Mongolia festivals-All about Culture and Religion

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Information about Mongolia festivals-All about Culture and Religion

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: jacob615



Mongol is an ancient ethnic group proud of its splendid customs and cultures. Of course, they have their own religions and festivals. These rich festivals show the symbolic characters that only the Mongolian people shaped.

Mongolia Festivals-All about Culture and Religion Visit China to the Inner Mongolia region, join in the festivals to know the unique Mongolian culture and make the best of your China tour. Mongol is an ancient ethnic group proud of its splendid customs and cultures. Of course, they have their own religions and festivals. These rich festivals show the symbolic characters that only the Mongolian people shaped. With green grassland and herds of cows, Mongolia region ranks one of the most beautiful places to visit in China. Most Mongolian people believe Shamanism, which is an ancient primitive religion among their ancestors. Shamanism worships all kinds of natural deities and believes that great men can go to Heaven after their death. During the 16th century, the Tibetan Buddhism had gained its popularity and many Buddhists' statues and monasteries were built. Nowadays, various kinds of religions are found among Mongols, such as Taoism, Islam, Christianity and so on. If you plan tours China in Mongolia region, Mongols people talk something about Tengri and you may confused about this. Tengri, meaning the Heaven, is the greatest God in the Mongols' eyes. It is the forefather of all kinds of natural phenomena in Mongolian culture and the most powerful deities to dominate everything. Worshipping the Tengri is the most important fiesta for Mongols, during which all the people will hold grand ceremony and consecrate milk products and live animals to the Tengri as tributes. Mongols will also worship the Ovoo, meaning rubble, is actually a solid tower made by rubbles located in an open area with beautiful landscapes. The worshipping ceremony will be held every year when the land is covered by flourish green grass. All the Mongols, young or old, will take out some cooked beef and mutton to pray good weather for crops. Tourists running across this ceremony will be amazed by the grand worshipping troop. If you plan to visit China, Mongolian region is one of the perfect places to visit in China as you can see beautiful Mongolian scenery as well as many ethnic festivals.

Besides unique religion and beliefs, the Mongols also have their own traditional Mongolian cultures. The most important festival in a year is the Baiyue (White Moon Festival), which is set in the last day of the year and is regarded as the Mongolian Spring Festival. It is of unique Mongolian traditional style during which there is always families reunions, gathering, dancing, singing and even horse racing contests which can add great fun to the festival. Another important festival is the Nadam Fair (Held on Lunar 4th in June), which is a convergence of all kinds of activities of typical Mongolian style. Nadam is a Mongolian word meaning Game or Entertainment and traditionally there are sports like wrestling, horse racing, archery, dance, and the exchange of goods. Nowadays, more activities have been included in the festivals, such as athletics, ball games, theatrical performances, photo exhibitions, and film screenings, production experience exchange, all these new activities making the Nadam one of the most popular and colorful to share. Other festivals include Lantern Burning Day, Luban Festival and Horse Milk Day. It is known that the Mongols, no matter man or women are good at dancing and singing. During all these festivals, there are grand dancing shows together with many other unique Mongolian traditions. If you are interested in Mongolian culture and religion, you can visit one of any Mongolian region during any of the festivals, which will surely draw your attention and enrich your life. Mongolia - one of the most engaging places to visit in China shows its charming to all people from all over the world. Do visit China to see the Mongolian region and ride your own horse!

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