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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: lexieolinger


Module 8 Alexa Olinger

PAGE 1 I started at the IU East library website and clicked LibGuides A-Z.

PAGE 2 I chose to click the “P” tab. (shown by the arrow)

PAGE 3 I then chose to search in Psychology Journals (proquest)

PAGE 4 I searched my topic “therapy dogs” and made sure I filtered my search by checking the boxes full text and peer reviewed.

PAGE 5 The first article seemed relevant to my topic, so I clicked on it.

PAGE 6 After clicking the link, it brought me to the article where I read information for my research topic.

PAGE 7 I began to read the article and found the difference between therapy programs and animal-assisting.

PAGE 8 I continued reading the article until I reached the conclusions section. I was happy to find this article supported my research idea- that dogs are helpful 

PAGE 9 I then pressed back, so I could find my next article to use for my project.

PAGE 10 This article explained Animal Assisted Therapy in depth- which is useful to my project.

PAGE 11 I found this article to be very useful to my project when I read the results section- participants in Animal Assisted Therapy reported more positive results than those without.

Summary I have found when searching for articles, you have to be patient and read the articles thoroughly to understand them and to be able to interpret them back into your paper. I originally started with the search topic “therapy dogs” and did find two articles. In the future, I will try different combinations, such as “effects of dogs in therapy”, to try and pull out more articles that weren’t available with the first search.

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