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Published on January 15, 2008

Author: Valeria


On Moral Issues of the Day - - A Fifth Sunday Lesson:  On Moral Issues of the Day - - A Fifth Sunday Lesson D. Calvin Andrus Sterling Park Ward 30 October 2005 Mustard Seed Four Principles:  Four Principles Before I get to the subject of Moral Issues, I want to discuss four principles. I hope that we can use these four principles to help us see how we resolve Moral Issues in our own lives. J S P F First Principle:  First Principle F Deductive Logic (Aristotle):  Deductive Logic (Aristotle) All bishops sleep in church Bro. Andrus is a bishop -------------- [Fill in deduction] General   Specific Deduction: Bro. Andrus sleeps in church Aristotle from Inductive Logic (Francis Bacon):  Inductive Logic (Francis Bacon) Bishop Andrus sleeps in church Bishop Hale slept in church Bishop Andros slept in church Bishop Roueche slept in church -------------- [Fill in the induction] Specific   General Induction: All bishops sleep in church Bacon from Logics of the World:  Logics of the World Deductive and Inductive logic are two examples of several logics we use to “make sense” of the world around us. The world around us is a Telestial World and the logics we use to understand this world are Telestial logics. These logics do not necessarily apply to the Celestial Worlds (Isaiah 55:8-9) Therefore, it is likely that many of the Celestial principles we learn do not “make sense” by the reasoning of the Telestial logics Prerequisite for Obedience:  Prerequisite for Obedience Is understanding a prerequisite for obedience? Does a Celestial principle have to “make sense” in order for us to live it? No. So what is the prerequisite for obedience? FAITH. Principle #1 - Faith:  Principle #1 - Faith Faith--not understanding-- is the prerequisite for obedience J S P F Faith:  Faith The fourth Article of Faith says that Faith is the first principle of the Gospel In hymn #19, we declare our thankfulness for a prophet to guide us in these latter days Today we will receive some of that guidance I hope we can still be grateful by the end of class Celestial Logic:  Celestial Logic Celestial principles are understood (“make sense”) through the Spirit, not by Telestial reasoning Spiritual understanding comes after the trial of our faith, not before (Ether 12:6) In order to get a testimony (spiritual understanding) of a principle, we first must live it (John 7:17) FaithObedienceSpiritTestimony Eternal Progression:  Eternal Progression Most of us have testimonies of many principles, and take other principles on faith This is one definition of eternal progression -- starting from what we know and acquiring more spiritual knowledge (testimony of more principles) through personal revelation by the exercise of faith FaithObedienceSpiritTestimony FaithObedienceSpiritTestimony FaithObedienceSpiritTestimony FaithObedienceSpiritTestimony Second Principle:  Second Principle P This One’s for You:  This One’s for You We share one another’s burdens We rejoice in others’ successes We help each other live the gospel But, individual righteousness is won person by person Each one of us must have a personal change of heart We each repent of our own sins The group moral codes have no efficacy until they are adopted and implemented by individual members of the group Principle #2 - Personal:  Principle #2 - Personal The moral issues we will talk about are personal to you -- you must decide what you will do J S P F Third Principle:  Third Principle J Live and Let Live:  Judge Live and Let Live You know people who do not live by the moral codes I will present These moral codes are NOT a yardstick by which we judge other people or their behavior Nor is their behavior the yardstick we use to measure our behavior Principle #3 - Judgment:  Principle #3 - Judgment We will not stand in judgment of others’ adherence to these moral codes J S P F Fourth Principle:  Fourth Principle S Let the Spirit be your Guide:  Let the Spirit be your Guide I will be explaining WHAT the moral guidelines are, not WHY we have them, and not HOW to implement them in your own life How quickly and how strictly we implement them is a conversation we each must have with Heavenly Father When we act in accordance with His will, our confidence will wax strong as we approach His judgment bar Principle #4 - Spirit:  Principle #4 - Spirit We will be sure the Holy Ghost confirms that our behavior with regard to moral issues aligns with Heavenly Father’s will J S P F OK, on to the Moral Issues:  OK, on to the Moral Issues Building Usage:  Building Usage No recordings in the Chapel (image, audio, video) Conservative flower arrangements are the only decorations permitted in the Chapel Lighted candles are prohibited in church buildings or during (non-building) worship services J S P F Clothing:  Clothing While we allow non-members and less active members to wear just about anything to sacrament meeting, active members should wear “best dress” to Sunday meetings, including Dress shoes Ties (cf. Elder Holland’s talk to the Young Women in Oct 2005 Conference) J S P F Bodily Disfigurements:  Bodily Disfigurements Tattoos are discouraged Piercings are discouraged Cosmetic surgery is questionable, especially when vanity is the motivation We should be guided by the Spirit in donating or receiving bodily organs or tissues for medical purposes J S P F Temple:  Temple Temple clothes may be made at home ONLY under the direction of the Relief Society President Do not make your own garments J S P F Death and Dying:  Death and Dying When the time has come to pass on to our next assignment, we should not extend life unreasonably Suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia, however, are violations of the commandments Autopsies which comply with legal requirements are fine Cremation, like all bodily disfigurements, is discouraged Stillborn children are not blessed nor do they have temple work done J S P F Birth Control:  Birth Control Decisions concerning the timing and number of children a couple will have is between them and the Lord Surgical sterilization, however, is strongly discouraged Abortion as birth control is a serious sin J S P F Genetic Material:  Genetic Material Genetic material, like sexual relations, should be kept within the bonds of marriage We discourage Allowing a non-spouse to use your genetic material Using non-spouse genetic material in your procreation efforts Engaging in surrogate pregnancies, either as a provider, a receiver, or a financial sponsor J S P F Bearing Children:  Bearing Children A member who sires or bears a child out of wedlock is subject to church discipline Children are better off being sealed to their parents than not being sealed Therefore children born out of wedlock should be given up for adoption to LDS social services, who will find a temple worthy couple to whom the child will be sealed J S P F Homosexuality:  Homosexuality Same sex attraction is not a sin Same sex sexual behavior is a sin The Church opposes same sex marriages The same chastity rules apply to single people, whether they have homosexual or heterosexual preferences Entertaining sexual fantasies (homosexual or heterosexual) are a sin J S P F The Occult:  The Occult Do not affiliate with occult groups, practices, or games Do not participate in hypnosis for demonstration or entertainment purposes Therapeutic hypnosis should be undertaken only with the confirmation of the Spirit J S P F Miscellaneous:  Miscellaneous The church name and logo-type may only be used for official church purposes Ditto for lists of church members Abuse and cruelty are sins Shun gambling in all forms Shun pornography in all forms Be wary of “self-awareness” groups Be wary of “Mormon” symposia J S P F Remember:  Remember S J F P Slide35:  Mustard Seed

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