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Published on April 24, 2014

Author: warburton9191


Final Major Project Because my Final Major Project is mainly directed at mazes, I began looking into traditional hedge mazes that already exist and I also looked at 3D models of mazes includes digital and ones made out of Lego. The Maze Adventure

Hampton Court Maze • This maze is located in the United Kingdom (UK), East Molesey, Surrey. • This hedge maze was planted out between the years of 1689 and 1695 by two maze designers George London and Henry Wise for William III of Orange at Hampton Court Palace. The maze covers around 60 acres. • The reason I chose this maze was because even though its on a small scale it’s a very complex maze as most people who enter it use the “hand on wall” method, also when people enter the maze to the right the maze is a straight dead end, if I implied this into my maze it will make the maze simple but complex.

Longleat maze • This maze is located in the United Kingdom (UK), Warminster, Wiltshire. • The 3D Maze was laid out in 1975 by professional maze designer, Greg Bright. The maze covers around 1.48 acres. • The reason I chose this traditional hedge maze was because during the maze you have stairs that help you get one place to the next by going over the maze, if I implied this to my maze it would give the player an advantage to see where the best way to go through the map is. • I also chose this map due to the intricate lay out design of this map, this would confuse the player by the dead ends during the maze.

Imprint Maze • This maze is located in the United Kingdom (UK),Gloucester • The 3D hedge maze was laid out in 1975 by a hedge maze designer called Randoll Coate. The overall outline of the maze was of a giant footprint 57 m long by 29 m wide. • The reason I chose this maze was because of the intricate layout of the imprint as the maze is long there are lots of complex turns and dead ends.

I looked into 3D mazes to see how they looked in a POV or how they looked in a top down view of the map, these maps will help me on how to structure the maze and how it will look.

I started to look into mazes that people have created by using Lego blocks, I looked into these because they can help me give ideas on how mazes are structured.

I started looking at digital and real life doors also looked at the door from “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets”, as I am thinking of placing a door at the end of the map to make sure the player finds the key to open the door.

I started to look into things I could have on my map so I looked at chests which could contain certain collectables to help proceed to the next level. So I looked at both digital and real life models of treasure chests.

Because I looked at chests that will be placed throughout the map I might also imply placing keys around the map to open these chests. So I began by looking at both 3D digital keys and different styles of keys

M.C. Echer I chose to look at a artist who is called M.C. Echer, he based his art work around illusions, I was drew into to looking at his work as its like being in a maze, an maze can give off somewhat of an illusion while walking through the maze, this is what I like about his work, for example one of his works called “Relativity” (one at the bottom left of the screen) I do like because the illusion of a person going up and then seeing the person above them but upside down is a top illusion.

M.C. Echer

I started to look in to films that include mazes the first film I looked into was “Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire” as near the end of the film the last challenge of the event is to find the “Goblet of Fire” which located somewhere inside of a maze. As my FMP is about mazes I thought it was appropriate to look at certain screenshots to see how a maze is structured and the depth of the maze.

I also started to look into Greek mythology, so I looked into legend of the minotaur and also the film called the „minotaur‟. The legend of the minotaur is about a monster with a head of a bull and a body of a human which lived in a labyrinth where it was fed human sacrifices to surpass its hunger needs.

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