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Published on February 9, 2010

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Motivational Theories & Leadership Styles : Motivational Theories & Leadership Styles Haitham Musilhy GSK Agenda : Agenda What is motivation? How can you motivate others? Lead rightly to the motivation. What is Motivation? : What is Motivation? Motivation Need Goal What is Motivation? : What is Motivation? When we face a deprivation state (Need) this set the drive (Motivation) in motion to accomplish our (Goals). Need of lack of friends drive for affiliation that will achieve having friends. Sales managers have to know each team member and his need to motivate him correctly Sales manager not motivate but they provide the circumstances of motivation. Motivational Theories : Motivational Theories Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Herzberg Dual Factor. Vroom's Expectancy Theory. Adams Inequity Theory. Liker's Sales Management. Churchill Ford and Walker Model. Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. : Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. Five fundamental needs in one hierarchy. When person has no need fulfilled he seeks to satisfy lower physiological needs then search for safety and so on. It is criticized as set of needs become important only after the lower one has been satisfied. Applicable on sales people as if a need is satisfied it can not be motivator ex: Sales people who paid well can not be motivated by money. Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. : Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. : Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs. Safety : Regarding the unpredictable actions that may happen and affect our life. Belongingness: Regarding to be accepted by those whom are close to you . Self Esteem: Regarding achieving something high standing relative to others, prestige and good reputation. Self Actualization: Regarding achieving what you are capable for your own sake. Case 1 : Case 1 You have a sales man who is concerned by self esteem but low performance due to lack of activity. Best action: To discuss his performance through sales meeting in front of his colleagues. Herzberg (Dual Factor Theory) : Herzberg (Dual Factor Theory) It set a Theoretical Zero line distinguish factors that cause dissatisfaction from that causing motivation. Hygiene factors include : Work environment Salary Personal relations Motivators Include: Factors that related to nature of work itself that lead to great achievements then recognition and so more responsibilities and rewards. Herzberg (Dual Factor Theory) : Herzberg (Dual Factor Theory) Motivators Hygiene Factors Case 2 : Case 2 When you deal with an experienced sales man and need to motivate him for more work activities but he has a concern about tasks distribution between team members, what is the right action to motivate this one? Best Action: To set the platform of working first by conventional manner then deal with him by task to accomplish then increase his responsibilities. Vroom's Expectancy Theory : Vroom's Expectancy Theory It assumes that person motivation to exert effort depends on his level of expectation of success. It depends on 3 concepts Expectancy: reflect the extent of persons believe that extra effort lead to high performance. Instrumentality: reflect the perception of relation between performance and rewarding. Valence: represent the value you put for the reward. Case 3 : Case 3 Sales manager can use training in sales skills as a motivator to specify the criteria of good effort (sales call rate) as a way for good performance (achieve targets) so it leads to be awarded (promoted) and this is valuable award for most of sales people. True or False? Adams Inequity : Adams Inequity Adams Inequity. : Adams Inequity. Eliminating any disincentive of this areas can has a powerful action to enhance motivation. Sales manager can make some sort of informal questioners to uncover any feelings of unfairness and acting to eliminate. Liker's Sales Management : Liker's Sales Management Monopoly Group Liker's Sales Management : Liker's Sales Management Sales managers with high standards and great goals set a highly performing teams. Group method : high loyalty, problem solving via communication and well understanding of each team member. Setting a standard for the team not let them to be self assessed. Ford and Walker model : Ford and Walker model Ford and Walker model : Ford and Walker model Sales managers must enhance satisfaction by putting the rewards in a high valence and uncover needs of each team member. Old sales people seeking for monetary rewards and young ones seeking for recognition. Leadership Styles. : Leadership Styles. Leaders have defined and strong sense of purpose. Leaders love their work. Leaders inspire others. Leaders are self aware. Leaders are persistent. Leaders are good learners. Leaders build relations based on trust as they are strong. Leaders can motivate others. Leadership Styles : Leadership Styles Leadership Styles : Leadership Styles Most Important Case : Most Important Case Can You Motivate Your Self In This Challenging And Tough Life ? If ,, Yes So,, Can You Motivate People Surrounding You ? Thank You….

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