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Published on August 1, 2008

Author: IkhwanSopa



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Ikhwan Sopa E.D.A.N. Master Trainer

When was the last time you told yourself " I have nothing to lose " for doing something?

Is it when you have " no other choice "?

Is it when you " have to " do something?

Is it when you feel you " can't " do something?

Is it ten years ago?

Is it just this morning?

Or you just can’t remember?

How about this?

You can always say " I have nothing to lose "

For every decision you make

For everything you do

In every time and every minute

For the rest of your life

Here’s how you can do it


Any thought and any action filled with energy

Do you " have to " or do you " want to "?

Pick the last then you’ll have the right energy

If anybody else in the world " can “ do it, that means you " can " too

Do you think you " can't " or do you think you “ can "?

Stand in front of a mirror, see your self

What you see is ONE of God's creature called HUMAN BEINGS

You are ONE of THEM with NO difference

Inside and out

Be prepared

Do just as what other normal HUMAN BEING do in the same situation

Only be it at your best

" Nothing to lose " is the highest achievement in any religion or ideology

One of the powerful elements in your self confidence is " achievement "

And now...

You have the highest "achievement" of all

To do what you " want "

Which is you " can “ do

And happily say " I have nothing to lose "


You have just fulfilled all of the requirements that God's beared onto you as a human being

You're at your best now

And remember, the only person in your life is YOU. Others in your life have theirs.


Aren’t You the best?


Ikhwan Sopa E.D.A.N. Master Trainer

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