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Published on December 12, 2007

Author: Chyou


Money Handling:  Money Handling Chapter 12 Highlights Guest Check has 3 Roles:  Guest Check has 3 Roles Order food and drink from the kitchen/bar Obtain payment from the guest Accounting- cost control department - an account of items sold Manual Checks:  Manual Checks Information Box may contain: Date, table #, server, # of guests, time order taken, sequential # of guest check Body of Guest Check: Place to write what is ordered, how it is prepared, special/specific requests Total charged for all items, taxes, and service charges where applicable Customer Receipt Stub: Name of operation, logo, date of transaction, total amount of bill Sequential number of guest check Guest Checks from POS:  Guest Checks from POS Same information as manual checks Advantages: Usually easier for the guest to read “Modifiers” usually do not print A “dupe” is stored in the system Technically, less chance for errors In communicating w/ kitchen or bar In calculating the total due Manager can use check information to derive::  Manager can use check information to derive: Number of guests served that day Number of tables served that day Number of meals served that day Number of tables or meals per server Then manager can determine::  Then manager can determine: Sales per server or per guest Average Check for the operation Average Check per server Sales per hour (labor forecasting) Items sold per server (contests) Check that the guest check sequence is being followed Check Sequence:  Check Sequence In a manual check system, guest checks should be "issued” Used/unused signed in & out at each shift In a POS system Servers should turn in copies Checked against a printed server report Guest checks should be treated like $$$$ Order Writing:  Order Writing People who need to understand guest check include: Any and all servers Kitchen staff and bartenders Guest Cashier, Manager, Bookkeeper Order Writing:  Order Writing All Abbreviations should be standardized by management In a manual system, this is required In a POS system, this can be optional, but... No standards = opportunities for miscommunication What if the POS system crashes? Check Presentation:  Check Presentation Review check for amount of each item, subtotal, tax and service charge Need to review check to be sure that: All items sold are recorded (beverages!) Restaurant collects what is owed Guest is not overcharged Do not be defensive with guests about billing Voids:  Voids Circle - do not erase! Write a brief explanation on check Record voided amount Require manager’s initials Voids are important to track! GM or bookkeeper should check void times periodically Forms of Payment:  Forms of Payment Server needs to know about: House accounts Promotional discounts Coupons Gift certificates Prepaid or promotional complimentary meals Forms of Payment:  Forms of Payment Personal Checks Ask for I.D. Check numerical figure to written number Traveler's Checks Must sign 2nd signature in front of you Check against counterfeit info sheets Forms of Payment:  Forms of Payment Credit Cards Credit Card slips are like money! Some systems accept credit or debit cards Gift Certificates Proper details are included when issuing Check redeemed for information Cash back? Merchandise only? (donations) Problems with Payment:  Problems with Payment If credit card is declined then : Try again Ask for another form of payment and blame machine Consider pulling host away from guest to handle the situation Problems with Payment:  Problems with Payment Cash Transactions Count cash before leaving the table Write total amount of money received on check Count change then perform other requests for money Do not “break” change w/out permission Count from what is owed to amount paid Problems with Payment:  Problems with Payment "Walk-out" or "Dine ‘n Dash" Assume guest has forgotten to pay and be tactful Tell manager ASAP if guest leaves the area You should not leave the building! Robbery Stay Calm Do not be a hero unnecessarily Gratuities:  Gratuities Tip originally about innkeeper keeping a secret! TIP - “To Insure Promptness” TIPS - “to insure proper service” Gratuities:  Gratuities "Service Compris” All gratuity charges are included in total Common in some countries Some travelers assume it’s done here Service Charge Usually between 15 and 20 % Must be announced to guest somewhere Gratuities:  Gratuities Charlie Trotter in Chicago pays servers full salary and prices reflect total labor costs Tips are taxable by the IRS Servers are responsible for their own record keeping Record on 4070 A (Daily Record of Tips) Summary:  Summary Accurate information is important Consistent language is needed Systems for money handling should be implemented and monitored Gratuity is not free money Restaurateurs have investors, creditors and payroll - money must be handled correctly!

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