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Published on October 1, 2007

Author: Natalia


The monasteries which follow the early monastic prayer traditions:  The monasteries which follow the early monastic prayer traditions Routines today The Benedictines at Guadalupe:  The Benedictines at Guadalupe Here is the horarium (daily schedule) in use at the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe: 3:00  a.m. Rise 3:30  Matins 4:30  Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) 5:30  Lauds 6:00  Angelus, Private Mass,          Prayer 7:00  Breakfast 7:30  Prime 8:00  Lectio Divina 9:30  Terce, Conventual Mass 10:30  Class, Study/ Manual Work 11:45  Sext 2:00  Angelus, Lunch  2:00  p.m. (the office of) None  2:15  Manual Work  5:30  Vespers, Prayer 6:30  Dinner  7:30  Compline, Angelus  8:00  Retire Slide4:  Vigils, lauds, terce, sext, none, vespers and compline are the seven “hours” of the liturgy of the hours or opus Dei (work of God) as St. Benedict called it in his Rule. They are common prayer services, the prayer of the Church as well as the prayer of our community. None of these “hours” actually lasts an hour. All seven add up to two and a half or two and three-quarters hours. The backbone of these services is the 150 psalms, sung or recited according to a two-week cycle. At each hour there is also a hymn, reading from Scripture, prayer of the day and commemoration of Our Lady. Some of the brothers recite a simple office of Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory Be to the Fathers in another part of the monastery. The monks and others who pray the liturgy of the hours do so on behalf of the Church, and of all humankind, to praise, thank and petition God throughout the day. Guests are welcome to join us for any of these services as well as for the community Mass. The Abbey of Gethsemane, a Trappist Monastery in Kentucky, USA A Cloistered Carmel Sister's Daily Routine Their daily routine centres around prayer - personal andliturgical. Teresian prayer is not just recitation of prayers but a way of life including the practice of virtue. Teresian prayer is an attitude of faith and love that is cultivated through an atmosphere of solitude, silence and detachment. Daily participation in the Eucharist Sacrifice renews them constantly in their desire to sacrifice themselves for the salvation of humanity. Along with their brother priests, they are obliged to the daily official prayer of the Church - the Divine Office which they recite seven times a day. Their Rule mentions the injunction of St. Paul, that those who do not work, should not eat. And in most of their communities, all the house-work is done by the Sisters themselves. Here in Bangalore, it is they who supply the hosts to many of the Parishes in the City. They also do needle work and gardening. Their daily community schedule included also meals and recreation in common. Following the earliest monastic traditions we gather at six different times each day to pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Praying the very psalms which Jesus prayed we are brought more deeply in touch with all the joys and struggles of the human heart. With the tenderness of Christ we hold in our hearts all of God's precious people. We share their suffering, rejoice in their joys, and intercede for all their needs. The Carthusian Way of life:  The Carthusian Way of life

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