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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: Montavo



Montavo is deploying an advanced marketing & advertising technology solution. The Montavo ad platform offers advertisers the unique opportunity to review a “ad spend to gross profit” ratio gauge (the Ad Spendometer) which generates and displays a ROI report of their brick-&-mortar stores (not just their on-line store) sales revenue & profits specifically attributed & correlated to their advertising costs (no other ad network has this capability). This means advertisers know in real-time for every dollar they spend in advertising on the Montavo ad platform, how many dollars came back including brick-&-mortar store sales revenue & profits specifically related to their ad spend.

I KNOW I’M WASTING 50% OF MY AD SPEND BUT WHICH 50%? GET THE FACTS, NOT IMPRESSIONS. Anyone will promise you ad impressions; some will offer you specific demographics. But, what you really need to know is how many people saw your ad, went to the store and bought your product? With Montavo you’ll get the only analytics that really count: sales and profitability, directly linked to who saw your ad, from what properties, on what devices, on what date/time and from what location? As Arthur C. Clarke once famously said, “Any truly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Get the magic, get Montavo! +1 425.747.5500 Now You Know!™

Executive Summary Summary of Investment Opportunity •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• Differentiating global value proposition: Perfect clarity for Advertising ROI analysis Veteran, seasoned executive team with strong track record of generating substantial shareholder returns Proven market with strong CAGR - ~$156 billion (U.S. est.), $500 billion (Global est.) annually Opportunity is optimized to mobile and online advertising, the fastest-growing segments of the advertising market Montavo technology is ideally positioned to take advantage of the latest paradigm shift in TV technology, plus the social TV revolution, and garner a significant share of the largest advertising medium Business model re-distributes a fraction of existing ad spending, as opposed to seeking incremental monies or requiring competitive takeaways Proven product delivery team Critical Distribution and Service Delivery Partnerships What is Your Return on Advertising? Throughout the history of human commerce, marketing has been considered a “soft” discipline, debatably part science, part art. With the emergence of “big data” and analytics, enormous volumes of real-time data have been amassed, crunched and interpreted in an attempt to better understand the relationship between consumer advertising and the subsequent bricks & mortar purchase behavior. eCommerce models bridged this gap, but only for the 15% of consumer spending that results in an online purchase. For the 85% of consumer spending, driven by online and TV advertising, that concluded with an in-store purchase, the task has been impossible, until now. U.S. Advertising Spending by Media Type in $ Millions (est.) Media Type CAGR 2014 2015 2016 2017 Mobile Advertising 22.09% $5,400 $7,100 $8,200 $9,700 Internet PC Advertising 13.70% $38,490 $42,935 $48,839 $54,755 Print Advertising -10.74% $18,103 $16,293 $14,338 $12,330 2.5% $73,767 $75,611 $77,501 $79,439 $135,760 $141,939 $148,878 $156,224 TV Advertising U.S. Totals 5.43% The phenomenal growth of mobile technologies in general, and mobile and digital advertising, specifically, is unlocking an array of opportunities that did not exist five years ago. U.S. spending on digital advertising is forecasted to grow to more than $74 billion in 2017 at a CAGR of nearly 15%. At the same time, and driven by the convergence of networked devices and TVs, new modes of content consumption on as many as five classes of device, will continue to drive TV advertising as a critical medium, reaching nearly $80 billion in 2017. According to Jonathan Alferness, director of product management-mobile ads lead at Google, “One thing that has to happen is a better understanding of when mobile is driving sales in-store … That’s the holy grail”. Montavo will deliver this Holy Grail. Company Confidential Rev. 1.6.8 Page 2 of 3

Executive Summary The Team Management Brook Lang, Founder & CEO - seasoned executive from Sony, T-Mobile and numerous entrepreneurial start-up companies with a strong wireless sales background. Steve Moore, Working Chairman - former Director/COO/Chairman of Contour, CEO of WatchGuard, key roles at The Boeing Company, private technology investor, board advisor to AdmitOne, n2 Systems, IntellectSpace. Syed Hussain, Chief Technology Architect - formerly Chief Technology Architect for Razorfish (Publi- cis), deep domain expertise in the architecting, design, development and deployment of a broad range of advertising analytics and intelligence systems. John brenneman, Chief Financial Officer (via VCFO) - over 30 years spent in various C-level opera- tional and financial executive roles. Some past roles have included executive positions at Limelight Networks/VPS Solutions, Delve Networks, Mpire Corporation (acquired by comScore) and Tessera (now Onconome). Jim Tarr, VP Marketing (via JTC) - 15+ years in marketing positions at technology companies such as Microsoft,, Verizon, and others. Managed product categories in Software, Ad tech, and Mobile Apps. Company Confidential Rev. 1.6.8 Page 3 of 3

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