Moths and Butterflies

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Information about Moths and Butterflies

Published on June 15, 2007

Author: Freedom


Slide1:  Body Parts of a Butterfly:  Body Parts of a Butterfly Head Proboscis Eyes Antennae Thorax Wings Legs Abdomen Head:  Head The antennae are used to smell food The eyes contain many tiny lenses The proboscis is a long mouth used to drink nectar Thorax:  Thorax Four wings and six legs grow from the thorax Wings are covered with bright powdery scales that fall off with every flight and fade in the sun. Butterflies smell with their feet Abdomen:  Abdomen This area contains little holes called spiracles that allow the butterfly to breathe Life Cycle:  Life Cycle Egg:  Egg Caterpillar:  Caterpillar Pupa or Cocoon:  Pupa or Cocoon Adult:  Adult Butterfly or Moth?:  Butterfly or Moth? Butterflies fly during day, moths at night Butterflies have brighter colors Moths have fuzzier bodies At rest, butterflies fold their wings and moths open them up Butterflies have knobs on their antennas, moths sometimes have feathery ones Slide12:  Slide13:  Monarch Slide14:  Silvery Blue Slide15:  Southwestern Sister Slide16:  Swallowtail Slide17:  Colorado Hairstreak Slide18:  Common Buckeye Slide19:  Summer Azure Alphabet Butterflies:  Alphabet Butterflies

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