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Published on February 5, 2008

Author: Mattia


MORE UML DIAGRAM TYPES:  MORE UML DIAGRAM TYPES We have seen a number of UML diagram types while studying our example. These slides show examples of a number of diagrams types not seen in our previous slides. Again, for full notation and syntax, refer to Object diagram:  : Garage Object diagram car2 is an instance of class Truck This is really like a class diagram, but has objects instead of classes. Constraints:  Constraints Collaboration Diagram:  car: Sedan garage: Garage : GarageControl 1: returnCar 1.2: store(car) 1.1: return() GUI Collaboration Diagram Shows the calls between classes, but not their order (which is shown in sequence diagrams). State Diagram:  State Diagram A state diagram represents how objects (instances of a class) react to external events (message). Typically used to specify the behaviour of so-called active objects. Is composed of states (combination of attribute values at some point of time) and transitions between them. May include an initial state and a final state. State Diagram:  Available InService Booked InUse return/ Stop counting time book take/ Start counting time service exit/ ready State Diagram Initial state Activity diagram:  Activity diagram An activity diagram represents how an activity is performed Formally, this is a special case of a state diagram Typically a higher-level activity with several actors. The diagram can be partitioned into columns, which show the actors Activity Diagram:  Query Book Make a bill Pay Prepare car Register rental Client Official Take car :Bill [open] :Bill [paid] Activity Diagram Fork threads Join threads Initial state Final state Packages:  Objects Support Object Garage Sedan Storage registrationNo service(int km) return() ObjectManagement use * returnObject(Object,Storage) bookObject(Object) takeObject(Object) return() book() take() Controller 1 1 1 Packages Packages in closed form:  Packages in closed form

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