Module 4 Individual Differences

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Information about Module 4 Individual Differences

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: redmivc


Student Diversity Module 4: Individual Differences

Take the Challenge! In this module, challenge yourself to: – Identify the different factors that bring about diversity in the classroom. – Demonstrate a positive attitude towards diversity as an enriching element in the learning environment. – Come up with teaching strategies that consider student diversity.

“Everyone is unique.”

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Let’s have an ACTIVITY!!! 

Factors that Bring about Student Diversity

Factors that Bring about Student Diversity 1. Socioeconomic Status 2. Thinking/Learning Style 3. Exceptionalities

Socioeconomic Status The millionaires’ lifestyle differs from that of the middle income or lower income group.

Thinking/Learning Style Some of you learn better by seeing something; others by just listening; and still others by manipulating something.

Exceptionalities In class there maybe one who has difficulty in spoken language comprehension or in seeing, hearing, etc.

Thank you!!!  Prepared by: Marianne Ivy V. Capiz BSE-2F =^___^=

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