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Information about MODX Next

Published on February 23, 2014

Author: johnpauldevries



An inside scoop on where MODX is heading in 2014. Video at

MODX Next Looking forward to creativity with MODX

Humbled by Impossibility At MODX we set out to accomplish impossible tasks. We don’t always get there, and we have to take work that pays the bill along the way. As the clock ticks this year, how do we use open source more effectively to battle the impossible?

What we are really good at • enabling site creators • staying abstract

What we could be better at • surviving open source • leveraging our talented community • working together

What we are • small team • individual areas of expertise • MODX Professionals • core developers

What we are not

What we need

Creative Freedom ∞

Where we need more freedom • Manager Interface • Add-on Development • Creative Process

2.3? With 2.3 we cleaned many blemishes of the interface and added some new features like the uberbar, but it has been a bit of a ‘perfume on a pig’ project. With that in mind, we look forward to breaking changes.

Media Manager The front end of the media manager is in an alpha state and needs to be integrated into a feature branch of the modxcms/revolution repository where it will be hooked up to the connectors that will make it talk to the MODX Manager. The Media Manager is targeted 2.3, but we will not delay enacting a feature cut off for any one feature alone, so it may wind up being 2.4.

Let’s be honest We’ve fallen short when it comes to most things front end related. User experience is poor. Defining layout in JavaScript makes no sense at all. Everything takes way too many clicks. ! Our core is too dependent on any given JavaScript library.

Where do we start?


HTML Markup • semantic • universal • future forward • relentless (remember Flash?)

Fear the Beard @nateb (he’ll find you)

It’s HTML Even if we are parsing JSON into markup (Angular), we are working with markup. By bringing our technology stack backwards, towards HTML 5 we won’t be left in the dust as standards evolve.

The Irony MODX can attribute success to leading the industry in enabling site creators to have full control over their content and how it is presented and delivered to users. MODX is arguably the best open source HTML preprocessors in the world. ! Yet we treat HTML in the Manager like an after thought.

Markup Last In 2.x the manager was built markup last. I’m not sure if anyone even knows what the markup actually looks like. This has not proven an effective or performant way to develop interfaces. ! With ExtJS we wind up with something that skips over the HTML box model and CSS leaving us with something we kinda just hope works.

Markup First If you know HTML you can join the party. ! If we go back to HTML rather than stopping at ExtJS, we can bring creative freedom back into a re-imagined Manager.

Less of this {   xtype: 'xdatetime'   ,fieldLabel: _('resource_publishedon')   ,description: '<b>[[*publishedon]]</b><br>'   ,name: 'publishedon'   ,id: 'modx-resource-publishedon'   ,allowBlank: true   ,dateFormat: MODx.config.manager_date_format   ,timeFormat: MODx.config.manager_time_format   ,dateWidth: 120   ,timeWidth: 120   ,value: config.record.publishedon }

undefined is not a object

More of this <input   name="publishedon"   id="modx-resource-publishedon"   type=“datetime" required   value="[[+record.publishedon]]"   data-date-format="[[+manager_date_format]]"   data-time-format="[[+manager_time_format]]"   data-allow-blank="true"   data-description="<b>[[*publishedon]]</b><br>'" >

Why enforce workflows? • Automation • Test Driven Development • Client-Side Optimization

but I don’t wanna Too bad.

Any sneak-peaks? Releasing 2.3 is a milestone for us. It’s the last minor release before we can move onto the clean slate and breaking changes of 3.0. ! If you want to participate in the discussion of what front end tools are proposed to power the next Dashboard watch the matboard project on github:

matboard Death of ExtJS


matboard • community led decision • disposable assignments • scientific comparison

How you can help • Be proactive • Ask how you can help • Get in Touch • Build Awesome

Get your *$%# and get out MODX is powerful because it makes little assumptions as to what you will be using it to build. A website that serves HTML, or a web app that serves JSON…it makes little difference to MODX. So this time, nothing in the core that is too assumptive.

$modx->regClientCSS() $modx->regClientStartupCSS() $modx->regClientJS() $modx->regClientStartupJS()

compress_css compress_js

media sources

webapp != website let the http requests be and look at require.js if you don’t believe me

Front End Tech Stack




? JS

Get in Touch • Forums • Twitter • Trello • GitHub •

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