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Published on September 22, 2008

Author: ikensolutions


Slide 1: The “long tail” in the mobile space Slide 2: The mobile content universe “Popular” or mainstream content offerings are profitable, yes. But they have a limited shelf life. Once they are felt to no longer fit the mainstream genre they are slowly and repetitively moved down the already limited product scale and then banished completely. The current mentality is that if a content item is deemed to be out of date then it should be moved out of circulation. It’s time for the marketing think tank to move into gear and “wow” the consumer with a fresh batch of popular and up to date content right? And so the cycle continues… What of the so called “old” content? Is it no longer profitable? Well how could anyone possibly know? It has been moved further and further down the chain and then been removed completely. Out of sight and out of mind. But keep in mind that this is not just the case for the operator or service provider; this becomes the case for the consumer as well. Slide 3: MOOGA the mobile “Long tail “ “This is where the niche market providers step in. By catering to the non-mainstream requirements, specialist markets emerge. Yes, a core following of consumer’s is achieved and they are more than likely loyal. But once again, the consumer is being provided with what the niche providers’ think they need; not with what they always want. What if the mainstream operator’s and content provider’s were to address both worlds? Embracing both the popular and the niche markets? Does it not make strong economic sense to have not just a market of consumer’s downloading 1,000,000 of a popular ring tone but also 1,000,000 actual consumer’s downloading two or three so called “out of date” ring tones? This translates into a significant revenue stream for content that would normally be discarded. It is just sitting on a server….. Why not profit from it? Take these facts into consideration….. The top 400,000 tracks of Rhapsody’s 750,000 songs are streamed at least once a month¹ Niche advertisers provide Google with over 60% of their Ad Words revenues ¹ Over half of Amazon’s book sales come from outside of its top 130,000 titles ¹ Slide 4: Unleash the niche ! Why are these companies so successful? Because they make everything available and help the customer find it. By not just catering to the mainstream consumer but also embracing the niche market consumer, revenue streams beyond the “popular realms” are constant and profitable. What does this mean for an Operator or Service Provider? All content WILL sell. The use of Mooga’s artificial intelligence methodologies allows profit to be made from the whole portfolio. All content remains relevant. NO content has a shelf life. The tried and true practice of marketing constantly reinvented popular content continues but rather than the constant addition and removal of content items to keep current, the portfolio continues to grow. Give a consumer infinite choice and they will make infinite choices. The analytical artificial intelligence methodologies employed by Mooga will not only turn content providers into a virtual supermarket it will actually place content of relevance directly in front of the consumer each and every time they log on. A personal storefront EACH and EVERY time….. Slide 5: MOOGA effect The ongoing effect of Mooga uncovering and empowering the long tail: Increased unique subscriber base – Not just mainstream but niche market content is always available Increased customer longevity – They will always be presented with what they want when they want it. The right content to the right customer at the right time. Increased customer profitability – The customer will spend less time searching and more time downloading content – It will be there for the taking! Increased content profitability – Content will have NO shelf life. It will always be available to the customer and will be recommended to them if it complements their tastes. Mooga’s constantly evolving and constantly learning artificial intelligence methodologies identify niche markets within the consumer space and content universe. These are markets that would otherwise be unidentifiable using normal data mining methods. The engagement of multiple niche markets not only provides a means of generating revenue from so called “dead” content items; it also ensures repeat business by giving unique consumers content of interest that would usually be impossible to find. Slide 6: MOOGA = Discover ! The AI functions that Mooga performs will not only determine if a specific content item is relevant to the consumer it will move it to their personal storefront. Mooga does not discriminate against content type, content category, customer storefront or the current popularity of the content. If it is deemed relevant, it will be offered to the consumer. The consumer’s choice based on this offering will then determine Mooga’s next plan of action. Context, not content is king! Mooga is a personal account manager, butler, recommender and friend to each and every one of your customer’s. Don’t give consumer’s what you think they need. Give them what they want! Mooga – Complexity that translates into real value. Slide 7: SONYBMG Case Study Sony BMG was looking to enter the market with a differentiated service that was unlike any other competitor offering. The approach taken by Mooga was seen as ground breaking and market leading. Mooga is currently administrating SonyBMG´s portal in Argentina, Chile and being launched in other Latam countries. This is the first mobile music portal administrated by artificial intelligence in the market. Slide 8: Overview Auto Context Classification of existing meta-data/information/classification can be used to automate the process of contextualization. The SONYBMG Contextual Framework has been automatically built with our auto-context scripting engine using SonyBMG´s existing metadata, enabling a rapid deployment. Slide 9: SONYBMG Portal structure TOP 5 Section Premium placed content defined by SonyBMG Shows same content to each and every user (SonyBMG´s request). One and only section not being administrated dynamically by Artificial intelligence. Artists Fully dynamic section administrated by AI. Presents relevant content according to each user profile. All content presented in context. Mooga allows to mix dynamic and static sections to promote specific content due to marketing needs. Slide 10: SONYBMG Portal structure Context, Context, context !!! Content is placed in easily recognised categories. Provides with ALL available content related to the category. Takes full advantage of IMPULSE increasing multiple transactions per session. Recommendations Fully dynamic section administrated by AI. Presents relevant content according to each user profile. All content is presented in context. In order to find a content, you must know what you are looking for. Mooga discovers relevant content for each user. Slide 11: SONYBMG Portal structure Search functionality Uses a “wisdom of crowds” ranking algorithm. Its the quickest path to access items of interest. Ranking is dynamic and continuously changes as the user activities evolve. Search results provide a 3 tier view to useful and relevant content as the crowd knows best what everyone wants! Slide 12: SONYBMG Portal structure Browsing functionality: Mooga uses a “Top Down” approach. This is the most effective path for a user to access items of interest. Every list have been structured using intelligence based on entire portal activity of users. Ease of content access coupled with implicit recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence Slide 13: Statistical Validation Give each customer WHAT THEY WANT, not what you think they need: Static Top5 made 25% of total sales meanwhile the Dinamic Storefront and the Recommendation engine (AI) administrated 75%. Up to 50% of users who clicked on a recommendation ended making a download CONTEXT IS KING Almost 20% of users made multiple downloads from same artist. Slide 14: Give customers INFINITE CHOICE and they will make infinite choices 90,7% of the content available was download at least once 98,9% of artists got at least one download. Help your customers FIND RELEVANT CONTENT More than 22% of subscribers used the recommendation engine. 24,3% users made more than one download in a single session. Statistical Validation MOOGA: BEYOND THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG !!!! Slide 15: Iken Solutions IKen Solutions, is a software product company specialized in intelligent business systems backed by hybrid Artificial Intelligence techniques, expert system, case-based reasoning, neural networks and genetic algorithms. Iken Solutions is an IIT Bombay research spin-off. Our Vision is to make every software product and solution intelligence-enabled and add intelligence in every business process. Our Focus is to provide highly relevant and extremely personalized end user experiences for the digital world ( Web & Mobile) Our unique core technology helps to automate human expertise as well as derive intelligence from available and past data. Iken solutions awards: Winner TIE CANAAN entrepreneur challenge 2008. Iken has been awarded with a direct entry into the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program 2008 Silver award for “Best Technology Innovation” at the Mobile Content Awards 2008 in London. Slide 16: Thank you! Antonio Peña General Manager Americas

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