Motivation Ideas for Your Millennial Sales Team

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Information about Motivation Ideas for Your Millennial Sales Team

Published on June 27, 2016

Author: TeamAmbition


1. Motivating Towards the Quarter Close

2. Agenda Top motivators for sales teams Tying it all together Q & A The power of effective motivation Morgan Chaney Head of Marketing Blueboard Jared Houghton Co-founder Ambition 2 1 3 4 #MotivateGrowth Jeremy Boudinet Director of Marketing Ambition

3. Making the most of today’s webinar We encourage you to ask questions via the chat box Participate in polling questions throughout the webinar to help us get to know you better Share out your thoughts and learnings with #MotivateGrowth

4. Why we’re here today What are you hoping to learn today?

5. Source: CSO Insights 2015 Sales Compensation and Performance Management Study 45%

6. Source: Gallup Poll, 2014 ENGAGED UNENGAGED ACTIVELY DISENGAGED20% 51% 29%

7. Dissatisfaction Poor customer service Poor performance $550B Source: Gallup Poll, 2015

8. Let’s build motivation How are you currently motivating your sales reps?

9. Top Motivators for Sales Teams: 1 2 3 Games Meaningful Incentives Development & Purpose

10. Games1 Benefits to your Reps: • Healthy competition • Transparent goal tracking • Increased energy and morale Common examples • Sales contests, fantasy leagues, leaderboards, etc.

11. Ambition Demo

12. Meaningful Incentives2 Benefits to your Reps: • Generate excitement • Assign value to your team’s effort • Show appreciation for incremental performance Common examples • Cash, gift cards, company shares, coveted swag items, travel/President’s Club trips

13. Selecting meaningful incentives2 Incentives that are memorable Incentives that are personal Incentives that are sharable Incentives that reflect my company values

14. Reward with experiences Which Blueboard experience would you love to go on?

15. Michelin Star Dining Intro to Kiteboarding Club Seats to the Game Personal Spa Day

16. Intro to Glassblowing Race an Audi Sportscar Learn to Play an Instrument Be James Bond for the Day

17. Development & Purpose3 Benefits to your Reps: • Increased skills and experience • Affinity for the company • Paths forward, leading to increased opportunity for retention Common examples • Senior leadership shadowing • Mentor/mentee programs • Access to trainings/conferences • Opportunity and support for 20% projects

18. Tying it all together

19. Tying it all together “Our team's really young, but our methods and reward systems were old fashioned. Doing the same old thing wasn't going to make an impact.” +18% YoY Achievement 11-week Fantasy-themed contest powered by Ambition 6 Blueboard rewards to top performers

20. Let’s wrap this up Games takeaway TBD Incentivize reps in ways that are memorable, personal and sharable Seek new opportunities to grow and develop your team Disengaged sales reps can cost more than your quota, as a leader you must motivate 2 1 3 4

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