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Published on February 21, 2014

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Simple and Fun:
To earn money without risk!
Open Worldwide!
Support French, English and Spanish. Wherever you are, take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Easy and Profitable To make money on-line Open worldwide! Support in English, French and Spanish. Wherever you are you can benefit from this exceptional opportunity! © copyright Support Venture Ltd 2013

THE REVENUE SHARE MODULE An on-line advertising agency! Real leading advertisers! = A Real Remuneration © copyright Support Venture Ltd 2013

A very profitable program Each share costs 25 euros and you can buy as many as you want with a minimum of two shares. Your shares will be remunerated, week after week, until they reach 35 euros, that is 40% profit. You receive your remuneration every Friday morning! Current average monthly return: 9,80% Of course the return is variable, but estimated between 5 and 10% interest per month!

The Module’s banners (1) Upon registration, you receive your personal Resource website with the advertising banners of our partners.You must click at least ten different banners a week in order to receive your remunerations. Of course if you’re interested in some of our partners’ websites you can ask for more info, and purchase their offers if you want so. But you don’t have to if you’re not interested. Those clicks and sales earn money for the company. That money (minus company’s margins) is shared equally between all shares. This is the “revenue share” principle.

The Module’s banners (2) You have a click meter on your Resource website and also in your Profits25 back-office. That meter stops at 10 which is qualification threshold, but the company’s Support can see all of your clicks. Promote your Resource site since the more clicks and sales we get, the more profitable the program is! Minimum 10 clicks a week, on 10 different banners! If you make more clicks than that, you contribute to increasing the global revenue to be shared!

The Module’s banners (3) The banners change according to the advertisers’ budgets The company always keeps new banners in store to assure the sustainability of the concept Each share entitles you to put a banner of your own in the Module section of your Resource site, if you wish so.Those private banners are visible to all the other members and the visitors to the website. Caution: members’ banners do not count for the ten clicks!

The Remuneration Each share is remunerated up to 40%. When your shares reach 35 euros, that is a profit of 40%, they’re removed from the system. You can then either recover your capital, or reinvest it by buying new shares. You can request the payment of your gains at any time from 20 euros. You can also reinvest at any time as from 25 euros in your account.

The calculation of the remuneration Let’s take the example of one share: Your share will be remunated up to 35 euros. Based on approximate 10 % monthly return (rate not guaranteed given as an example), you receive 2,15 euros every week. The remaining amount that you will receive over the weeks: 35 - 2,15 = 32,85 to reach the 35 euros which represent 25 euros + 40% return. So each week you receive your gains with part of your capital, which means that your capital is not tied up too long.

In summary, after you sign up You receive your resource website + your Profits25 sponsoring website You make your 10 clicks a week You receive your remuneration every Friday All useful informations (scoreboard of your shares, detailed synthesis of your gains and financial transactions) are available in your Profits25 back-office.

The sponsoring It is not compulsory to sponsor members but it’s very profitable.Those who sponsor members in this Module receive the following sponsoring commissions: - Level 1(direct referrals): 10% - Level 2 (your referrals’ referrals): 5% - Level 3: 3% - Level 4: 2% You also receive sponsoring commissions when your referrals reinvest in new shares. This is a percentage of the value of the shares bought by your referrals and your down-line!

Sponsor friends and make even more money! Sponsoring will allow you to take full advantage of the power of this concept! Sponsoring commissions on four levels of depth:The chance to make money on everything your down-line buys or invests.This is the key to success in the Revenue Share Module!

Special Offer for Leaders! You’re a Leader, you can generate a down-line of more than 500 people in this concept? You’ll make even more money! From 500 people onwards in your down-line, Profits25 pays you a bonus per person who signs up behind you! That bonus is paid once, calculation and payment end of each month. Number of referrals in down-line Bonus per referral From 500 to 2000 1 euro From 2000 to 5000 1,50 euro From 5000 to 10000 2 euros

The methods of payment Bank card:Visa and MasterCard 500 euros maximum, that is 19 shares payment fees included. If you wish to purchase more of them, you can make three payments per month with the same card. Other methods of payment: SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Western Union. But also: Bank transfer. Upon request to the Support you receive company’s bank details.

Withdraw your money Bank transfer SolidTrustPay Perfect Money Western union © copyright Support Venture Ltd 2013

How do I buy shares? (1) Go to your Profits25 website if you’re already a member, or to your sponsor’s site if you’re not one yet, and click « S’inscrire ».

How do I buy shares? (2) Then click: « Paiement de parts dans le Module à Revenus Partagés »

How do I buy shares? (3) Not registered yet Already registered

How do I buy shares? (4) You’re already a member and you wish to reinvest by buying new shares? Even easier, go to the « Wallet Euro » section of your backoffice and use the tool that enables you to reinvest in one click!

How do I buy shares? (5) You can also send an email to the Support indicating: Number of shares you wish to purchase Method of payment you opt for

Automatic Reinvestment Option You wish to reinvest your gains automatically, or up to a certain amount? Inform the Support! It will then be automated!

This program is: Profitable: high yield Serious: real advertisers Regular: remuneration every Friday Easy: 10 clicks a week Flexible: no compulsory sponsoring © copyright Support Venture Ltd 2013

Support opening hours (Central EuropeanTime) Support in English, French and Spanish Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday: 8h30 – 22h00 Friday: 8h30 – 20h00 Saturday: 9h30 – 18h00

CONTACT Support: Company: Support Venture Ltd Level 1, Suite 5,Tower Business Centre,Tower Street, Swatar, Birkirkara BKR 4013 Malta Trade register number: C 56318 - Malta © copyright Support Venture Ltd 2013

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