Mokshkarma Astrologer and Vastu Consultants in Delhi, NCR, Vanaransi,

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Information about Mokshkarma Astrologer and Vastu Consultants in Delhi, NCR, Vanaransi,

Published on November 23, 2017

Author: mokshkarma


MokshKarma: MokshKarma Mokshakarma is a knowledge pool of qualified pundits and astrologers, who have come under the able guidance of Pt. Kaviraaj (Jyotish Aacharya & Vaastu Consultant) to help you seek solutions and find spiritual well being . Pandit for Puja: Pandit for Puja Our P uja Services- Pitr Shanti Pujan Vastu Pujan New Office Pujan Kartik J anam Y a N eech K a Surya K rantisamya or M ahapat Shanti S urya G rehan J anam Pujan A maavasya J anam Puja S ankranti D osh Shanti Ek Nakshatra Janam Pujan krishna Chaturdashi Janam Pujan Gndmool Nakshtra Janam Slide3: Maha Mrityunjya Jaap Santaan Gopala Jaap Baglamukhi Jaap Brahaspati Shanti Pujan Shukra Shanti Pujan Shani Shanti Pujan Rahu Shanti Pujan Ketu Shanti Pujan Stya Narayan Katha Bhagwat Katha Akhand Ramayan Paath Vishunu Sahastranam Vivaah Sanskaar Engagement Apply Vastu & Double Up Your Wealth Happiness & Abundance: Apply Vastu & Double Up Y our W ealth Happiness & Abundance MokshKarma  has been providing vastu Consultation to those clients who are planning to buy a property in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Vastu Consultation is also provided to people who have already occupied spaces either by buying or leasing it. Astrology And Vastu Consultation: Astrology And Vastu Consultation Our Astrologer Dr. Archaya P. Sanjay  M. Sc. LLB., a lawyer and journalist has great admiration for astrology, astronomy, numerology, Lal kitab and Mantras. He has a scientific back ground and he did a lot of research on these subjects. Providing Astro -Palm consultation to people's problems has become the sole aim and object of his life.

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