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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: reidpeifer



Lets poke at what it means to create and organize content in WordPress.

a featured products carousel

a big ass slider

a twitter feed

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Teehan & Lax

Anything by Vox Media

• Encourages a waterfall approach to content • Content Strategy subject to dev process • “Content” limited to wysiwyg’s & metaboxes • “Content” is crafted to fit existing boxes • Rich relationships are difficult to communicate • Distances creators from the users WordPress Challenges

• Design must function as a system • Start with the smallest units and build up • Everything is reusable • Initial deliverables become Pattern Libraries and Frameworks • Design all the way through your process, but identify how components are assembled to make specific deliverables. Design the relationships. Aesthetics

• Theme needs to be organized, modular, and flexible • IDs should be a red flag • You should be able to output Bootstrap or Foundation like frameworks for your projects relatively easily • Admin User Interfaces that encourage best practices. Give them the right tools, not all of the tools. TECHNOLOGY: Front + Back

• Small components come together to form individual pieces of content The Verge Longform, Velocity Page, Aesop Story Engine • The relationships between individual pieces of content can tell larger stories Snowfall, America The Gutted, Panel Builder, ACF Flex Content • Content should continually push the abilities of the CMS Post Formats anyone? • Stop thinking only in terms of taxonomy. Tell stories. Content strategy

• Create unique and engaging pieces of static content • Mix multiple columns, insert and manage media in fun and crazy ways

• Mix different custom post types • Reinvent the way you think about telling stories • Create landing pages or engaging content relationships on the fly

• • globalpost • fall/?forceredirect=yes • /01/snowden-nsa-files-surveillance-revelations- decoded#section/1 • lashes/ Examples

• • • • _content_is_about_to_change • References

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