MOOCovery for #SXSWEDU #UVaMOOC Planning, Process, Ideas

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Information about MOOCovery for #SXSWEDU #UVaMOOC Planning, Process, Ideas

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: kristinopalmer


MOOCovery - #MOOCovery Meet up @ 5PM in Loft Bar Stace Carter Kristin Palmer @kpatwork

Take Aways Planning Process New Ideas #MOOCovery



Establish Expectations and Responsibility • Kick-off meeting: IP, copyright, renumeration, best practices and course agreement • Task List: who does what and when does stuff need to happen • Look and feel: budget, branding and production value$ #MOOCovery

Process: Team Communication #MOOCovery

Process: You need Structure… • Course Structure - By Week, By Lesson - • From outline to LMS design to Forum Design • Use Learning Outcomes as a guidepost #MOOCovery


Process: Forums • Recognize Your Limits, be “Joyfully Overwhelmed”. • Crisis Policy #MOOCovery

11. Find Your Place #MOOCovery


Reach Your Full Potential: Ever Green #MOOCovery

Reach Your Full Potential #MOOCovery

We are grateful… #UVaMOOC #MOOCovery

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