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Published on January 8, 2008

Author: Penelope


MOLLUSKS:  MOLLUSKS 100,000 plus species Live everywhere – ocean, streams, tree tops, etc. Soft bodied animals Have an internal or external shell FORM & FUNCTION:  FORM & FUNCTION 4 Basic Parts Foot Mouth/feeding parts Mantle Delicate tissue layer that covers most of body Shell Made by glands in mantle that secrete Calcium Carbonate Visceral Mass Contains the internal organs FEEDING:  FEEDING Every type found: herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, filter feeder, detritus feeder, and parasitic Radula – think sandpaper Snails and slugs Tongue like structure with 100’s tiny teeth Inside is a stiff rod of cartilage Used to bring in food or drill through shell FEEDING:  FEEDING Octopi Have radula and sharp jaws Can poison their prey Clams, Oysters, and Scallops Filter feeders Use gills and cilia to move food into the mouth RESPIRATION:  RESPIRATION Breath using their gills and in the mantle cavity Have to keep the surface area moist, stay in/around water to breath INTERNAL TRANSPORT:  INTERNAL TRANSPORT Both open and closed circulatory systems Snails and slugs – open circulatory system Blood moves in vessels and sinus cavities Not efficient, but slow moving so it works Octopi – closed circulatory system Blood moves in blood vessels Faster moving EXCRETION:  EXCRETION Solid waste removal – Anus Cell waste removal – Nephridia Produce ammonia – poisonous to the mollusk RESPONSE:  RESPONSE Simple Ganglia near mouth, few nerve cords, simple sense organs – balance, touch, chemical and eyespots Complex Brain, nervous system – see, touch, intelligence Octopi Can be reward/punish trained REPRODUCTION:  REPRODUCTION External Fertilization Sexes are seperate Release sperm and egg into the open water Meet by chance Internal Fertilization Sexes separate or in same organisms GASTROPODS:  GASTROPODS Snail, slug, abalone, conch, etc. Think shellfish Means stomach foot Both shell and shell-less Shell for protection Shell-less: bad tasting or poisonous Bivalvia:  Bivalvia Two-shelled mollusks Clams, oysters, and scallops Sessile Burrow, stick to rocks Can move by flapping their shells Mantle glands Make exterior shell Release mother-of-pearl on inside of shell to keep it smooth: how a pearl is made CEPHALOPODS:  CEPHALOPODS Means head-foot – head is attached to the foot Octopi, squid, cuttlefish, and nautiluses Most have 8 tentacles with round sucking discs Discs used to grab and hold prey Bilateral body symmetry Most have internal shell or no shell Shell for protection No shell can swim or crawl fast – use jet propulsion, release ink that has a foul taste to get away CEPHALOPODS:  CEPHALOPODS Most active Mollusk Can change colors to adapt to their environment Caused by chromatophore cells – special skin cells MOLLUSK IMPACTS:  MOLLUSK IMPACTS Feed on plants – slugs, snails Prey on other animals Clean-up surroundings by eating detritus Filter feeders – environmental monitors Pollutants become concentrated in tissues Food source for people and other animals May contain high amounts of pathogens, toxins, or pollutants – can cause sickness or death MOLLUSKS IN ACTION:  MOLLUSKS IN ACTION White-lipped snail Leopard Slug, Somerville, MA Information courtesy of, nova, marine bay, and pbs MOLLUSKS NOT IN ACTION:  MOLLUSKS NOT IN ACTION Oyster Sauce Octopuses at Tsukiji fish market Fried calamari: breaded, deep-fried squid. MONDAY - CLAM:  MONDAY - CLAM CLAM Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Mollusca Class: Bivalvia

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