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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: MogiMarketing



Mogi marketing are specialist in helping brands in the outdoors, tourism and adventure sector to improve their digital and social marketing.

This report shows how we've worked with one of our clients to more than double their twitter followers, and almost treble their Facebook Fans. More than that we've increased engagement in their brand so that everyone in the target audience around the UK knows who and what they do.

You can read more here:

Document: Progress Report December 2013 Project: Cognation 07 January 2014 Prepared by Mogi Marketing Ltd © Mogi Marketing 2014

Cognation Digital and Social Media Marketing Report – December 2013 Introduction and overview: Cognation has continued to increase its reach, brand awareness and the ‘virality’ of its content on social media and the web in general. The website gets a steady amount of visitors but has had some fantastic ‘spikes’ in visitors too. Data is for April 15th 2013 to 31st December 2013 (April was the date of the last report). In that period the significant data was:     Website visitors : 48,056 (up to 18th Dec 2013 as no data after that point) Facebook fans up from: 2900 to 8,500 Twitter followers up from: 668 to 1407 YouTube Views: 229,173 views and 1547 subscribers (up from 74152 views and 238 subscribers) Google analytics: Highlights include 1512 visitors on one day coinciding with the following blog post about Bike Park Wales: The other regular peaks in traffic are for other blog posts and the site is seeing a consistent increase in visitors.

Sources of Visitors: The largest single source of visitors (38.49%) is now coming from organic search results which reflects the improvement in our SEO The referral sites have also improved thanks in part to Bikepark Wales. Mobile visitors too are up a lot from Facebook and having a mobile friendly version of the site now will hopefully help reduce bounce rate. The screenshot below shows the top sources of visitors: Keywords – Bikepark Wales and Bike Park Wales and words relating to Gethin Woods are some of the most important keywords. It is recommended that to strengthen and maintain this position you add more content relating to these over time:

Video: Video content (mostly via YouTube) continues to be some of the best content for interaction on the website and also social media and it is a good referral site too. It has also been instrumental in increasing advert interaction. Notable key content viewed in the period all relate to Bikepark Wales: Also significant is the way people discovered the videos which was mostly via embeds in other websites (such as the blogs for Cognation): Facebook In the previous reports we were only able to see data from the last 3 months but Facebook now provides complete data for the period discussed. However, the change in how Facebook Insights now works some data is not available such as the Likes.

Likes - The most significant spikes in the number of likes have come from advertising. Visitors from Facebook Apps continue to be a big source of visitors to the page:

In terms of reach and virality the ‘History of Mountain Biking’ post was the most popular: Twitter: Twitter continues to be a reliable source of traffic with lots of retweets and ‘favouriting’ of Tweets. There are also many mentions showing that #Cognation is recognised brand amongst Mountain Bikers on Twitter.

Facebook Adverts: As a general overview the adverts seem to have performed really well in 2013 in driving likes and other interaction for a reasonable cost. Highlights are 1299 likes coming from one advert alone at a cost of £0.03 per engagement. Promoted posts have also provided excellent returns on investment to ensure the maximum number of people see the best content.

Google Plus Google plus continues to grow as an alternative Social Media site to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc. Currently there are 115 people or other brands that have added Cognation on Google Plus. Although this number is relatively small it is widely acknowledged that having a Google Plus account helps Search Engine Optimisation.

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