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Published on February 11, 2008

Author: Valeria


Mountain Lion:  Mountain Lion By:Adivije What does my animal look like?:  What does my animal look like? The Mountain Lion is 3-4 feet long . He is 25-3ft. Tall and it weight is color is light,tawny brown which can appear gray or almost black depending on light condition Habitat:  Habitat The Mountain Loin has the widest distribution throughout North America, the mountain loin is now found mostly in the remote areas of the western U.S as well as western Canada and much of Mexico . A small populations still exists in southern Florida where the species is considered endangered. What does it eat?:  What does it eat? A carnivore that preys on a variety of animals; favorites include deer and wild pigs. Also it preys on rabbits, and rodents . Some lions occasionally kill livestock or dogs. What is its everyday life like?:  What is its everyday life like? It spends sometimes sleeping and hunting for What adaptations has it had to make?:  What adaptations has it had to make? The cougar or mountain lion is really good at jumping. They have large paws for jumping great heights. They have really long tails to balance themselves in their jumps and along steep edges. Enemies of the mountain lion.:  Enemies of the mountain lion. Their enemies that they have are man and other mountain lions. More mountain lions are killed by each other than by other animals.

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