MoodleMoot Torino 2009-final cut

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Information about MoodleMoot Torino 2009-final cut

Published on May 8, 2009

Author: sigi


Slide 2:  goes Web 2.0 from Mannheim.. : from Mannheim.. to : to in virtual time : in virtual time … to Piazza Vittorio Veneto : … to Piazza Vittorio Veneto from closed rooms … : from closed rooms … … to open doors : … to open doors from data dump… : from data dump… …to creative learning : …to creative learning from Fast Food… : from Fast Food… … to Slow Food : … to Slow Food How can we do this? : How can we do this? special skills Master degree of graphic design IT studies for html with 2 clicks … : with 2 clicks … … copy + paste + editor … always same procedure… … no file uploads … … lightweight! ? Flickr online Photosharing : Flickr online Photosharing Search for your picture Do the advanced search for CC pictures look for the embed code of the object Copy the embed code Open a new resource in moodle: Switch to html mode Paste your code- save.. Done! Slideshare Presentations : Slideshare Presentations Google Streetview : Google Streetview Walk around Torino : Walk around Torino RSS Feeds : RSS Feeds You want more? : You want more? Visit my moodle course Google for Web 2.0 and moodle – lots of good stuff author : author Sigi Jakob-Kühn, OStR‘in Heinrich-Lanz-Schule II Mannheim Germany Slide 23: Pictures from flickr under Presentation published in Slideshare

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