air, West Virginia Media Group’s 6pm & 11pm news anchors will inform viewers of the upcoming episode’s airing time. • Each episode will “be presented by” the Title Sponsor complete with Title Sponsor “Billboard” pre and post-episode • Each episode will air a 30-second mid-point commercial promoting the Title Sponsor • All Graphic Composites will present the Title Sponsor’s Logo. • Each episode will refer viewers to the “Mountain Trek” Website where they can experience more episodes and additional content. WEB: Strategy - “Mounting Trek’s” Leading Edge Web Publishing will engage and build a broad and sustainable audience via the Mountain Trek website and multiple online distribution channels. The “Mountain Trek” website will feature: • All Mountain Trek Website content will be continuously and consistently search optimized. • Extended content from the 12 televised episodes and an additional four • Four Full-length episodes that present seasonal overview for travelers in the state. • Ten direct to web episodes. • Content that allows viewers to follow the travels of the mountain trek team. • Maps and other logistical information about the areas that are featured in the episodes. • General travel information for West Virginia. • Various promotions including search for future season host contest. iqmedia.tv

4 Title Sponsor will receive prime placement inside video and throughout the Website including: • Banners and Button Ads • Rectangles • Skyscrapers • Video Overlays “Mountain Trek” online video distribution strategy: • All video content to will be fully search engine optimized so it can be indexed by mainstream search such as Google. • Fully optimized branded video content will be actively deployed and distributed across all major online video directories and search channels including youtube.com, video.google.com, video.yahoo.com and video.aol. com. • “Mountain Trek” will feature the Title Sponsor on 10 Branded Broadband TV Channels including Blip.tv, Brightcove.com, MoveNetworks.com, Revver. com, OnNetworks.com, and MetaCafe.com. • Each of these channels and indexes support social networking functionality including video sharing, commenting and rating. • Robust metrics will track the viewership across all online platforms. R E L E VA N T S TAT I S T I C S A B O U T O N L I N E V I D E O • More than 134 Million U.S. Internet Users Watched Online Video in July of 2007 • Approximately 50 million U.S. households now connect to the Internet via high-speed broadband connectivity. - comScore • More than 134 million U.S. online users stream video content on a monthly basis. – comScore • Major TV/cable networks have launched prime-time, sports, news and custom programming extensions online for direct consumer viewing (both ad-supported and pay media based). • A study issued November 11, 2007 by the Cable television Advertising Bureau reported that 70 percent of men 18-24 watched Web video in the prior week, and 37 percent of all respondents reported watching a TV program on the Web in the last month. iqmedia.tv

1 M O U N TA I N T R E K S Y N O P S I S : A state as Wild and Wonderful as West Virginia deserves a travel show of the same spirit. Set against a stunning Appalachian landscape, “Mountain Trek” lets the TV tourist discover and explore the amazingly diverse panorama of people, places and adventure that is West Virginia. Equally about the journey and the destination, these tours lead viewers on road trips infused with a balanced mix of action and adventure, culture and ecology, history and humor. “Mountain Trek” is the ever-changing, hi-definition postcard that will showcase West Virginia to the world. Mile per mile there is more to see and do in WV than any other state in the country and “Mountain Trek’s” mission is to prove it. Each episode viewers take the ultimate road trip with West Virginia’s ultimate tourists, the hosts, trying out and packing in everything the state has to offer. From cooking lessons at the Greenbrier to kayaking on the Gauley, from riding the trails at Hatfield and McCoy to riding the rails at Cass, this show is all about doing. “Mountain Trek” will richly illustrate the thrill of travel while focusing the leisure traveler’s attention squarely on West Virginia for their next vacation. “Mountain Trek” will epitomize the spirit of participatory tourism; instead of showing mountain bikers, we go mountain biking; instead of filming a heritage festival, we learn to contra dance. Moreover, a lot of the show’s drive, humor, and entertainment value will come from authentic interaction with guides, instructors, artisans, historians and other characters. This convention of people, place, and participation is central to creating the show’s unique signature and scope. Through honest, fun storytelling and a sense of adventure, “Mountain Trek” showcases West Virginia in a way that’s essential and new. iqmedia.tv

2 EPISODES EXAMPLES “Whitewater Surf Meets Fairway Turf” At Glade Spring Resort in Beaver, our host introduces a world class golfing and rafting itinerary. Outside of Glade’s Club House we meet a somewhat unlikely foursome comprised of our host, Glade’s resident golf pro, and two veteran Gauley River raft guides. As the group makes its way around the links (with varying degrees of success), the pro makes jokes about poor shots, but also talks about the great golf found in this area of West Virginia. The Segment closes with enthusiastic discussion of the impending Gauley river trip as our team sits down to dinner in Bunker’s, Glade’s signature clubhouse bar and grill. Tomorrow the Gauley awaits. Our group meets at Class VI River Runners the next morning to prepare for the raft trip. We go through the process of gearing up and heading to the river and definitely get some face time with the bus driver while our host gives us a rundown on rafting on the Gauley. Out on the water, we highlight the excitement and thrills of a rafting trip on the Gauley from all angles. As the tables get turned on our golf pro, we’ll get insider info from our guides about how to make a West Virginia whitewater trip memorable. We finish the sequence with dinner and a sunset at Smokey’s on the Gorge, Class VI’s picturesque, open-air restaurant on the rim of the New River. iqmedia.tv

3 “Pheasant Tails, Rails & Trails” On top of the Highland Scenic Highway in Monongahela National Forest, our Mountain Trek host opens the show with an invitation to take a road trip through the eastern mountains. Included on the tour is fly fishing on the Elk and downhill mountain biking at Snowshoe Resort. This trip will finish up with a ride on the historic Cass Scenic Railroad. Driving first to Elk Springs Resort in Monterville, our host is blown away by the scenery along the route that follows each bend of the river. Upon arrival at this newly renovated trout heaven, we meet with Lisa and Darren Dean, the owners, and soon get outfitted for our first cast. The first cast turns out to be fly-fishing lessons with trout whisperer Dave Brittonmeyer, a published fly-fishing guru who’s widely acknowledged as one of the best in the business. After a full day on the river and a hearty dinner, our host pulls out the map to prepare for what awaits at Snowshoe. Coming into Snowshoe Resort, we head directly for the Mountain Adventure Center to gear up for exploring the downhill mountain biking scene. The guys at the MAC are more than willing to help (along with some good-natured teasing), and we’re quickly on our way. The free-ride lessons on the rugged downhill trails are a stark contrast from the leisurely day spent fishing on the Elk. This combination proves to be a satisfying one-two punch for an incredible alpine weekend. We wrap things up for the day by inviting our guides to join is on top of the mountain for sushi at Snowshoe’s newest restaurant, The Ember. The next morning our host trades trails for rails at the Cass Scenic Railroad. We get a short history lesson and a good look around before chugging up to the high country. The episode ends high on the mountain top with a recap of the adventures and people that made a good road trip great. iqmedia.tv

4 “A Throttle Twis ng Cliff Hanger” With hundreds of miles of twisty blacktop connecting expansive forests to cool small towns it’s easy to see why West Virginia is rapidly becoming a premier destination for throttle twisters. This week the Mountain team Trek heads to the high Alleghenies to ride some of the best mountain roads in the state. Cruising route 55 we are quickly transported back to a landscape reminiscent of highway travel from the 50’s and 60’s. The route is punctuated by eccentric tourist stops such Smoke Hole Caverns, featuring “West Virginia’s Largest Souvenir and Gift Shop”. After a quick look around the rubber tomahawk warehouse we begin our tour of the world famous cavern which offers an insider’s view of moonshine stills that enterprising bootleggers hid in the cavern. Other highlights of the tour include the world’s longest ribbon stalactite and an artesian well. After a night’s rest at North Fork Mountain Inn we are back on the bikes for a short ride to one of the West Virginia’s best known landmarks, Seneca Rocks. At the Gendarme Climbing Shop we hook up with 2 lead guides for a day of instruction on this renowned multi pitch crag. The adept Mountain Trek production crew gives our viewers a high definition bird’s eye view of our group’s ascent. The episode concludes with high fives and an astounding view of the Seneca Valley hundreds of feet below. iqmedia.tv

5 “Captain Thurmonds Challenge: Triathalon WV Style” We meet our host in downtown Fayetteville as she prepares for the Captain Thurmond’s Challenge adventure race. The Challenge is a triathlon in true West Virginia style, and the mountains play a huge role. Mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, and trail running on a course entirely within the New River Gorge make for one of the coolest races anywhere. The host explains the nature of the race and meets Donnie Hudspeth, the race organizer, to get to know and understand the man behind the pain. A day before the race, our team visits some area attractions around the gorge itself. At the Canyon Rim Visitors Center, the many overlooks provide a great view of the rugged course, including glimpses of the thundering rapids that churn far below. We also pick up some history about the area by talking with some rangers on hand and exploring the visitor center museum. From there, we follow the team as they cycle down the historic Midland Trail. Arriving in Ansted, the Mill Creek trail leads our group to the jet boat tour at Hawk’s Nest State Park. Our time buzzing around Hawk’s Nest Reservoir is well spent, calming pre-race jitters and affording us a river level view of the New River Gorge Bridge. On race day, we cover all the angles in all three disciplines. The IQ Team’s experience and know-how allow them to adeptly capture the challenge and intensity facing our host with a uniquely intimate perspective. After our host (hopefully) crosses the finish line, the show wraps up at the Captain Thurmond’s Challenge victory party. iqmedia.tv

6 ABOUT IQ MEDIA The entire IQ Media staff is made up of outdoor enthusiasts with previous lives in tourism. With a calling to live, work, and play in West Virginia, we understand and create with a mind and an eye toward attracting visitors to our state. Climbers and mountain bikers are behind every camera, kayakers and ski patrollers in front of every editing bay. Light, fast, and strong, the IQ Media team is built for long, demanding days of production. From script and storyboard to editing and sound, IQ Media creates a clear, unified look and feel in everything we produce. Drawing from a heritage of adventure and exploration, an atmosphere of casual competence, and a wellspring of drive and desire, IQ Media is an insatiable, intelligent collective of West Virginians who engage clients nationwide. RECENT PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS • 2 Grand Canyon concessionaires (Diamond River Adventures, 2004; Grand Canyon Expeditions, 2006): 56 days of self supported field production, 640 miles, 70 side hikes, only 1 broken UV filter. • Pikes Peak Country Attractions Association: Produced distinct video content for 13 different premier Colorado tourism entities, 40 days of self supported field production, 28 sunrises, 5 big mountains, 1 continental divide. • Echo Canyon Outfitters: Produced premier video content for Colorado’s largest outfitter, 26 days of self supported field production, 500 rapids, 300 river miles, 1200 road miles on US 50, 34 metric tons of on-river bar-b-que. Absolutely premium and professional in scope and service, IQ Media is a company short on years but long on intellect and enthusiasm. We’re passionate about our work and committed to our clients. If Mountain Trek is a show about discovering West Virginia, IQ Media is the compass. iqmedia.tv

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