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Published on September 22, 2008

Author: ikensolutions


Slide 1: MOBILE CONTENT REVOLUTION Artificial Intelligence applied to content delivery Current Scenario : Current Scenario Current Scenario – User Perspective : Current Scenario – User Perspective Everybody gets the same Current Scenario – Content Perspective : Current Scenario – Content Perspective Content providers and Carriers select the “hottest” and latest content to be marketed to consumers. The best sellers of each period are profitable, so therefore “safe”. Consumers are constantly updated with new content as operators continuously reinvent their portfolios. No longer “hottest” = No longer relevant or profitable. NEW Beyonce Song 1 year later Beyonce Song 6 Months later Beyonce Song Static limited offer placement The evolution of digital business : The evolution of digital business The “Long Tail” of Digital Business : The “Long Tail” of Digital Business The Pareto Principle: 80/20 rule, traditional pattern of sales concentration. C. Anderson (WiredMagazine-2004): The Long Tail By lowering inventory storage, distribution and search costs, digital markets have the potential to increase the collective share of niche products, creating a longer tail in the distribution of sales. Now there are 2 markets to attack: Old Market: Top Sellers. New Market: Long Tail. What percentage of your items are you selling at least once a month? The “Wisdom of Crowds” : The “Wisdom of Crowds” James Surowiecki (2004): Wisdom of Crowds A diverse collection of independently-deciding individuals is likely to make decisions and predictions better than individuals or even experts. Lego: encourages its fanatical customers to design their products. Companies pay solvers from $10k to $100k per solution. More than 30 percent of the problems posted on the site have been cracked. The Many Are Smarter Than the Few The Evolution of Digital Business : The Evolution of Digital Business Long Tail + Wisdom of crowds Amazon: over 25% of Amazon’s book sales come from books not available in brick and mortar stores. Rhapsody: 22% of sales are from songs not played on traditional media. 53% of 750k Rhapsody´s songs are streamed at least once a month. Netflix: 20% of DVD rentals are documentaries, B class movies and niche movies. Google: Niche advertisers provide Google over 60% of their Ad Words revenues Make everything available, help your customer find it and you will increase your sales. Mooga The new wave : Mooga The new wave Mooga! User Perspective : Mooga! User Perspective Dynamic personalized one to one offer Mooga! Content perspective : Mooga! Content perspective Adaptive subscriber storefronts lead to infinite mobile shelf space and time Subscriber analytics and recommendation engines allow the long tail of niche markets to form across the content universe Incentive-based subscriber self-distribution allows for spread of mobile content and for easier content discovery across users Content Items Downloads What is MOOGA? : Viral self learning entertainment ecosystem incorporating Artificial Intelligence techniques to understand, track, predict & recommend content based on individual user tastes, downloads & popular contents. What is MOOGA? Case Study : Case Study Introduction : Introduction Sony BMG was looking to enter the market with a differentiated service that was unlike any other competitor offering. The approach taken by Mooga was seen as ground breaking and market leading. Mooga is currently administrating SonyBMG´s portal in Argentina, Chile and being launched in other Latam countries. This is the first mobile music portal administrated by artificial intelligence in the market. Overview : Overview Auto Context Classification of existing meta-data/information/classification can be used to automate the process of contextualization. The SONYBMG Contextual Framework has been automatically built with our auto-context scripting engine using SonyBMG´s existing metadata, enabling a rapid deployment. Overview : Overview SonyBMG´s portal structure Top 5 Section Premium placed content defined by SonyBMG Shows same content to each and every user (SonyBMG´s request). One and only section not being administrated dynamically by Artificial intelligence. Artists Fully dynamic section administrated by AI. Presents relevant content according to each user profile. All content presented in context. Mooga allows to mix dynamic and static sections to promote specific content due to marketing needs. Overview : Overview SonyBMG´s portal structure Context, context, context! Content is placed in easily recognised categories. Provides with ALL available content related to the category. Takes full advantage of IMPULSE increasing multiple transactions per session. Recommendations Fully dynamic section administrated by AI. Presents relevant content according to each user profile. All content is presented in context. In order to find a content, you must know what you are looking for. Mooga discovers relevant content for each user. Overview : Overview SonyBMG´s portal structure Search functionality Uses a “wisdom of crowds” ranking algorithm. Its the quickest path to access items of interest. Ranking is dynamic and continuously changes as the user activities evolve. Search results provide a 3 tier view to useful and relevant content as the crowd knows best what everyone wants! Overview : Overview SonyBMG´s portal structure Browsing functionality: Mooga uses a “Top Down” approach. This is the most effective path for a user to access items of interest. Every list have been structured using intelligence based on entire portal activity of users. Ease of content access coupled with implicit recommendations powered by Artificial Intelligence Statistical Validation : Statistical Validation Statistical validation : Statistical validation Give each customer WHAT THEY WANT, not what you think they need: Static Top5 made 25% of total sales meanwhile the Dinamic Storefront and the Recommendation engine (AI) administrated 75%. Up to 50% of users who clicked on a recommendation ended making a download. CONTEXT IS KING Almost 20% of users made multiple downloads from same artist. Statistical validation : Statistical validation Give customers INFINITE CHOICE and they will make infinite choices 90,7% of the content available was download at least once. 98,9% of artists got at least one download. Help your customers FIND RELEVANT CONTENT More than 22% of subscribers used the recommendation engine. 24,3% users made more than one download in a single session.

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