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Information about Module Two Classical Rhetoric and Portfolios Show

Published on August 20, 2017

Author: tgiles


Module Two Power Point for WRIT 5930: Module Two Power Point for WRIT 5930 Classical Rhetoric & Introduction to Portfolios for Professionals Students & Teachers: Students & Teachers Whom was Aristotle’s teacher? Plato! Whom was Plato’s teacher? Socrates! Whom was Aristotle’s student? Alexander the Great! Aristotle: Aristotle 384-322 B.C.E. Father was the court physician to the Macedonian Royal family At age 17, Aristotle was sent to Plato’s academy in Athens where he stayed for 20 years until Plato’s death. Aristotle’s definition of Rhetoric: Aristotle’s definition of Rhetoric Rhetoric, according to Aristotle: The ability to perceive the available means of persuasion in all situations. Rhetoric: A History: Rhetoric: A History Thought to have begun in 467 BCE with the disagreement between Corax and his pupil Tisias over Corax’s wages, in Syracuse, Sicily. By 427 BCE, rhetoric arrived in Athens with Tisias and Gorgias, who were serving as ambassadors. The Rhetorical Scenarios: The Rhetorical Scenarios Deliberative (Legislative) Judicial Epideictic The Appeals of Rhetoric: The Appeals of Rhetoric Ethos Pathos Logos Is teaching a rhetorical situation? In what other professions is persuasion important? Ethos Example: Some Instructions for a Camera I recently bought:: Ethos Example: Some Instructions for a Camera I recently bought: The Installation of the SD Memory Card Insert and remove SD memory cards (while no inserting SD card, the camera can take only one photo. Insert the opposite face of the SD card comparing to the screen, the put the SD card in the slot. The built in memory stops working when using the SD memory. To remove the memory card 4. Push the SD card with a finger when you hear a click, then release it. The Rhetorical Canon derived from Aristotle’s Rhetoric: The Rhetorical Canon derived from Aristotle’s Rhetoric Invention Organization Style Delivery Memory Cicero (106-43 B.C.) formalized these in his De inventione. Reasoning (logos): Reasoning (logos) Syllogism—premises we accept as fact that lead to logically drawn conclusions Enthymeme—a truncated syllogism The Classical Syllogism: The Classical Syllogism Premise One: Socrates is a man Premise Two: All men are mortal Conclusion: Therefore, Socrates is mortal Or A=B B=C C=A How would this syllogism be expressed as an enthymeme? Aristotle & the Dolphin: Aristotle & the Dolphin The lungs are used for breathing, animals, but he must account, then, for dolphins. “The fish is devoid of [lungs], as is also every animal furnished with gills.” “But the dolphin is equipped in the most remarkable way of all animals: the dolphin and other similar aquatic animals, including the other cetaceans which resemble it . . . are furnished with a blow-hole.” Slide14: “One can hardly allow that such an animal is terrestrial and terrestrial only, or aquatic and aquatic only, if by terrestrial we mean an animal that inhales air, and if by aquatic we mean an animal that takes in water.” “For the fact is the dolphin performs both these processes: he takes in water and discharges it by his blow-hole, and he also inhales air into his lungs.” Slide15: Includes testimony of sailors who claim to have heard dolphins snoring at night as they sleep with their noses about the water “Now it would be unreasonable to assign one and the same class of animals to both categories, terrestrial and aquatic, seeing that these categories are more or less exclusive of one another; we must accordingly supplement our definition of the term 'aquatic' or 'marine'.” What does Aristotle mean by an “enthymeme”?: What does Aristotle mean by an “enthymeme”? It should “consist of few propositions, fewer often than those which make up the normal syllogism. For if any of these propositions is a familiar fact, there is no need even to mention it; the hearer adds it himself” An example of an Aristotelian Enthymeme: An example of an Aristotelian Enthymeme “Thus, to show that Dorieus has been victor in a contest for which the prize is a crown, it is enough to say ‘For he has been victor in the Olympic games’, without adding ‘And in the Olympic games the prize is a crown’, a fact which everybody knows” The Enthymeme: The Enthymeme Sophocles (495-406 B.C. E.) Oedipus Rex—early 420s B.C.E. Oedipus at Colonus —in 401 BCE Antigone—443 to 438 BCE Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) Antigone: Ismene & Antigone: Antigone : Ismene & Antigone Antigone: I will do my part,—and thine, if thou wilt not,—to a brother. False to him will I never be found. Ismene: Ah, over-bold! when Creon hath forbidden?” Antigone: Nay, he hath no right to keep me from mine own.” Antigone: Ismene & Antigone: Antigone : Ismene & Antigone Ismene: Syllogism One: P1:Oedipus died “amid hate and scorn . . . [by]sins bared by his own search had moved him to strike both eyes with self-blinding hand; P2: Death of their mother Iocaste; P3: Death of their brothers Think how we shall perish, more miserably than all the rest, if, in defiance of the law, we brave a king’s decree or his powers. Ismene:Syllogism Two:: Ismene:Syllogism Two: P1:We were born women, as who should not strive with men; P2:we are ruled of the stronger, so that we must obey in these things , and in things yet sorer “I, therefore, asking the Spirits Infernal to pardon, seeing that force is put on me herein, will hearken to our rulers; for ’tis witless to be over busy” Antigone’s Enthymeme: Antigone’s Enthymeme “I will not urge thee no, nor, if thou yet shouldst have the mind, wouldst thou be welcome as a worker with me” Antigone claims she will be “sinless in my crime; for I owe a longer allegiance to the dead than to the living: in that world I shall abide for ever Claims Ismene is “guilty of dishonouring laws which the gods have stablished in honour” How is the enthymeme relevant to the technical communicator?: How is the enthymeme relevant to the technical communicator? Conciseness! When should information be left out? How do you make that decision? With instruction writing, how do you respond as a reader to overly simplistic content? Portfolios for Professionals: Portfolios for Professionals Architects Graphic Designers Teachers Engineers Technical Communicators Portfolios for Professionals: Portfolios for Professionals What they have in common: Engage professionals in reflection Different types of works according to vocation/avocation Opportunities of ownership Articulate goals A living document Types of Portfolios?: Types of Portfolios? Paper Or Electronic? Questions?: Questions? ?????

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