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Published on July 2, 2009

Author: mdirolf



MongoDB talk from the July '09 London PHP meetup.

open-source, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database

RDBMS • Great for many applications • Shortcomings • Scalability • Flexibility

CAP Theorem • Consistency • Availability • Tolerance to network Partitions • Pick two

ACID vs BASE • Atomicity • Basically Available • Consistency • Soft state • Isolation • Eventually consistent • Durability

Schema-free • Loosening constraints - added flexibility • Dynamically typed languages • Migrations

BigTable • Single master node • Row / Column hybrid • Versioned

BigTable • Open-source clones: • HBase • Hypertable

Dynamo • Simple Key/Value store • No master node • Write to any (many) nodes • Read from one or more nodes (balance speed vs. consistency) • Read repair

Dynamo • Open-source clones • Project Voldemort • Cassandra - data model more like BigTable • Dynomite

memcached • Used as a caching layer • Essentially a key/value store • RAM only - fast • Does away with ACID

Redis • Like memcached • Different • Values can be strings, lists, sets • Non-volatile

Tokyo Cabinet + Tyrant • Key/value store with focus on speed • Some more advanced queries • Sorting, range or prefix matching • Multiple storage engines • Hash, B-Tree, Fixed length and Table

• A lot in common with MongoDB: • Document-oriented • Schema-free • JSON-style documents

• Differences • MVCC based • Replication as path to scalability • Query through predefined views • ACID • REST

• Focus on performance • Rich dynamic queries • Secondary indexes • Replication / failover • Auto-sharding • Many platforms / languages supported

Good at • The web • Caching • High volume / low value • Scalability

Less good at • Highly transactional • Ad-hoc business intelligence • Problems that require SQL

Mongo PHP Driver • PHP extension • Available on PECL pecl install mongo

Document • Unit of storage (think row) • Just an Array • Can store dates, integers, floating point, strings, etc.

Collection • Schema-free equivalent of a table • Logical groups of documents • Indexes are per-collection

Blog back-end

Post array(‘author’ => ‘mike’, ‘date’ => new MongoDate(), ‘text’ => ‘my blog post...’, ‘tags’ => array(‘mongodb’, ‘php’))

New post $doc = array(‘author’ => ‘mike’, ‘date’ => new MongoDate(), ‘text’ => ‘my blog post...’, ‘tags’ => array(‘mongodb’, ‘php’)); $collection->save($doc);

Last 10 posts $cursor = $posts->find()-> sort(array(‘date’=>-1))-> limit(10); foreach($cursor as $post) { echo $post[‘text’]; }

Posts by author $posts->find(array(‘author’=>‘mike’))

Posts ending with ‘PHP’ $posts->find(array(‘text’=>new MongoRegex(‘/PHP$/’)))

Posts with a tag $posts->find(array(‘tag’=>‘mongodb’)) ... and fast $posts->ensureIndex(array(‘tag’=>1))

Counting posts $posts->count() $posts->find(array(‘author’=>‘mike’))->count()

Migration: adding titles • Easy - just start adding them to documents

Advanced queries • $gt, $lt, $gte, $lte, $ne, $all, $in, $nin • $where clause “ == ‘mike’ || this.comments.length > 5” • group

Other cool stuff • Capped collections • Unique indexes • Mongo shell • GridFS • morph - mongodb-morph/

• Download MongoDB • Install the PHP Driver • Try it out!

• • • mongodb-user on google groups • @mongodb, @mdirolf • •

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