mongoDB: Why it should (not) replace your SQL database?

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Information about mongoDB: Why it should (not) replace your SQL database?

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: mkowalski8



Can MongoDB replace SQL, one of the most popular database model in the world? Are we going to not use relational data models in future? The aim of the presentation is to present basic information about the noSQL and MongoDB. It tries to answer this questions by showing interesting possibilites of this noSQL database.

Maciej Miara, February 2014

• Non-relational database model • Easy horizontal scalability • Different data structures: - key-value store - key-value cache - object database - document store - graph store - wide-column store • Denormalization


• • •

Data structure • • • •

Data structure

Object ID • • ObjectId("507f191e810c19729de860ea") Seconds since the Unix epoch Machine identifier Process id Counter, starts with random value

Schema • • • •

Schema • • •

Schema Second query confirms, that mongo returns null, when attribute is not found in document

Querying embedded data • •

Querying embedded data

Capped collections • • • • db.createCollection("log", { capped : true, size : 5242880, max : 5000 }) • Good for logs or temporary data

Map-Reduce • • • • •

Map-Reduce • • • • • • •

Before Map-Reduce

Map-Reduce • • • • •

Map-Reduce • •

Indexes • • • • • •

Single field indexes Source: • May be used on embedded documents • Ascending or descending

Compound indexes • Index put on many fields • Sorting asc/desc for all fields Source:

Multikey indexes Source: • Index added for all items in array • Multikey compound indexes may hold only one compound index on array

Geospatial indexes • • • •

Geospatial queries • • • • • • •

Geospatial queries • • • • • • • •

Geospatial queries - examples Source:

Full text search • • • • • •

Full text search Source: Supported languages: danish, dutch, english, finnish, french, german, hungaria n, italian, norwegian, portuguese, norwegian, rommani an, russian, spanish, swedish, turkish

Sharding • • • •

Sharding Source:

Shard keys • • •

Shard keys – range keys Source:

Shard keys – hash keys Source:

Javascript driven • • • •

ACID • • • •

Transaction system • • •

Initial Let’s assume we have: Let’s start! Source:

Pending Beginning of operation. From now transaction is in progress Source:

Do what you need to do db.accounts.update({name: t.source, pendingTransactions: {$ne: t._id}}, {$inc: {balance: -t.value}, $push: {pendingTransactions: t._id}}) db.accounts.update({name: t.destination, pendingTransactions: {$ne: t._id}}, {$inc: {balance: t.value}, $push: {pendingTransactions: t._id}}) db.accounts.find() Perform operations that should be realized in one step. Here account’s balances are updated.

Committed All operations performed, so transaction is committed properly Source:

Remove pending Operations done, no longer pending Result: Source: { "_id" : ObjectId("4d7bc97fb8a04f5126961523"), "balance" : 900, "name" : "A", "pendingTransactions" : [ ] } { "_id" : ObjectId("4d7bc984b8a04f5126961524"), "balance" : 1100, "name" : "B", "pendingTransactions" : [ ] }

Done Change transaction state to done Source:

Failure reaction • • •

Rollback • •

Journaling • • • •

Write concern • • • • •

Unacknowledged Source:

Acknowledged Source:

Journal acknowledged Source:

Replica acknowledged Source:

Some people complain about Mongo, but…

…they just don’t know, why they chose it

• • • • • • „My friend from studies used it” „I was just curious” „Recommended by other company (in their project it worked well)” „Technical (!) client wanted it” „After all-night long party I decided to use it” „I heard that Microsoft/Google/NYT/(fill in any corpo you want) uses it”

Do NOT use Mongo, if you: • like joins • Need really transactional system • Have relational data • Want full ACID without any compromises

Any questions?

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