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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: chandreshd



Product Category
Market Size
Market Share
Key Players
Company : Godrej
History of Godrej
All Consumer brands of Godrej Consumer
Brand : Good Knight
4 P’s
Competing Brand


INDEX  Product Category  Market Size  Market Share  Key Players  Company : Godrej  History of Godrej  All Consumer brands of Godrej Consumer  Brand : Good Knight  STP  4 P’s  Competing Brand  Recommendations  Conclusions




MARKET SIZE  Flying Insect (Mosquito) Repellent market is placed at over Rs 10,000 Crores.  The market in India for insect repellents is significantly large, due to the all pervading breeding of mosquitoes and the serious diseases that mosquitoes inflict on the people.


MARKET SHARE  At present, Godrej Sara Lee’s Good Knight is the leader in mats, with a 51% market share. Next, Reckitt Benckiser’s Mortein has a market share of 15%, followed by Godrej Sara Lee’s Jet at 14%.  In the segment of coils, Reckitt Benckiser’s Mortein is the leading brand, with 33% market share, followed by Godrej Sara Lee’s Jet and Good Knight at 17% and 12% respectively.  In the vaporiser segment, S C Johnson’s All Out is the leading brand, with around 69% market share, followed by Godrej Sara Lee’s Good Knight at 21% market share.  The urban share of mosquito repellents is 77%, which shows that with increasing affluence among the urban population, more and more people are purchasing mosquito repellents as a precautionary measure against diseases spread by mosquitoes.




KEY PLAYERS  The mosquito repellent market in India is dominated by four major players – Godrej Sara Lee, Reckitt Benckiser, Jyothi Laboratories and S C Johnson.  Other players in the industry include Balsara Hygiene, Bayer, and Tainwala Chemicals.  The top three products in the mosquito repellent market are Mortein, Maxo and Good Knight.


COMPANY : GODREJ GROUP  Established in 1897, the Godrej group has grown in India from the days of the charkha to nights at the call centers.  Ardeshir Godrej, lawyer-turned-locksmith, was a persistent inventor and a strong visionary who could see the spark in the future. His inventions, manufactured by his brother Pirojsha Godrej, were the foundation of today’s Godrej empire.  One of India’s most trusted brand, Godrej enjoys the patronage and trust of around 500 million Indians every single day.  With 7 major companies with interests in Real Estate, FMCG, Industrial Engineering, Appliances, Furniture, Security and Agri Care etc…  With Turnover of 4.1 billion dollars. You think of Godrej as such an integral part of India – like the bhangara or the kurta – that you may be surprised to know that 26% of their business is done overseas.  Their presence in more than 60 countries ensures that their customers are happy at home with Godrej no matter where they go.  With brands you can believe in, service excellence you can count on and the promise of brighter living for every customer, Godrej knows what makes India tick today.


HISTORY : GODREJ CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD  Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL) is a major player in the Indian FMCG market, with leading Household and Personal Care Products.  Their products includes GoodKnight, Cinthol, Godrej No. 1, Expert, Nupur, Aer, Hit, Fairglow, Ezee and Protekt are household names across the country.  One of the largest marketers of toilet soaps in the country and are also leaders in hair colours and household insecticides.  Four of their brands (GoodKnight, Cinthol, Godrej No.1 and Godrej Expert Hair Colour) are ranked among the ‘100 Most Trusted Brands’ in the country by Economic Times - Brand Equity 2012.  They have a strong emerging presence in markets outside India. As part of increasing their global footprint, they recently acquired 60% rights in Cosmetica Nacional, a Chilean hair colour company.  Some major Acquisitions by GCPL in West Africa, the Megasari Group, a leading household care company in Indonesia and Issue Group and Argencos, two leading hair colorant companies in Argentina, Keyline Brands in the United Kingdom, and Godrej Global Mideast FZE, they own international brands and trademarks in Asia (ex. India), Latam, Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada and the Middle East.

HISTORY : GOOD KNIGHT  The Good knight brand was launched by Transelektra Domestic Product Limited(TLDP) in 1984 but after a few years it formed a strategic alliance with Godrej Sara Lee, a fortune of 500 consumer product giant to create a formidable products.  Master Brand Journey of Godrej Consumer Products





BRAND : GOOD KNIGHT  Good Knight Advanced – promises to give technologically advanced solutions overcoming the key format barriers with products like double power “Activ+ System” for Refill, Advanced “Low Smoke” alternative in coils and a “pleasant experience” aerosol.  Good Knight Naturals – Promises to tackle consumer concern of safety. It achieves this through the products which has a blend of active and exotic natural ingredients that lends reassurance of safety.  Good Knight base range – the above two platforms will add to the already existing “care” imagery of the brand.  Good Knight further created stronger consumer connect by humanizing the brand values through carefully chosen brand ambassadors.  Actress Rani Mukherjee and now Vidya Balan were selected on the basis of the researched fact that they epitomised dynamism, warmth and caring – values that the modern Indian housewife empathised with and Good Knight stands for. This greatly helped the brand break through the clutter and give it a larger than life image.





SEGMENTATION , TARGETING, POSITIONING (STP) Segment Mid and mass segment both in rural and urban area Target Group Middle class and upper class households Positioning Protection, non violence, safe gentle effective dependable and un obtrusive protection in complete harmony with the housewife


PRODUCT  There is a stark difference between Good knight and other brands in this category. Every other brand talks of killing mosquitoes; Good knight feels it simply needs to state that it protects against them.  Good knight enjoys enormous equity with consumers. Starting with its ‘Great Nights begin with Good knight' to 'protecting happy moments,' the journey has resonated with a deep understanding of consumer needs.  The Good knight consumer is about…. Joy, Active, Expression, Balance, Relationship, Family

PRODUCT  DEFINING THE CATEGORY : Growth Drivers for household Insecticide (HI) Increase the awareness about Health & related diseases Reducing tolerance towards pest problem Desire for lower involvement with solutions Varying severity forcing use of multiple solution  NURTURING STAGE (1984 - 1995) : Insecticide Option before 1983 Spray base pumps (Brand named Baygon) Mosquito Cream Small Way Coils (Brand Tortoise) Mosquito nets Natural Methods  OVER RIDING CONSUMER NEEDS IS A RELIABLE AND POWERFUL SOLUTION : Can I get rid of smoke & ash? Can I get solution that is affective for a sustained period?  THE RIGHT SOLUTION: GOOD KNIGHT MATS :The product Electricity Powered Machines Replaceable Mats – works for 8 hrs Proposition No ash ; No smoke Pay Off Total protection for good night’s sleep

PRODUCT  GOOD KNIGHT STRENGTH IN CONSUMER’S MINDS : Successfully broad based into key format Coils, LVs, mats Innovations Leadership Mats, jumbo coils, red coils, electric gels, turbo timer LMD GK Advanced Activ+ Double power LV system Low Smoke coils “ no harsh” Aerosols  RE-INVENTION STAGE : Tool used by the company “need scope” to know the standing in the consumers mind Came to know that GoodKnight falls under happiness and well being segment, Mortein was known for reassurance segment, “ Hit” and “All out” in control segment  The new Good knight Identity: Contemporary, yet instantly familiar to millions of Good knight consumers


PRODUCT Good Knight Advanced to Accelerate growth & share gain in below formats Leverage Technology to address key format adoption barriers Active+ System Advance Mosquito Spray Low smoke coils

PRICE Product Combo Advanced Refill Good Knight 72 99 49 AllOut 63 99 49 Mortien 54 - 49

PLACE  There is ample scope for the growth of the mosquito repellent market in India because the distribution network for these products is low.  There are 9 lakh outlets in India that sell mosquito repellents, 54% of the stores display Godrej Sara Lee’s products.  This shows that there is scope for greater distribution by these companies in the country.


COMPETITOR : ALL - OUT  KAPL (Karamchand Appliances Private Ltd.) began developing All - Out in 1987 at Baddi (HP)  All out was launched in April 1990 by a small company KAPL(Karamchand appliances private ltd.)  The company was run by Arya brothers - Naveen, Anil and Bimal.  KAPL was a single product company i.e. niche market.  SCJ (SC Johnshon) acquire All out in early 2000 due to lack of distribution network.  In the vaporiser segment, S C Johnson’s All Out is the leading brand, with around 69% market share


SWOT ANALYSIS : STRENGTH Strength :  Significant presence in all the formats ranging from mats, liquid vaporizers, coils, lotions and aerosols  Innovative product advance active liquid vaporizer : the product even awarded as product of year  Only coil with fragrance, Widest range of refills and machines, Innovative two coil pack  Celebrity brand ambassadors for product promotion  Declared as most trusted Brands after survey conducted in 13 cities across India  Dedicated research and development team which works towards product development

SWOT ANALYSIS : WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITY, THREATS Weakness :  Good Knight doesn’t always work in eliminating mosquitoes  Limited penetration in rural areas, which can be an important market Opportunity :  Community outreach and disease prevention program for tapping Growing market  Tie-ups with hotel chains, resorts Expansion in Indian as well as global markets  Lotion in sachets, Repellent in gel form, Mosquito repellent oil etc Threats :  Rising competition in local markets  Popularity of other brands in the same segment  High customer brand switching for the FMCG brands


A POWERFUL BRAND ARE BUILT AND NOT BORN Like people, brands need…  Nurturing when they are young  A mentor, who is passionate about their brand in the growing up years  Reinvention, so new ides backed by the great competency when they are adults trying to win over the world

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