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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: The_Rock


Slide1:  Japanese Pervasive Game: Mogi Position & Emotion in a pervasive world BEIJING PERVASIVE GAME SYMPOSIUM AND WORKSHOP ‘The Future of Mobile and Pervasive Gaming in China’ Tsinghua University, January 2007 Copyright (c) 2007 Newt Games S.A. / Plus Eight Star Ltd, All rights reserved. Slide2:  Who’s talking? Slide3:  Benjamin JOFFE Me Slide4:  本杰明 Me Slide9:  CEO Slide10:  Mobile & Internet Business Consulting Slide11:  China Japan South Korea Slide12:  Sometimes the most direct route to innovation is to look abroad and translate what you find Slide13:  Sometimes the most direct route to innovation is to look abroad and translate what you find Tom Kelley General Manager of IDEO Author of The Art of Innovation Slide14: Slide16:  Co-Founder Slide17:  Organizer Slide18:  >100 participants every month Slide19:  2006 Presenters 3G Tribe Slide20: (next session: Jan. 29) Slide21:  2 years in China Slide22:  1 year in Korea Slide23:  4 years in Japan Slide26:  Asia Business Development Slide27:  ~1 year Slide28:  Mogi, Item Hunt Slide29:  6 months Slide31:  Before Mogi Slide32:  - “Where are you?” Slide33:  Pervasive games? Slide34:  The Next Big Thing Slide35:  Academic research projects Slide36:  No objective on profitability Slide37:  Pure academic Slide38:  Pure fun Slide39:  Until now… Slide40:  Interruptive Slide41:  Running Slide43:  Expensive hardware Slide46:  DoGA - Time Machine Navi (Japan) Slide47:  Few commercial applications Slide48:  None really took off yet… Slide49:  Gameplay Slide50:  PC world Slide51:  Levels Slide52:  PKs Slide53:  Botfighters (Europe) Slide54:  Hardcore Slide55:  Not for casual gamers Slide56:  (Not for girls) Slide57:  High development and running costs Slide58:  Not scalable Slide59:  US-based Slide60:  Weak mobile ecoystem Slide61:  Mogi: origins Slide62:  ‘Third generation location-based content’ Slide63:  1st Gen maps, navigation Slide64:  2nd Gen LBS fighting, fishing Simple social games Slide65:  3rd Gen Advanced social games With augmented reality Slide66:  (online chat with Mogi users in Aug. 05) “There is no mobile service as original anywhere in Japan” Ms N., Office worker Slide67:  (online chat with Mogi users in Aug. 05) “Mogi is a communication game that overcame distance” Mr P., University student Slide68:  2000 Slide70:  Fantasy layer on the world Slide71:  (1999) Slide72:  (1982) Slide73:  ‘Augmented reality’ Slide74:  Position = Opportunity for interaction Slide75:  MMMULBRPG Slide76:  (bless you) Slide77:  Mobile Massively Multiplayer Ubiquitous Location-Based Role-Playing Game Slide78:  Great idea Slide79:  Telecom bubble Slide80:  October 2001 Slide81:  Financed Slide82:  (0.5 million EUR) (5 million RMB) Slide83:  Developing Slide84:  Hard work Me Slide85:  Mobile (java on CDMA 1x) Web (Flash + Shockwave) Testing (on location?) Universe Server (always-on) GIS (real map data) + Gameplay… Me Slide86:  Too ambitious? Me Slide87:  Simplify Me Slide88:  Collection + Communication Me Slide89:  Blend in the day Slide90:  Japan Me Slide91:  Java handsets Me Slide92:  Fast network Me Slide93:  GPS Me Slide94:  April 2003 Me Slide97:  Service details: mobile Main screen:  Main screen The mobile mask:  Flexible MIDP 1.0 (Java) application The application is interpreting XML flows, allowing the game to be modified with no need for the users to get a new version The mobile mask XML Flows Slide100:  New functions introduced almost every month Me Mogi’s major features:  Mogi’s major features Radar:  Radar Radar:  Radar View on CDMA1x handset (Sony-Ericsson) Avatars and personal page:  Avatars and personal page Nickname / online status Points Ranking Introduction line Registration date Zodiac sign Blood type Radar:  The player needs to be close to an object (<400m) to pick it up Radar Items types:  Standard - nationwide with different rarities Time-related (time of the day, moon phase) Location related (autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, seashells, etc.) users have to trade with players located in other regions (or travel nationwide…) Items types Ranking:  Ranking Mailer:  Mailer One message:  One message Recent logins + online/offline + web/mobile status:  Recent logins + online/offline + web/mobile status One item:  One item Slide112:  Messages can be sent from almost any screen Me Slide113:  Service details: web Slide114:  Internet-based client Me Slide115:  Shockwave + Flash Me Slide116:  Login with ID provided on the mobile Me 3D view (web interface) –  3D view (web interface) – Nation-wide 3D maps can be used to spot : - rare items - players and NPCs - special locations (e.g. shops) Web interface –  Web interface – Locate players, items, etc. on the Web interface Locate other players:  Locate other players Ubiquitous access Slide121:  Me Current “Virtual Shops” RPG features: scrolls, shops and creatures !:  RPG features: scrolls, shops and creatures ! Current “Virtual Shops” Advanced functions Virtual shops nationwide Users can enter them for various purposes Creatures No fighting Own behavior User can interact with them Functional objects Camera to take pictures of creatures’ behaviors Have you seen them ? Slide123:  5. Business model Slide124:  Subscription-based (US$2 / month) Me Slide125:  Critical mass: 10,000 users Me Slide126:  Active users considered the fee negligible Me Slide127:  (especially compared to their data bills) Me Slide128:  Facts and figures Slide129:  10,000 downloads with no advertising Me Slide130:  EVERY MONTH a) Over 40,000 logins b) Over 70,000 objects picked up c) Over 70.000 messages sent …with only 1000 active users! (active user: at least one login in a month) Me Monthly data - One year overview:  Monthly data - One year overview Slide132:  Unfortunately not revenue-shared SMS -_-; Me Slide133:  Unusual things… Me Slide134:  (1) Balanced Male/Female ratio Me Slide135:  (2) Age range [10~40 y.o.] Me Users behaviors (one month: July 2004) :  Users behaviors (one month: July 2004) Occasional Users ( 35% ) Expert Users ( 18% ) Addicts? ( 1% ) Pure Hunters ( 35% ) Number of items collected Number of messages sent in a month Slide137:  Weekly Logins Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) :  Daily Logins lunchtime night Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) :  Daily Items Pickups Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) :  Daily Messages Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) :  Daily Exchanges Daily data (July 2004 Avg.) Slide142:  QUICK FACTS - Users login all day long, all days - Hunt during daytime between 7:00 am to 18:00 pm - Mail & Trade peak after 8:00 pm Me Slide143:  KEY POINT 1 Playing a casual game does not mean playing casually (think of Tetris…) Me Slide144:  KEY POINT 2 Mogi adapts to users’ gaming style and life styles Me Slide145:  Research by Sociologist in July 2004 (10 users interviews) Me Slide146:  Dr Christian Licoppe, PhD Former Head of Social Sciences Lab, France Telecom R&D 1997-2003 Professor of Social Sciences at ENST (France’s leading Telecom University) Me Slide147:  Me Slide148:  Emotion? Me Slide149:  (1) What is there in a Game without Killing, 3D Graphics and a Fast Pace? Me Slide150:  A good game is a good concept first Me Slide151:  (2) Excitement created by Mogi is something NEW Me Slide152:  Users are not only “gamers” Me Slide153:  Mogi helps users enjoy traveling and communicating Me Slide154:  (3) A Social Experience Me Slide155:  Easy way to make contact with new people Me Slide156:  Average player has between 10 and 20 Mogi-friends Me Slide157:  New concepts Me Slide158:  Mobility in an augmented world Me Slide159:  On-screen encounters Me Slide160:  Interactional mobility paradigm Slide161:  Emergent uses of a multiplayer location-aware mobile game: the interactional consequences of mediated encounters Me Slide162:  Conclusions on Mogi Slide163:  Too early Me Slide164:  Network speed Data pricing Me Slide165:  Too young Me Slide166:  Money only on development No permanent staff in Japan! Me Slide167:  But… Me Slide168:  Environment is ready today Me Slide169:  3G (over 50 million) GPS (over 10 million) Flat-rate data + people waiting for new things Me Slide170:  What Mogi demonstrated Me Slide171:  (1) Positioning can be fun Me Slide172:  (2) Privacy, security and communication issues have been solved successfully Me Slide173:  (3) Reaching critical mass is hard work Me Slide174:  Numerous benefits associated Me Slide175:  Attracts casual users Generate large data traffic Educate users (LBS, etc.) Potentially successful Me Slide176:  Mogi Today Slide177:  Possible re-launch in 1Q2007 with KDDI Me Mogi v2.0 screenshots:  Mogi v2.0 screenshots Slide179:  6. What to remember Slide180:  Counter-intuitive Me Slide181:  (1) Blend in the day vs. Interruptive Me Slide182:  “Time pervasiveness” Me Slide183:  (2) Quick learning curve vs. Hardcore gameplay Me Slide184:  Self-teaching Me Slide185:  Teaching by other users Me Slide186:  (3) Standard hardware vs. Over-specification Me Slide187:  (was GPS necessary?) Me Slide188:  (4) Simplicity vs. 3D, blinks and booms Me Slide189:  “Provide what is meaningful” Me Slide190:  Me Slide191:  Me Slide192:  Me Slide193:  Me Slide194:  Play with one hand Me Slide195:  (5) Ubiquity? not limited to ‘same experience on all devices’ Me Slide196:  Platforms are different Me Slide197:  Information display capacities Me Slide198:  Communication speed Me Slide199:  Available time of users Me Slide200:  (6) Social aspects vs. Play alone Me Slide201:  Mobiles connect us with people we know Me Slide202:  LBS can connect us with strangers who share ‘connectivity’ Me Slide203:  Position and time give opportunities for timely or asynchronous interactions Me Slide204:  Position is a new type of private information Me Slide205:  (Other information) Name Gender Age Phone number Email (QQ number?) Me Slide206:  KEY POINTS How to enable trust and ensure privacy among strangers? Me Slide207:  (*) Emotion! vs. Just another game Me Slide208:  What is fun? Me Slide209:  Does it feel special? Me Slide210:  Position gives a sense of reality Me Slide211:  ‘Like the first time you played an online game’ Me Slide212:  Would you use it again? Me Slide213:  Mobile is not just mobile Me Slide214:  Always on Me Slide215:  Before: discontinuous Me Slide216:  Instants Me Slide217:  Place Me Slide218:  Time Me Slide219:  Mobile: open new sorts Me Slide220:  Instants vs. Trajectories in time and space Me Slide221:  Thank you! Slide222:  Appendix Company History:  Company History 2004 ~ 2003 2001 - 2002 Incubation Stage (2001 ~ 2002) 2001.10 Founded Newt Games in Paris, France 2001.11 Incubation starts at France Telecom’s mobile technologies Incubator 2002.05 Development of the game platform and 3D Flash® user interface using original 3D map rendering 2002.06 Development of a WAP version of our mobile multiplayer game “Kigen” Beginning Stage (2003) 2003.04 First community GPS Java game, “Mogi” launched on KDDI’s EZweb in Japan 2003.08 Awarded support from ANVAR, the French Innovation Agency for our mobile multiplayer platform 2003.09 Delivered a tailor-made location-based community content for the launch event of Nokia’s N-Gage gaming phone in France Commercial Stage (2004 ~ ) 2004.03 Best 2004 Marketing Event Targeted to Young Audience prize won by our PR partner for the Nokia N-Gage event 2004.03 Awarded support from the European Commission through the ETP Program to penetrate the Korean market 2004.08 Signed a development contract to launch Mogi in Spain with Telefonica Moviles Entry Barriers or “Why is not everybody doing it?”:  Entry Barriers or “Why is not everybody doing it?” Touching New Issues :  Touching New Issues Interactions web/mobile Touching New Issues :  Touching New Issues Privacy in the engineering of virtual and real encounters Engineering of encounters :  Engineering of encounters Between virtuality and face-to-face Overcoming distance Psychological and physical distance Triggering communication Physical safety, social acceptability, time sensitivity The notion of presence Engineering of encounters Main aspects of Mogi:  Main aspects of Mogi Newt Games in the News (2004 ~ ):  Newt Games in the News (2004 ~ ), August 24 2004 “Neuer Handyspiele-Trend” (Latest Mobile Phone Trend) Article covering Mogi and some other LBS games (German) Wireless Watch Japan, July 2 2004 “Mogi: Socially Connected GPS Gaming” Article and video shooting (video preview) Ny Teknik, June 11 2004, Sweden “Mobil jakt på skatter i Tokyo” (Mobile treasure hunt in Tokyo) (Swedish) Spiegel Online, April 15 2004, Germany “GPS-Schatzsuche in Tokio”,1518,295253,00.html (German) Wired News, April 12 2004 “Making Wireless Roaming Fun”,2101,63011,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1 「東京発:携帯電話のGPS機能を使い、アイテムを探すゲーム『モギィ』」 (Japanese) 위치기반 게임: “Mogi” (Korean) SmartMobs, April 3 2004 Weblog on emerging social trends linked with the Information age “Mogi: augmented reality gaming on Tokyo” Slashdot, April 2 2004 “Mogi Location-Based Mobile Gaming Hits Japan” Reprint and commentary on The Feature article All articles in English unless mentioned Some articles may have a restricted access. Corresponding files are available upon request Newt Games in the News (2004~):  Newt Games in the News (2004~) The Feature, April 1 2004 “Mogi: Second Generation Location-Based Gaming’’ by Justin Hall Game Developers’ Conference (GDC), March 25 2004, San Jose, California “Mogi” in David Collier ‘s ”World Tour of Mobile Games” And Amy Kim’s “Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment” Liberation (major French Daily Newspaper), March 5 2004 edition, France Special Report on location-based games “’«Mogi», le jeu frenchie qui séduit le Japon” (French) “Cibles Mobiles” (Mobile Targets) (French) France Info (France’s leading information radio), March 5 2004 news, France Special report on Mogi from their correspondent in Japan Strategies Magazine, 3 March 2004, France “Best marketing event directed to young audience” Winner with PR Company Euro RSCG (No.1 PR European PR Agency) of the contest held by the French Magazine Strategies Many2Many (Group weblog focusing on social software), February 26, 2004 “Taking it to the streets” Group weblog focusing on social software Speeches and Users’ Voice (2004~):  Speeches and Users’ Voice (2004~) SPEECHES Mobile Intelligence Tour (MIT), October 4 2004, Tokyo TeleTV Summit, April 28 2004, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Summit on interactive television – guest speaker GameHotel @ Game Developers’ Conference (GDC), March 25 2004, San Jose, California Keynote speaker for the “Game Hotel” event Nokia LBS Summit, March 2004, Nokia HQ, Helsinki, Finland Selected by Nokia along with 10 companies to present upcoming LBS USERS BLOGS AND BBS ICOCA Blog Wireless Watch Japan (Reports from Japan’s mobile revolution), July 2 2004 “Mogi: Socially Connected GPS Gaming” Article and video shooting (video preview) Ore No Buloggu, June 1-3, 2004, Tokyo, Japan Our second foreign buser-blogger in Japan ! IN-DUCE weblog, February 10, 2004, Tokyo, Japan Weblog of one of Mogi's players in Japan (who happens to be a foreigner) Mogi’s room (Mogi na oheya, in Japanese) Japanese users’ BBS Mogi Diary A player’s experiences with Mogi Context:  Context Strong worldwide trend of “Connected Communities” Games / Contents are moving from Place centric to people centric PC-centric to cell-phone centric (mobile games are largely played at home!) Current urban people Are on the go Want to stay connected Want to meet new people safely Mobile games have been replicating the PC / Console world BUT Mobile users look for quick and casual entertainment People long for self-expression “For young users, communication is entertainment” (Amy Jo KIM, Mogi offers on-the-edge entertainment for the majority The LBS Paradox:  The LBS Paradox Location-based services has been a buzzword for years Still the main usage is for the most “simple” service possible: maps and navigation Operators are integrating location features in their handsets but… Most people don’t use them And most do not even know their handset have such features Mobile Phone Operators do not develop contents and let CPs compete But few Content Providers had come up with attractive contents for the average user Development of fixed and mobile internet showed that There is a learning curve for any new service or technology Some contents are adopted faster than any other Games Adult contents User education is key Games are able to dramatically increase users’ awareness of LBS …and create numerous other business opportunities The Broadband Mobile Paradox: Who needs 3G?:  The Broadband Mobile Paradox: Who needs 3G? 2G’s killer contents are not enough Ring-tones / Screensavers alone do not justify heavy packet plans Most games only require a one-time download 3G services building on 2G are still limited in reach Videophone function is not content Video clips, comics, photo albums will be a niche market until data cost drop dramatically Music full-track DL is seen as a replacement for CD singles New ideas are needed to create value – not simply replace markets Mobile Games Trend:  Mobile Games Trend Trying to move from from “Gamers” to “Users” Hardcore gamers to casual users Male to gender-agnostic Teens to a larger age group Game evolution Standalone  target = gamers, teens Single player game (famous licenses, games with “obvious” gameplay) Linked game  target = hardcore gamers IrDA, Bluetooth, packet network Limited to a few players Community game  target = online gamers / groups Network based Unlimited number of players Social content  target = everybody! Moving from “player” to “user” The game serves as a background for social purposes Views from Experts:  Views from Experts “What makes the game so exciting to me? It uses the GPS in my phone, and that's so cool. It brings a fresh new way to look at my map of Tokyo. It has a community dimension to it, The game offers a few different scenarios to accumulate points ” (IN-DUCE) “Mogi is a brilliant, obvious envisioning of location-based gaming. Mobile multiplayer the way it was meant to be” (The Feature) "Trading is a very social game mechanic, very lightweight, very mainstream." So, while the location aspect may make doing errands more interesting, it's the connection with others that's key.” (Amy Jo KIM, “Mogi is but one of the latest examples of a developing trend: location-based mobile gaming. But according to some people familiar with mobile gaming, Mogi may well be the most important” (Wired News) Before going further:  Before going further What do you know about Mogi / LBS / Community games ? Speaking about Mogi:  Speaking about Mogi Possible presentations Design  User feedback, experiments, etc. Game play  User appeal Architecture  Technical challenges Community  Inducing friendly communication Privacy  Dealing with spam, stalking, etc. Convergence  Balancing web + mobile Pervasiveness  Blending real and virtual Business  Revenue models and hurdles Future  Environment, timing for ubiquitous games Emotions  “This strange feeling” Emotions and motivation in Mogi:  Emotions and motivation in Mogi Game related Enjoy breaks with a service that is never the same Quite different from Tetris’ never ending block falls Collection Social Trade and bargaining Online “rich” encounters Exploration a new world With special rules, places, inhabitants Competition Through a daily/weekly/monthly/global ranking Solving “quests”, completing first new collections introduced Belonging in a “rich” way Avatar, original type of profile A world others cannot see A community of users A team of players Field Study:  Ten face-to-face interviews In Japan & in Japanese With medium-ranked and “over 20 y.o.” users Two hours for each interview (photos are used with users’ permission) Study conducted by Dr C. Licoppe, PhD in Tokyo in July 2004 Former Head of Social Sciences Lab, France Telecom R&D 1997-2003 Professor of Social Sciences at ENST (France’s leading Telecom Univ.) Reference “Seing” one another onscreen and the construction of social order in a mobile-based augmented public space- The uses of a geo-localized mobile game in Japan. Field Study Dr. C. Licoppe, PhD Users’ Voice:  Users’ Voice Users’ Voice:  Users’ Voice Users’ Voice:  Users’ Voice Users’ Voice:  Users’ Voice What is there in a Game without Killing, 3D Graphics and a Fast Pace? A good game is a good concept first The excitement created by Mogi is something NEW Our users are not only “gamers” Mogi helps them enjoy traveling and communicating “Your Mogi” Ability to customize Mogi adapts to the user’s lifestyle Users chose their own gameplay “World with endless possibilities” (Ms Y, early 20s) A Social Experience Easy way to make contact with people Average player has between 10 and 20 Mogi-friends Excellent (and unusual) male/female balance Time and space?:  Time and space? Time and space?:  Time and space? Time Space Now MMORPG are here Most games are here Here Mogi defines trajectories in time and space Overview:  A location-based collection and communication game Service-in: April 2003 Official content on KDDI’s EZweb portal in Japan EZNumber: 53577 Charge: 210 JPY / month Characteristics Light Java Application Location-based Ubiquitous (mobile & web) Multiplayer Permanent universe And a LBS laboratory New features are tested and implemented every month Overview Numerous opportunities for interaction:  Numerous opportunities for interaction People long for communication but as of today You never meet new people through mobile phones The “mobile network” is a cold and dark place Mogi makes it populated, warmer and friendly! Game related “Let’s trade items”, “Here is a present for you” “Please help me”, “How do you do this?” “Let’s cooperate” Proximity (Location and/or Time) “We’re close”, “We’re far” are all good introductions “Where are you” is the No.1 question asked over the phone! “Good morning”, etc. Messages can be sent from almost any screen in the game (radar, ranking, trade menu, connected users, etc.)

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