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Published on January 2, 2008

Author: Natalya


More Than H2O, LLC:  More Than H2O, LLC An application of UCTS™ Process; A water based technology Water:  Water As you know water's chemical description is H2O. The diagram shows, there is one atom of oxygen bound to two atoms of hydrogen. The hydrogen atoms are "attached" to one side of the oxygen atom, resulting in a water molecule having a positive charge on the side where the hydrogen atoms are, and a negative charge on the other side, where the oxygen atom is. Water:  Water Water is called the "universal solvent" because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid. At the molecular level it is water that regulates all functions of the body including functions of solid matter. 75 % of our bodies are composed of water, and the brain is 85% water 75% of the U.S. Population is chronically dehydrated The Structure of Water :  The Structure of Water Water – H2O – does not exist as single molecules floating around Water exists as groupings – called clusters- of various sizes The building blocks – called sub-clusters – are 10 molecules or more Clusters can range from about 280 molecules to about 2180 molecules or more Water Molecule Sub-Clusters:  Water Molecule Sub-Clusters Shown are some examples of Sub-Clusters These illustrations have between 10 & 25 water molecules These Sub-Clusters are the building blocks of water Hydrogen= White Oxygen = Red 2 Examples of 280 Molecule Clusters:  2 Examples of 280 Molecule Clusters (a1/ a2) illustrates one configuration of a 280 molecule cluster (b1/b2) illustrates another For simplicity, only oxygen atoms are shown, along with the hydrogen bonds within the structures The structures are overlaid and the hydrogen bonding between the structures is not illustrated A 2180 Molecule Cluster:  A 2180 Molecule Cluster This cluster has 1820 molecules in the center and a shell of 360 molecules Water Clusters:  Water Clusters The models shown are theoretical They are formed with no impurities Their structure provides stability with the covalent bonds (shared electrons) Clusters in “real life” are DYNAMIC with changes taking place constantly Water clusters find dynamic stability by forming around impurities The impurities provide the bonds (available electrons) for the clusters The size and stability depends upon the specific impurity Even in stable structures, water is dynamic at the molecular level Models shown are used with the permission of their creator and copyright holder, Professor Martin Chaplin of South Bank University in England Your Drinking Water Could Contain...:  Your Drinking Water Could Contain... Drinking water, including bottled water, is regulated by the EPA in terms of impurities allowed and quantities allowed The following charts show the Drinking Water Standards Note: Quant. Limit = smallest concentration that can be reliability measured MCL = enforceable levels established by EPA Inorganic Chemicals:  Inorganic Chemicals Organic Chemicals / Pesticides:  Organic Chemicals / Pesticides Organic Chemicals / Volatiles with mcls:  Organic Chemicals / Volatiles with mcls Organic Chemicals / Volatiles no MCLs These do not have an MCL but are required to be monitored:  Organic Chemicals / Volatiles no MCLs These do not have an MCL but are required to be monitored Radionuclides:  Radionuclides Microbiological Materials:  Microbiological Materials Inorganic Chemicals:  Inorganic Chemicals Organic Chemicals:  Organic Chemicals Imagine:  Imagine With the virtual toxic soup that exists in virtually all of our water, and with the clusters forming around each of these substances, and with the stability that these substances brings, Imagine what the clusters must look like! Imagine what they are doing to your body! The Good News:  The Good News The impurities can be removed – Virtually ALL of them! The huge clusters can be broken down! New clusters can be formed, built around healthful ingredients! This is all possible through the proprietary UCTS™ Process! The UCTS™ Process:  The UCTS™ Process Remove Break Down Introduce Form The UCTS™ Process:  The UCTS™ Process Remove Ultra-Pure Water All of the listed impurities and impurities that are not listed are removed from the water. The water becomes Ultra-Pure and has a measured value of between 10 meg and 19 meg. Ultra-Pure Water:  Ultra-Pure Water Ultra-Pure Water is a classification of water used for the Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor industries It is considered to be 99.9% + free of impurities Particles of 150 Daltons and greater have been removed from it Ultra-Pure water is very unstable and will grab CO2 from the air to stabilize itself This stabilization will take about 2 hours to occur dissolved carbon dioxide reacts with the water and finally forms carbonic acid. If left to it's own process of stabilization, Ultra-Pure water can have a pH as low as 4.5! The UCTS™ Process:  The UCTS™ Process Break Down All of the large clusters are broken down into smaller clusters and sub-clusters. This is a vulnerable time for the water. This breaking down of the water is accomplished through a unique proprietary process. The UCTS™ Process:  The UCTS™ Process Introduce Selected “impurities” (nutrients) are introduced to the water within just a few seconds of the creation of the Ultra-Pure water This introduction is accomplished through a unique proprietary process. The UCTS™ Process:  The UCTS™ Process Form New clusters are formed around our selected nutritional ingredients to create a specific proprietary formula. This formation is accomplished through a unique proprietary process. The UCTS™ Process:  The UCTS™ Process Remove Break Down Introduce Form Why Is The UCTS™ Process Important:  Why Is The UCTS™ Process Important Typical ingestion of supplements actually passes majority directly out of body through waste (bowel and urinary tract system) Some nutrients are adversely effected by digesting, and may be more effective when entering the body through our process Forming water structures around a nutritional supplement gets the supplement more directly into body The Unique Cellular Transport System will facilitate getting specific nutrients directly through the cell walls Often the specific effects of the nutrients are observed faster, and more functionally specific to the individual

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For more information or scholarship application forms, please contact: Wendy Ross, Program Coordinator – CREATE H2O. Centre for Human Rights Research
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