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Published on February 26, 2008

Author: richzen


More Weight Loss Secrets That Work Dr. Kang-pang CHan

Is Smoking The Best Way To Lose Weight? For More Health Information, please come here: Is smoking good or bad? Almost all people will unanimously agree that smoking is bad, because it is bad indeed! But even certain 'bad' things have their advantages, and smoking is no exception in this regard. I know you will find it hard to believe, but if you are an overweight person then smoking can indeed help you a lot! Smoking will help you lose weight by speeding up your body's metabolism. In this article I will explore the relationship between smoking and weight loss even further. While smoking can indeed help you lose weight, you should never smoke because it will do more harm than good to your body. Cigarettes contain a harmful substance called Nicotine which fills up the lungs with dangerous substances such as poisons and tar. Smoking chokes a person's lungs to such an extent that he finds it difficult to breathe properly. If not discontinued in time, smoking can even cause lung cancer. As you can see, the disadvantages of smoking far outweigh its advantages, and for this reason you should definitely not look forward to smoking as an available weight loss option! Remember that there are better ways to lose weight, such as diet and exercise. Smoking may give you some temporary benefits but the destruction in causes to your body and health in the long run doesn't make it worth the trouble. Some people don't want to quit smoking, not just because they are addicted, but because they fear that if they ever quit smoking, they will gain a lot of weight. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! Very few people ever gain weight after they quit smoking, so you don't need to worry on that front. Besides, you won't gain weight until a few months after you have discontinued smoking and that too, if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle by eating junk and fatty foods and sit on your couch through the day, watching your favorite television program. If you do proper exercises such as aerobics, cardio, weight lifting and resistance training, as well as follow a healthy diet plan consisting of raw vegetables and fruits, you won't have to worry about weight gain even if you quit smoking! If you have been smoking in order to lose weight, I hope this article has succeeded on encouraging you to discontinue the same and focus on healthier weight loss options that won't harm your body in any way. Remember that smoking will not only damage your health beyond repair, but can even prove to be fatal for you! For More Health Information, please come here:

Does Your Favorite Diet Plan Fulfill These 3 Criteria? For More Health Information, please come here: Everyday I see so many people asking questions in forums about the latest fad diets, even though they have already joined a weight loss programs. If you are also one who runs after fad diets, I would like to ask you one simple question to: why is it that you searching for another diet plan? Aren't you satisfied with your current weight loss program, and if not, why not? Why is your existing diet plan not enough for you? In this article I will explore some of the possible reasons why you may not be able to lose weight. 1. Are you unable to avoid eating your favorite foods? You know, I have been there and done that. Once under a diet, I resolved never to touch the so-called 'forbidden foods', but I broke my resolution on more than one occasion. My question is - do you want to find out the best diet plan simply because you are not able to get rid of the forbidden foods and therefore unable to lose the amount of weight you would like to? Do you really think that there is any diet plan on earth that would help you lose weight without restricting your food intake in any way? Before you shake your head, let me tell you that more or less, almost all diet programs come with their own restrictions. The best diet plan is one which places the least amount of restrictions on your food habits. In my opinion, if you ever find such a diet plan, you better stick to it thro9hgout your life because it is worth its weight in gold! Remember that in order to lose weight all you need to do is eat healthy foods. Placing unnecessary food restrictions on yourself will do you no good. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods will force you to start binge eating, and over time, you will gain far more weight than what you started with! 2. Do you hate counting calories all the time, throughout your life? You know, I too hate those diet programs that require me to know the calorie content of every single food item that I eat, as well as count calories of every piece of food that I have for my dinner. It is sickening! If you have ever counted calories, you will agree wt me that it is not only tedious and boring, but also extremely frustrating. Calorie counting at once makes the otherwise simple weight loss plan look a lot more complicated, which in turn discourages you from achieving your weight loss goals. Consider for instance, what will you do before visiting your favorite fast food restaurant? Would you plan your meal months or weeks in advance, or try to figure out whether the foods that you are going to be served with contain more calorie than you are allowed to consume? 3. Does your weight loss plan burn your wallet? The ideal weight loss plan should burn your fat, but there are some others that do something else- they burn your pocket instead! You should never join those expensive weight loss programs that require you to buy special foods from them in order to lose weight. As a matter of fact, you don't need to eat any 'special' food' in order to lose weight. You can get all the healthy foods you need from your local grocery store! Ss you can see, the best weight loss program should be one that would impose little or no food restrictions, wouldn't require you to count calories all through your life, and would be quite affordable at the same time! Have you found such a diet plan yet? For More Health Information, please come here:

3 Weight Loss Myths That Can Put Your Life in Danger For More Health Information, please come here: If you read health magazines regularly, you are sure to come across a lot of tips regarding to weight loss. Some of these tips actually work, and others don't. The ones that generally don't work are those that suggest fad diets, weight loss supplements and pills. The tips that actually work for everybody are always simple: that of diet and exercise. However, the weight loss industry is ridden with myths and misleading information, and people often tend to twist the truths, either because of their own advantage or out of plain ignorance. In this article I will discuss three such weight loss myths. 1. Myth#1: Spot reduction of fat is possible: Not at all true, and I am sure that any weight loss expert will unanimously agree to this. You cannot force your body to spot reduce your fat under any circumstances, no matter what type of workouts you do. If you do only crunches and leg lifts frequently in the hope of reducing belly fat, you will notice that instead of reducing your belly fat, you will reduce the muscle mass that resides beneath the abdomen. For this reason, your focus should not be on crunches and leg lifts alone; you should also follow a healthy diet that would speed up your metabolic rate and help you burn fat fast! 2. Myth#2: A drastic cut down on calorie intake reduces your body fat: This myth has pushed many a person on the brink of crash dieting. People take to crash dieting in the hope of shedding those extra pounds, least realizing that crash dieting harm their bodies instead of helping them. As a matter of fact, when you starve or fast, your body realizes that you are going to kill it and then it goes into the starvation mode. While in starvation mode, your body slows down your metabolic rate and burns your muscles (instead of fat, which is kept in reserve) for producing energy. This way, you don't lose much fat at all; if anything, you lose your valuable muscles. And once you return to your normal diet, you will gain extra weight! 3. Myth#3: Cardio exercises alone will help you lose weight: While it is true that cardio exercises can help you lose fat, it is not true that this is the only type of weight loss exercises available; don't forget the aerobics. As a matter of fact, the amount of fat you will lose doing either cardio or aerobics is almost same. On the other hand, weight lifting is better than both cardio and aerobics, in that it not only helps you burn fat during the workout, but even after that! I sincerely hope that this article has successfully brought the real weight loss truths before you! For More Health Information, please come here:

What If The Weight Loss Product You're Buying is Poison? For More Health Information, please come here: These days, obese people suffer less from obesity related problems and more from the side effects of weight loss products that they use. If you don't exercise caution when buying a weight loss product, it can be harmful for your health. Doing your due diligence and arming yourself with the correct knowledge is very much essential, especially when it comes to weight loss. Before buying any weight loss product, make sure that you have researched it thoroughly. During your search, you should try to get as much information as possible about the product, its good and bad effects, the ingredients that it is made up of, etc., as these things can seriously affect your health, either positively or negatively! In this article I will tell you how to know a good weight loss product from the bad ones. To start with, you shouldn't accept everything at face value. The internet is littered with both good and bad information, and more often than not, the bad information overshadows the good one. There is a lot of misleading information regarding several weight loss products doing the rounds of the World Wide Web, and in case you don't know, the perpetrators of this misleading information are either the product manufacturers themselves or their partners who promote the products on their behalf. You may come across websites offering you what seems to be 'honest reviews' regarding your product, but is that really so? Most of these reviews are filled up with dishonest, misleading and fraudulent information, and if you rely on this information when purchasing a weight loss product, you are doomed! I will give an example to clarify my point. You maybe aware of the fact that there are several websites out there claiming to offer natural weight loss products. Well, at one point of time, some experts of the Johns Hopkins University surveyed those sites in order to find out whether the outrageous claims made by these sites are true or not. Not surprisingly, many websites failed the test; some failed to give information regarding the correct dosage of the supplement, others failed to reveal about the harmful side effects of the products, and yet others failed to offer information regarding the ingredients of the products. Believe it or not, lack of such vital pieces of information can harm the consumer more than anyone else. So, how to separate the wheat from the chaff? As a rule of thumb, you should avoid products whose claims seem to be outrageous or impossible. An old saying goes that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! If you find a website that claims that their product can do miracles for you, chances are that reality is exactly the opposite - that is, it will harm your body in a 'miraculous' way. Your best bet is to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before you even decide to buy any weight loss pill. Your doctor should be able to clarify what side effects the consumption of a particular medicine may have, and this piece of information alone will save you from a lot of troubles down the road! For More Health Information, please come here:

Is Weight Loss Surgery Really For You? For More Health Information, please come here: These days there are several weight loss programs and diet plans available which will help you lose weight, not to speak of the various types of exercises that can help you lose fat as well. Add to that the artificial weight loss solutions and diet pills that help you burn more fat by speeding up your metabolism. In fact I would say that a new weight loss solution comes up every day. You can of course lose weight with these weight loss options, but in order to lose see results, you will need to wait for a considerable time. Most people want to lose weight quickly without waiting for a long time. For these types of people, weight loss surgery is the best option available for fast weight loss! In this article I will tell you more about weight loss surgery and how it can help you shed the extra pounds. Gastric surgery and bypass surgery are two types of weight loss surgeries that are generally used. In order to qualify for these surgeries, you should have a body weight of at least 100 pounds if you are a male, and 80 pounds if you happen to be a female. This doesn't mean that the less overweight people cannot opt for weight loss surgery. Remember that obesity is a slow but serious killer, and on top of that if you suffer from harmful diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, or if you hate diet and exercises, then you can opt for this surgery as well. I know you maybe wondering how can some surgery help you to shed those extra pounds of which you don't seem to get rid even after following all the available weight loss options, Well, the truth is that weight loss surgery works by limiting your food intake as well as the amount of food you digest within a given period of time. However, don't think that weight loss surgery is the be-all and end-all of weight loss! Weight loss surgery will only help you lose the initial weight, but after that, you will have to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan in order to keep the weight off. Many patients have successfully lost their pounds with the help of weight loss surgery, so I don't see why the same cannot happen in your case too! Keep in mind though that just like any other medical surgeries, weight loss surgery too comes with its own complications and side effects, notable among them being hernia, infections and blood clotting. If you are really determined to lose weight with the help of weight loss surgery, I recommend you consult with a physician first, so that you get to know about the side effects as well as the risks involved in the surgery. Apart from that, you should also try to contact patients who have already undergone this surgery, and have a discussion with them regarding the kind of maladies they suffered from as a result of after-effects of the surgery. I am sure that you will gain valuable knowledge and insight from this discussion. For More Health Information, please come here:

Can HCG Indeed Help You Lose Weight? For More Health Information, please come here: The weight loss industry is rife with fads, and every other day, I see a new fad coming up. Even more surprising than the rapid innovation of fads is how easily the common people are accepting these fads without thinking twice abut possible repercussions. People hope to lose weight quickly with the help of these fad products, but if you ask me, I never believe in fads, and never will! In this article I will tell you about the latest weight loss fad called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and how far it can help you lose weight. To start with, if you are wondering that HCG is just another drug, you are dead wrong! It is just a hormone which is already present in the human body. The hormone is found in abundance in the body of pregnant women. This is the reason why any woman who tests positive for it is confirmed to be pregnant. People did not know about the benefits of HCG on overweight people until a notorious author called Kevin Trudeau came up with a book that claimed that HCG can indeed help people lose weight. For those who don't know, Kevin Trudeau has already spent a considerable amount of time in jail for several violations of FTC guidelines. While Kevin Trudeau claims that HCG is a miraculous hormone that can help people lose weight quicker than any other weight loss supplement, there is no medical or scientific evidence that backs up this claim. Not even the manufacturers who produce a synthesized version of this hormone claim that it is beneficial for obese people. It is only a handful of doctors and experts who are claiming that they have proof of its effectiveness on overweight people. For almost forty years, several tests and studies were done on HCG to prove the validity of these claims. A lot of research was done regarding the effectiveness of HCG on overweight people. No study or research done till date has been able to prove that HCG indeed helps one lose weight. So how can the doctors claim the opposite? Well, in case you do not know, if you opt for HCG treatment, doctors will also ask you to follow a low calorie diet. So whether it is the low calorie diet or the HCG hormone that is helping people to lose weight is not clear. Last but not the least, HCG has been banned in the US long time ago. If you want to purchase synthetic HCG, you will need to purchase it either from the black market or import it from another country, both of which can prove very costly for you! If you take my advice, I would recommend that until the effectiveness of HCG is fully proved, you should just follow the old method of healthy food plan and exercises. Health food plan doesn't mean that you will have to diet; just eat lost of raw vegetables and fruits, and drink lots of water, and make sure that you avoid the fatty and junk foods as much as possible! This is a proven way to weight loss success. For More Health Information, please come here:

5 Surefire Tips To Weight Loss Success For More Health Information, please come here: There is no dearth of diet programs whether online or offline. Even if you limit your search to the world wide web only, you will still find an avalanche of diet programs. What is harder is finding a diet plan that would be ideal for your health, help you lose weight and not harm your body in any way. Believe me, finding the best weight loss program is like finding a pearl from the bottom of the ocean. But regardless of which diet program you chose, you will still need to follow the basics of dieting, otherwise you will never be able to lose weight. In this article, I will tell you about five basics of effective weight loss. 1. Metabolism is the key weight loss determinant: Always keep in mind that your body's metabolic rate is what will determine how much weight you will be able to lose at a given point of time. If your metabolic rate is high, you can lose a lot of weight even while at rest; on the other hand, if your metabolic rate is slow, then you should find ways to increases it. One way of speeding up your metabolism is by using weight loss pills and supplements. 2. Regular exercises are a must: Regardless of how strictly you follow your diet, if you lie idle all day sitting on your couch and watching your favorite TV program, how can you expect to shed those obstinate pounds? You should exercise regularly and never skip even a single workout session! If you are afraid of high intensity exercises such as cardio and resistance training, you can start with lighter aerobics. Aerobics will help you burn as much fat as cardio. If you cannot do exercises at all, regular walking alone will help you burn fat. 3. Do not lose it too quickly: I know that you are in a hurry to lose weight and fit yourself into one of your old jeans or bikinis, but you should never attempt to lose weight too fast. Ideally you should lose no more than 1 or 2 pounds per week. If you lose more than that then it can affect your health negatively. If you think you are losing weight too fast, you should immediately see a doctor. 4. Eat low fat foods only: I know that every weight loss expert has advised you the same thing, but allow me to reiterate that you should eat only those foods that have a low fat content. Eating fatty and junk foods will make your situation worse! 5. Work harder for hereditary obesity: Some people become overweight because of hereditary issues. If your parents were overweight then it is no wonder that you won't be any different. Also, people who suffer from hereditary obesity need to work harder than others in order to lose weight. This doesn't mean that you cannot lose weight at all; but you shouldn't expect yourself to become ultra slim like others. For More Health Information, please come here:

Does Meat Really Help You To Lose Weight? For More Health Information, please come here: A lot of fad diets recommend people to increase their meat intake, especially the ones that suggest low-carb diets. Take for example the Atkins diet, which recommends you to follow a diet which is high in fat and low on carbohydrates. The rationale behind this logic is that increasing the amount of protein intake is the surest way to lose weight, and that meat is the best source of protein. But is that really true? In this article I will tell you how far meat can help you lose weght. Fad diets such as Atkins and the like often play on the ignorance of people. The truth is very much different than what the proponents of the fad diets would have you believe. As a matter of fact, you will lose weght by burning more calories than what you consume, not by increasing your protein intake! Besides, not all kinds of meat are good for your health, and some can actually make you gain weight. For example, meat such as pepperoni, ham, bacon, salami, fried chicken, etc., contain a high amount of calorie content. Do you think you will lose weight by increasing your calorie intake? Absolutely not! On the other hand, you will add to your pounds. That is why I highly doubt that a high amount of meat consumption will ever help anyone to lose any amount of weight. If you eat a lot of meat frequently, it will block your arteries and damage your kidneys, not to mention that it will also damage your digestive system because when you consume meat, it tends to rot in your colon. There is more! Meat not only poisons your bloodstream, it also causes harmful diseases such as diabetes and cancer. As you can see, meat is not at all your friend! Also, to get all the protein from your meat, you will need to eat it either raw or boiled. If you cook meat with all kinds of spices, meat consumption will do you no good because a lot of protein is being washed away during the cooking process! If you think that a high protein intake will indeed help you lose weight, then also remember that it is always the amount of protein that counts, not its source. Also remember that you will be able to get far more protein from natural foods such as seeds and nuts than meat can ever offer! These whole foods will give your body all the protein it needs, while at the same time not harming you in any way! For More Health Information, please come here:

Does Milk Really Help With Weight Loss? For More Health Information, please come here: So you think that milk is good for your body? If yes then you really need to read this article in its entirety. Far too many people believe like you, and I cannot blame anybody for this because dairy farmers are responsible for all these. They claim that milk will help strengthen your bones because of the presence of calcium in it. They also claim that milk will give you such energy boost that you will feel like a superman. Obviously, they want you to believe this way so that they can cash in on your gullibility. However, just as some other myths are doing the rounds of the weight loss industry, this is also a myth. 1. As a matter of fact, the milk you purchase from your local store is not pure milk: it has been processed with the help of pasteurization, meaning that it has been boiled at a temperature of 160 centigrade and then cooled down. Milk is pasteurized in order to kill any and all the germs present in the raw milk. On the flip side, pasteurization not only kills the germs, but also the beneficial nutrients present in it. Enzymes such as lipase and phosphates can be a lot beneficial to your body, but you don't get those enzymes in the pasteurized milk that you purchase from your local shop. That is not however the end of the story. Pasteurization also kills antibodies such as immunoglobulin that is present in raw milk. Immunoglobulin helps to immune your body against various diseases. As you can see, milk is in no way beneficial for you, at least not the one that comes in sealed packets. After pasteurization is completed, the milk is homogenized to keep the cream at the bottom. Once this is done, several synthetic vitamins are added to it in order to make it 'nutritious'. However, remember that synthetic vitamins are not and can never be substitutes for natural vitamins. They are man-made chemicals and will do more harm than good to your body. 2. Milk causes weight gain: Contrary to what you might believe, milk will actually make you gain weight rather than lose it. If you are in the habit of drinking milk frequently, it is not surprising that you have become overweight. As you drink more and more milk, you will gain more and more weight. 3. Milk causes a host of other diseases: Besides weight gain, there are a lot of harmful side effects of drinking milk, such as skin allergies, cancer, acne, arthritis, constipation, etc. Do you still want to drink milk? I hope not. For More Health Information, please come here:

4 Tips To Fast and Easy Weight Loss For More Health Information, please come here: Probably one of the most difficult goals to achieve in life is that of weight loss. Weight loss is difficult, but even more difficult is keeping the weight off. While there are several ways to lose weight, not all options work for everybody. For some people, plain diet and exercise will help them lose weight. For others, simply dieting and exercising aren't enough; they will need to take weight loss supplements and perhaps work a bit harder than others. Remember not to get weight loss tips and advice from your friends because some of these suggestions may not work for you. Moreover, some of the suggested tips can actually be harmful for your body. Bottom line is that YOU need to decide how you are going to lose weight. If you have chosen to tread the path of the conventional diet and exercise, then I will give you some tips in this article: 1. Avoid Junk Foods: All your weight loss efforts will do down the drain if you cannot keep yourself from eating junk and processed foods. These foods have high calorie content and will add to your pounds. You should always try to eat healthy. To make sure that you don't give in to any temptations, make sure you have a considerable stock of raw fruits and vegetables in your house. Also make sure that you cook your own meals, so you can decide how much oil to use. Keep in mind the less oil you consume, the better for you! 2. Eat in small portions: Don't be lazy. You may think that if you eat just once a day you will survive anyway but if you want to lose weight then eating a large meal may not be in your best interest. Ideally, you should split your large dinner into five or six small meals and eat each small portion every four or five hours. Every time you eat, your metabolism will increase and you will be able to burn a lot of fat. Plus it will help suppress your appetite as you won't feel hungry all the time! 3. Cut down calories without depriving yourself: You can lose weight only when you consume less calories than what you burn, and to make sure that you can achieve this end, you should start cutting down on your calorie intake by small percentages everyday. However, you should look to it that in the quest of cutting down your calorie intake, you don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods, otherwise you will start binge eating which will cause weight gain! 4. Exercise: Exercises are one of the best ways to lose weight. However much you hate to workout at the gym, you must do it if you are serious about losing belly fat . Workouts not only speed up your metabolism, it also increases your muscles mass. Increase in your metabolic rate as well as your muscle mass will help you burn more fat in less time. You should also look to it that you increase your physical activity level as much as you can. If you go to the marketplace in your car, start using your legs instead. If you reach your office room using the elevator, try to take to the stairs instead! As you can see, there is no better way to lose weight than by diet and exercise. However, if this doesn't work for you, then your best bet is to visit a doctor and ask for advice. More often than not, your doctor will ask you either to take some weight loss supplements and pills or go for surgery. For More Health Information, please come here:

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