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Published on October 14, 2014

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1. Motor Vehicle Emission Checker An Embedded & Web Solution to Help Improve Motor Vehicle Emission Quality. Dhanushka Jayaweera

2. Outline Introduction Testing Implementation Risk Management Requirements Analysis Literature Review Design Evaluation Conclusion

3. Project Background & Problem Domain • Motor vehicle emission is a significant source of air pollution affecting both animals and the environment. • There is no system is the world today that can automatically monitor, record, query and analyze real time emission data from multiple vehicles. • The system developed can perform all such tasks and help reduce environmental pollution to a greater extent. A Frequent, Accurate, Detailed & User Friendly Emission Testing Mechanism Is Therefore Needed.

4. Objectives of the Project Literature Review Design Requirements Analysis Implement Test Evaluate

5. Proposed Solution “To design and develop an application which can gather emission statistics from motor vehicles and produce a solution to reduce air pollution caused by motor vehicles.”

6. Proposed Solution – High Level View Server Emission and Location Data General User Vehicle Manufacturer/ Critique Government Agent

7. Literature Review • Air Pollution • What is air pollution? • Air pollution caused by vehicles • How does it affect? • Data Mining • Right approach for this project • Rule based – “Ripper” data mining

8. Literature Review – Cont. • Hardware – Embedded • Real time embedded systems • BeagleBone Black VS alternatives • Data Transmission • Using WiFi in vehicles • Using 3G / 4G in vehicles • Power Supply • Linear VS Switch Mode power regulators • Power handling – Overall

9. Requirements Analysis Why Spiral Methodology?? Functional / Non Functional Requirements LKR. 22,000 + Display

10. Risk Management Several risks were involved with this project! • Time Constraints • Software Risks • Hardware Risks • Unexpected Cases Spiral methodology has built in support for early risk assessment.

11. System Design • Web Architecture • Data layer • Application layer • Presentation layer: • Client

12. System Design – Cont. • Embedded Architecture • Application layer • Middleware • OS • Device drivers • Hardware • BeagleBone Black • MQ Gas sensors • Fastrax GPS • LM2596 and MP2307 ICs • Voltage Divider

13. Implementation • Data Mining - Ripper • Web Implementation

14. Implementation – Cont. • Embedded & Hardware Implementation

15. Implementation – Cont. • Final Implementation – Hardware

16. Testing • Black / white box / Accuracy Testing • Functional Testing • Hardware Testing

17. Evaluation • Data Evaluation - Data Accuracy Gas 01 – H2 Gas 02 – CO Gas 03 – NH3, Benzene, S Gas 04 – CH4

18. Evaluation – Cont. Deliverables Functionalities Questionnaire Adoptability Practicality Cost Factor Effectiveness

19. Conclusion • Difficulties

20. Conclusion – Cont. • Future Enhancements • Read vehicle’s speed along with the gas ppm. • Display real time emission performance graphically. • Automatically suggest repairs, send warnings. • This system can be used as an all-in-one replacement for • Car video/sound system • GPS navigation • Internet access • Security System Therefore, cost of this system can be easily covered.

21. Questions?

22. Thank You!

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