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Information about Moneytree - Data Aggregation with SWF

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: RossSharrott



An outline of how Moneytree uses Amazon SWF to coordinate our backend aggregation workflow. Focuses on how to run a large scale distributed system with a few developers while still sleeping at night.

Ross Sharrott Founder / CTO @moneytreejp

Who Am I? Ross Sharrott Founder & CTO of Moneytree American 10 Years in Japan (Feb 24!) Previously Senior IT Manager Love distributed architectures in the cloud

What is Moneytree? Internet banking is fragmented; not simple

Email is Simple Gmail Yahoo! Work, etc. For mail we use just ONE app!

Radically simplify your relationship with money

and make it beautiful.

Data Aggregator Our Goals: Download accounts for 1M people every day Deliver new data in < 1 minute 2-3 developers Sleep at night

First Idea I know…I’ll use a queue!

Original Queue Based Process Download Data Process Statements Store Data

1 Account / Many Statements But we had a problem… To determine a CC balance, we need information from multiple statements We needed a post statement process Download Data Process Statements Post Process Statements Store Data + Additional Information

What We Needed Download Data Process Statements • Statement 1 • Statement 2 • Many More Post Process

Queue Falls Down I know…I’ll use a queue! Queues are linear Where are we in the process? Logged in yet? Processing data? What do you do when a job fails? How do you relate jobs to one workflow?

Enter SWF AWS Managed Service Coordinates Workflows / Maintains history Provides multiple queues called Task Lists Handle decision points with Deciders Perform tasks with Activity Workers

Real World – A Restaurant

SWF World – A Restaurant Decider – does nothing, makes decisions Workflow Starter – takes orders Activity Worker – makes food Activity Worker – distributes food SWF – maintains history, distributes tasks

Activity Worker Very similar to any queue worker Handles a specific task Polls a Task List to get new info Reports activity success or failure Puts results in a DB or on S3, etc.

Workflow Decider Uses workflow history to make decisions Schedules tasks Handles rescheduling failures & timeouts Reacts to external events (Signals) Reacts to completion events

Moneytree’s Workflow Statement Download Data Post Process Statement

Moneytree’s SWF Architecture

1 Day of Work Yesterday: 70,000 Workflows Average Completion Time: 1 Minute 575,000 Decision Tasks 146,000 Statements Processed 70,000 Aggregation Tasks 70,000 Post Process Tasks

Data Aggregator Our Goals:  1M people every day  Deliver new data in < 1 minute  2-3 developers  Sleep at night

How To Sleep At Night Make Workers Scalable Avoid SWF API Throttling Expect Failures Measure Everything

Make Workers Scalable Separate concerns into individual workers Scale each worker process individually Automate scaling your workers Make workers idempotent You can always try again

Avoid API Throttling Don’t call GetWorkflowHistory Stress test your implementation Limits are by Region, not domain! Get your limits raised We hit limits on day 1 Use exponential retry Have a circuit breaker

Expect Failures Cloud = Failures Dyno / EC2 instance restarts Network & Service outages Don’t wait for failed processes Use aggressive timeouts Use heartbeats for long processes

Monitor Everything Use Performance Monitoring 10x increase in performance = 10x workers New Relic & Cloudwatch Centralize Logging Cloud resources disappear w/their logs Papertrail / Logentries Log Everything & Setup Alerts If you don’t log it, you can’t fix it

Sleep At Night Make Workers Scalable Avoid SWF API Throttling Expect Failures Measure Everything

Thank You! Moneytree is hiring! iOS Developers API Developers / AWS Dev Ops Technology Ninjas Ross Sharrott Founder / CTO @moneytreejp

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