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Information about monkey menace solution , freedom from monkey problms

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: indolite



MonkeyScare™ is the sure way to barricade our premises and block entry of monkeys inside our property. It is also a perfect Anti Climbing Device.
monkey scareBarbed wire and glass have failed to deter monkeys, whereas MonkeyScare™ is a reliable and dependable product which, when fixed on the boundary walls, acts as a barricade and immediately stops the entry of monkeys, thieves, snakes etc from that moment. By fixing the same around pole/ tree etc. monkeys can be stopped from climbing.

bird spikesMonkeys can’t fly. So to enter your premises, monkeys firstly step on the boundary wall and then jump inside. Sharp spikes on MonkeyScare™ prevent monkeys from stepping on it, thus block entry.
monkeyscareOverhead water tanks are most prone to monkey attacks. Monkeys break plastic water tanks, pull out pipes resulting in major plumbing expenditure.
MonkeyScare™ is the latest invention to curb the menace of monkeys. Though it is polished way of the age old technique, but the innovated design has made it the most economical, efficient, effective and humane product to tackle the simians. Installation too is very easy.

Barricade your premises. using “Shock Track” 24 X 7 Protection Intelligent Controller Solar Power Option Available Very effective to scare away Birds & Monkeys

Shock Track Indolite offers Bird & Monkey Proofing services on turnkey basis. Solutions offered: •Anti Bird Net: Specially fabricated net to barricade entry of birds •IndoLaser™: Laser Deterrent to Scare Away Birds & Animals •IndoSonic™: Ultrasonic Sound Devices •BirdScare™: Polycarbonate Bird Deterrent Spikes •MonkeyScare™: Physical Barrier to stop Monkeys New Model •ShockTrack™: Electric Fencing

Shock Track What is Shock Track? This is a 50 mm wide polymeric belt made of bad conductor of electricity. It’s flexible construction provides better grip over all kind of surfaces and geometries. Since, this is to be fixed in open, to combat atmospheric conditions special additives are added to make it strong to encounter Sun and Snow for at least five years. This belt acts as a carrier for “+ve & -ve” exposed conductors. New Model

Shock Track How does it work? Animals remember sites which pose threat to them. Shock Track is fixed in the passage used by monkeys/ animals. Very mild current travels thru +ve & -ve exposed conductors fixed on Shock Track. Whenever monkey steps on these conductors, electrical circuit gets completed using his body which generates electric stimulus. It provokes a displeasing feeling and sense of threat. Scared with this, these animals/ monkeys stop using this passage.

Shock Track Is it Safe? Yes. This product is designed with utmost care. It is built to scare – not to harm. What is the magnitude of SHOCK? Only 0.25 - 0.50 amps of current flows through it. Voltage ranges between 70 - 100 Volts. Both can be adjusted with a controller provided with the system. Depending on intensity of infestation, we can increase/ decrease current/ voltage within permissible parameters. Jolt generated by Shock Track is not harmful. It gives an unpleasant feeling.

Shock Track How is it fixed? Depending on the surface of application, it can be fixed using double side adhesive tape or using screw/ nail. What kind of POWER SUPPLY is needed to operate this? This system consumes very less power. This can run on: • AC current available in every household. •Battery •Solar System New Model

Shock Track Can it be used in Open? What is the effect of SUN, RAIN or SNOW on this? Shock Track can be fixed anywhere. It is made to work in all weather conditions. Controller is to be kept in safe and dry place. What happens if SNOW deposits on Shock Track? Shock Track is a very intelligent system. In built sensor shuts it off in case of short circuit caused due to deposition of snow or rain. It’s controller periodically keeps on checking whether circuit is free from snow/ water deposit. Once it is free, system resets itself and starts working again. New Model

Shock Track What if a tree adjoining House is used by Monkeys as access aid? Simple: Shock Track is fixed on few branches. Specially on the branches leaning on the house. When Monkeys step in these branches, electric current reminds them not to come on this tree again. Same can be used for poles also.

Shock Track New Model More Robust - More Durable - More Effective Better Installation Better Insulation Better Fencing

CONTACT DETAILS: Administrative cum Sales office: 18, Raja Garden, New Delhi 110 015 Ph. +91-11-45149599, +91 99 11 9191 99 Thanks for your time

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