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Published on June 26, 2007

Author: BAWare


Finland in the movies:  Finland in the movies By: Jaana Moilanen Topics::  Topics: Some critical events that have affected the Finnish movie industry. Some interesting aspects, films, actors etc. Why? Because we are media students in Finland. Old films have sort of a magic in them, do not be afraid of different kind of films! First movie?:  First movie? 'Salaviinanpolttajat' (1907) 20 minutes. Comedy about secret alcohol making. First movie theater? Apartment rooms. 'Världens Rundt' ('Around the world') 1904. Its argued that the first might actually be founded into a bakery. First (and only..) movie theater that had walls made from glass (1916). It didn’t survive in the cold winter. 1910’s::  1910’s: War-censorship. No outside filming allowed. Raw-film and other materials were very hard to obtain. After the independence: Suomen Biografi Oy (1918). Suomen Filmikuvaamo (1919). Kino Palatsi (1919). 1920’s::  1920’s: 'Nummisuutarit' (Erkki Karu, 1923) Based on the novel by Aleksis Kivi. 'Pohjalaisia' (Jalmari Lahdensuo, 1925) First films about the Finnish 'häjyt', the mean northern people. Descendents of the real 'häjyt' appear in the film and it is said that they also fought real… Later interpretations:  'Härmästä poikia kymmenen' (1950)  Who plays the leading role?  'Häjyt' (2002) Suomi-Filmi:  Suomi-Filmi Suomen Filmikuvaamo (1919). Name changes to Suomi-Filmi at 1921. Fusion at 1926 that swallowed Suomen Biografi Oy and left Suomi-Filmi with the largest theater network in Finland. Erkki Karu as the founder, director, and producer of Suomi-Filmi. His every film ended with a picture of the Finnish flag. Renny Harlin has Finnish artifacts in his every movie. Was one of the leaders and founders of Suomi-Filmi and Suomen Filmiteollisuus. What happened at 1910-1920’s?:  What happened at 1910-1920’s? Finland: Movie industry really started to roll after a decade of trying. Film magazine 'Elokuva-aitta' was founded (1921-1968). Oy Suomen Yleisradio perustetaan (1926) World: First sound film is presented to the public by three German: Englel, Massolle and Voigt. (1923) 1930’s: From silent to sound.:  1930’s: From silent to sound. It took nearly a decade for the sound film to come to Finland. Dubbing was invented at 1931. It didn’t extend to Finland because of the financial reasons. 'Entertainment tax' of 40%? Silent film musicians fear for their jobs. Problems in sound films: Silent films had a live orchestra playing. Sound films had recorded orchestra playing. Not very much dialogues. First sound films::  First sound films: 'Sano se suomeksi' (1931) 'Vähän Aatamista ja vähän Eevastakin' (1931) 'Tukkipojan morsian' (1931) Who wants to be a movie star?:  Who wants to be a movie star? 1933: Movie magazine Elokuva-aitta sets out a competition for a 'movie-face'. Over 300 contestens. The 3 best are promised 'an appropriate part in Suomi-Filmi' Famous actors of 1930’s:  Famous actors of 1930’s So, who did play the leading role of 'Härmästä poikia kymmenen'? Tauno Palo::  Tauno Palo: Beloved star of the Finnish movie. Appeared in 65 movies (over 300 plays). Possessed all of the qualities that needed to be a star: Powerful acting. Good looks. Good voice (also a singer). Versatile roles and characters (from a vagabond to a professor). Charisma. A Love Story on film::  A Love Story on film: Tauno andamp; Ansa (1935-1956) Tauno & Ansa (1935-1956):  Tauno andamp; Ansa (1935-1956) Tauno Palo and Ansa Ikonen. Most beloved movie-couple ever. They made together 13 films, starting from the movie 'Kaikki rakastavat' (1935). Events of the 30’s::  Events of the 30’s: Bio Rex (1936) Erkki Karu got fired from the Suomi-Filmi Oy and founded the Suomen Filmiteollisuus Oy (1933). Next year Toivo Särkkä joined his company. Niskavuori-movies. Tauno Palo appeared as a father, son and suitor in these films. Slide16:  1. 2. 3. 4. 1930’s::  1930’s: 'Juurakon Hulda' (Valentin Vaala, 1937) Started to question after women's rights. 'Jääkärin morsian' (Risto Orko, 1938) This movie begins the 'era of the spectacles'. It has the greatest group-scene of the Finnish film history: 3000 men and 2000 horses. Beginning of 1940’s?:  Finland: In Finland war ('jatkosota') begins at 1941 and ends at 1944. Movies gave people psychiatrical meaning: life goes on, heroes. Shortage on materials. More movies than ever! Many crappy movies was born… World: 2nd World war begins at 1939 and ends at 1945. Beginning of 1940’s? 1940’s::  1940’s: Approximately 400 000 viewers per movie. 'Kulkurin Valssi' got over 1 million viewers which was every 4th Finn (at that time). Suomi-Filmi and Suomen Filmiteollisuus as the leaders of the movie industry. 'Finnish Hollywood' Grandma's perspective::  Grandma's perspective: Born at 1934, now 71 years old. She remembers best: Pikku pelimanni (1940, Toivo Särkkä) with violin genius Heimo Haitta (~ 14 years old) playing himself. 'Suomisen perhe' –movies. 'Linnaisten vihreä kamari' (1945, Valentin Vaala) 'Minä elän!' (1946, Ilmari Unho) 'Sysmäläinen'  Tandefelt Interview of Aila Arola 10.10.2005 Grandma's perspective::  Films back then: Picturing that time: dresses, manners, furniture etc. Always a good plot. Good actors. And movies now…: 'höpöhöpö' –stories (nonsense) Too much everything (shooting, killing, noise) Grandma's perspective: Interview of Aila Arola 10.10.2005 Suomisen perhe::  Suomisen perhe: Based on a famous radio-show. Lasse Pöysti and Maire Suvanto begin their careers. These movies represent the chronicles of the war-time Finland. Simple desire to live in peace. Freely translated to 'Family Suominen' View the clip “Kaivopuiston kaunis Regina”::  'Kaivopuiston kaunis Regina': Directed by Toivo Särkkä (1941): Believes that this kind of historical romance will get support on those horror filled times. Tauno Palo and Regina Linnanheimo. Freely translated to 'Beautiful Regina of Kaivopuisto (Wellpark)' Characters of Finnish film::  Characters of Finnish film: Regina vs. Ansa Finnish caricatures: Dark Regina: dark hair  bad girl Blond Ansa: blond hair  good girl Quess who wins? ;) Regina Linnanheimo appeared in 8 movies together with Tauno Palo. All three can be seen in 'Kulkurin valssi' (1941). “Kulkurin valssi” (1941):  'Kulkurin valssi' (1941) View the clip Ryhmy ja Romppainen::  Directed by Risto Orko (1941) These were the most known soldiers of the war. (imaginary though). Made the war lighter to handle with their smiles. Enemy was pictured as a woman… Ryhmy ja Romppainen: Freely translated to 'Ryhmy and Romppainen' Aknowledgements::  Aknowledgements: 'Yli rajan' (Wilho Ilmari, 1942) First international award as a finnish movie maker. Film festival in Venice. Jussi-statues: Elokuvajournalistit ry. ('Moviejournalists inc.') is founded. First awards given at 1944. At 60’s suddenly the company who granted Jussi-statues (Elokuvajournalistit ry.) disintegrates. Granting is continued by freshly established Filmiaura ry. From the year 1963 Jussi is granted to last years films (like the Oscars). Some economics…:  Some economics… Taxation: Movies were not taxed much before the war. After the war (1941) taxes were raised to 15%. Raised again at 1943 to 35%. Discount on taxes: Short films presented before the long film:  - 5% of the taxes (until 1960’s)  Produced lots of companies making only short films Increase on taxes: If the film showed sex or violence:  Increase of 30% And more economics…:  And more economics… Movie production was in serious crisis at 1946: Ticket sales increased by 40%. Expenses increased 10-times. Need for materials: Forced to film on different age and sensitive negatives. There never was a guarantee of the quality. 1950’s::  1950’s: Fennada was established. Suomi-Filmi (the oldest): Slowed down its production massively. Suomen Filmiteollisuus: Making more films than ever. TV came to homes. Video-recorders appear to TV-companies. Quality of the shows improved. Censorship… Movies in the 1950’s::  Movies in the 1950’s: 'Härmästä poikia kymmenen' (Ilmari Unho, 1950) Northern people, 'häjyt'. Finnish 'western' style. In the clip father (Tauno Palo) rages at the doorstep. Blond boy is his son. View the clip Movies in the 1950’s::  Movies in the 1950’s: 'Maailman kaunein tyttö' (1952) Tauno Palo and Armi Kuusela Miss Universum 'Me tulemme taas' (1953) Tapio Rautavaara the Olympic champion. … and Åke Lindman, Anneli Sauli, Tuija Halonen… 'Lentävä kalakukko' (1953) First movie with both Esa Pakarinen (a.k.a. 'Pekka') and Masa Niemi (a.k.a. 'Pätkä') 'Puupää' –movies (f.t. 'Woodhead-movies') “Puupää” –movies::  'Puupää' –movies: Movies for the whole family. Adventures of Pekka and Pätkä ('Shorty') and the nagging wife Justiina. 13 movies, based on a comic figures. At 1970’s still had 700 000 viewers. Who famous finnish director/ actor/ producer is he? (1953 -1960) Slide34:  'Tuntematon sotilas' Freely translated 'Unknown soldier' Claimed to be the greatest Finnish film ever. Edwin Laine (1955) Story based on a novel of Väinö Linna. Rights sold to Toivo Särkkä by 1 milj. FIM. Movie was made with 'a knife on the throat'. People finally could face the war that had been 10 years ago. View the clip. The dreaded TV::  The dreaded TV: TV appeared to the homes at 50’s. Regular TV-broadcasts were started at 1958. Movie industry fearfully has awaited for years. Jörn Donner suggested that there should be more movies 'for the whole family' so that people would bother to get away from home more. Other problems: Actors were on strike so there was many films with non-union actors like Anneli Sauli and Tapio Rautavaara. 1960’s::  1960’s: The end of Suomen Filmiteollisuus (SF): Bankrupt at 1965. Pertti 'Spede' Pasanen at his first leading role: Beginning of the legend called Spede. 'Pähkähullu Suomi' (1967, Jukka Virtanen) Finnish movie foundation is established at 1969. 1970’s::  1970’s: Jörn Donner has come back to Finland and is pushing limits on his cinematic descriptions of sexuality. Finland was still not ready for this. 62 Finnish films is presented on TV. Final transformation to color films completed. 'Jäniksen vuosi' (1977) Man abandons everything and finds a… hare to be his best friend. Based on a novel by Arto Paasilinna. 1980’s::  1980’s: Time for the VHS-recorders at home. For 30 years radio and TV lived happily without competitors. At 80’s the home-video-systems appeared. Systems: VCR (Philips, developed at the beginning of the 70’s) VHS (JVC, developed at the middle of the 70’s) Betamax (Sony, developed at the middle of the 70’s) Reasons to fear the videos::  Reasons to fear the videos: There was quickly large amount of movies available. New technology interested people. When all the 'fancy' stuff was taken away, people could by basic video-recorders inexpensively. Movie industry suffered in lower viewers and less interest in towards the domestic films. 1980’s::  1980’s: 'Arvottomat' (Mika Kaurismäki, 1982) Time for Finnish 'road-movies'. 'Pessi ja Illusia' (Heikki Partanen, 1983) Father of the animated pigs 'Hinku and Vinku' Based on the novel by Yrjö Pessi (1944). Midnight Sun Film Festival starts at 1986. 1990’s::  1990’s: Helsinki International Film Festival ry. (1991) Love and Anarchy for 14 years. DVD:s come to market at 1998. Finnish film is promoted higher than ever with VHS. 'Juha' (Aki Kaurismäki, 1999) The last silent film of the 1900’s. Why? Kaurismäki has said that he was tired of dialogues. 1990’s::  1990’s: 'Häjyt' (Aleksi Mäkelä, 1999) Modernizes the 'Pohjanmaa'- mythologue. Samuli Edelman and Juha Veijonen 21st Century::  21st Century: 'Levottomat' (Aku Louhimies, 2000) 'Nothing feels nothing' People that are empty from the inside. Digital broadcasts begin at 2001. 'Mies vailla menneisyyttä' (Aki Kaurismäki, 2002) Grand Prix award in Cannes Film Festival 2002. Highest award that Finnish film has ever received. Next Finnish film coming?:  Next Finnish film coming? Sources::  Sources: Internet: Literature: Peter von Bagh: Suomalaisen elokuvan uusi kultainen kirja (Otava, 2005) Kaarle Nordenstreng and Osmo A. Wiio: Suomen mediamaisema (WSOY, 2001) Others: SF-tarina, Suomen Filmiteollisuus Oy:n kolme vuosikymentä (Yleisradio AB, 1991, VHS) Suomalaisen animaation historia (Kirjastopalvelu Oy, VHS) Peter von Bagh: Kinopalatsi (Otava, 1996, CD-ROM) Interview on the phone: Aila Arola (10.10.2005) Pictures borrowed from::  Pictures borrowed from: Thank You!Comments?Questions?:  Thank You! Comments? Questions?

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